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Monday january 31st 2011@10:04am( babysitting/tampering with my briefcase/keys/ and car and possibly bank accounts again!…)

so last evening i went babysitting in Bay Colony  to babysit for a  new family I had never met before, but my mother had known  for ages. A family from Virginia.  Since Bay Colony is a very nice and respectable establishment with tons of security…  I guess I let my guard down which ended up being a huge mistake. 

Maybe I should have thought something was odd when a white truck with  a university of miami plate actually ended up following me all the way  into Bay Colony.  (I  of course never went to miami university, nor did i know this man… but every turn and every stop he was there right behind me…all the way into Bay colony main gate…right into the complex… is that just an odd coincidence or what?…..  Or maybe when i had to give rate sheets to a new manager who was from colombia…  or the  guard  whom i met and handed over the rates sheets … he told me the manager wasn’t in his official office yet.. wasn’t officially working there yet… .. but the security guard seemed normal enough…even though my mother had called and made sure the manager would be available to meet me and take the rates sheets. (?) Why would i need to be suspicious that something may happen to my life… or my bank accounts or to my computer or to my car?????

Maybe I should always think …. what is the worst case scenario… and be prepared… but who can always be prepared for criminals when you have no knowledge of their devious and criminal behavior or methods? and who the hell wants to live that way?.. Since 2004….. since meeting that scum who wanted to kill my mother..and who wanted  to know how  I made my money.. and how much money I had.. and who was  in my family….and what property did they have?  Every moment I have had to deal deal with this type of criminal.. and their behavior… every minute has been horrible…….and the lasting effects have not only changed my life.. but me as well… and have been far too much for any one person to have to endure… I have hated every minute of it…the bullies.. the lying the cheating the stealing the idiots who have broken in to my home.. stolen or even worn my clothes.. who still are invading my privacy life and committing a number of acts that are against the law!!!!!!!! 

I mean why would I ever have to think that a simple babysitting job would end up with  me in tears having to fix all sorts of situations  again… but honestly i am always shocked  when I let my guard down and find out that yes once again there is evil in the world… and in fact, last evening I  cried most of the evening ( until  about 4am…and most of this morning over the incident. 

Perhaps the girl who stole the 2 unused credit cards and keys (and i realized also a check was in the same parcel of personal paperwork that was stolen… even though it was voided has my mothers account information on it…the check for  $300.00 that was 
 for a dental appointment…a dental appointment i never attended… instead I had her pay a fraudulent electric bill that kept changing amounts when i was trying to dispute the charges on the phone from a woman who claimed she was from the electric company a  branch in miami.. why when i live in naples did i have to deal with someone from miami… who knows.. maybe the criminal who stole my identity ( ie credit cards and drivers license in  2005 set up shop there… and maybe what???.. the man in the truck with the miami licence plate thought i was the person who lives in miami???  I have had other people tell me i had family in miami.. which i disputed.. and even tell me that they thought i lived in miami.. even mr. cohen who owns a condo in miami rented to a russian man and someone though ti was living there with this russian man…. what the hell is going on???? I  have never lived in miami.. never want to live in miami… i dont even speak spanish!!!!!!my heritage  is part irish.. part ck republic c.. bohemian…or lithuanian or some  eastern european countries….

anyway after speaking to this woman( at fpl… ) who was more than likely also some fraud or con-artist… the bill which at most should have been approx $112-$115 ended up being the exact amount of the check…. i had…. another coisidence????was miraciouosly for thee exact 300.00???? when my bills especially with out any air conditioning… and with out not turning on any lights until 6 or 7 pm…. have never in my entire life been that high!!! but then that account did have some email address i never set up… and  the fraud continues… it is absolutely horrible!!! and criminal!!!!!!   


 I would  have preferred having a nice massage.. or hair cut at the Ritz or even a new great pair of shoes for my birthday.. but no …these con-artists have continued to routinely ruin my life, my reputation, my business and finances… without even one year  where they  haven’t manipulated or lied or cheated  or stolen… NOT ONE YEAR<<<< just  365 days of freedom from scummmm…. what the hell???? 

Anyway… while sitting for a little girl age 14 months… I left my bag with my purse and keys and didn’t even put on my money belt … stupid me thought I was in a condo that was secure and safe and that I was the only person there with this child.  I couldn’t have been and this is why:

1- I went to get into my car and a set of keys from the  louis vitton locks fell off and I saw that the porche key ring was broken.  It wasn’t broken when I arrived so something must have happened while my keys were left unattended in my purse and in my bag for the 4 hours i was sitting last evening…..
2. the locks on my briefcase  were put on differently than I ever put the locks on my briefcase…  the middle compartment of my briefcase had one of the sections of the locks ….  not even locked but had the locks locked together(?) instead of locking the actual briefcase twice….
3. I was on my way home… trying to think of another reasonable explanation for the keys and had stopped by st john’s church… to say my nightly novena… when i got so upset that I left and  immediately went  to my mom’s home to tell her someone had tampered with my keys. Of course she assured me it couldn’t have been the people i was sitting for since they were out at  dinner… but then who?? and when???  and Why???
(An option we hadn’t considered is that someone else may have had access to their condo.. maybe a cleaning lady who had keys.. or maintenance man who had keys .. who knows who had keys to other people’s condos.  

 (* i actually did all this before going home… …..going to my mother’s house after  St. john’s church….. as I was planning go  and say my St, Jude novena…-now one year and almost 6 months…  which actually seems like such a mute point .. God in his infinite power just can’t seem to stop these criminals… and protect me or my home
or my possessions from these treacherous imposter or con-artists… what ever you want to call them.. what happened to justice?? and laws?? and honest people????  

someone who tampers with another person’s things, to me, is a criminal and for me no matter how many times they ask GOD  for forgiveness or say their hail mary’s as penance…if catholic or whatever any other religion does for forgiveness…. they are  not forgiven …. because they have no remorse.. they have no concept of right or wrong.. and they continue to do the same criminal behavior over and over…and to me they should be in jail…or stopped permanently… because there actions will continue.. and will most probably excellate.. since they have no deterrent to stop them from continuing their  criminal behavior… 

after crying  from this point on.. i went to my bank .. to check the balance of my bank account and found their was a zero balance in my bank!!!!
This morning i went on line and even though according to my accounting their should be at least $135.44  even the online banking said there was still at least $40.00 but the deposit from  the Orrs check (240.00)from New Years Eve babysitting …. wasn’t even showing ????? 

It makes me cry even more when i think of the 14 thousand dollars i had at my home as petty cash for my business… of always maintaining the 5 thousand dollar balance in my bank of america accounts…so i wouldn’t have any  charges  for my banking account both personal and professional accounts… of my great credit score..above …. 700 credit score….  of life before meeting any of these scummy criminals…. my life has been ruined by these people… and is such a far cry from what it should  be…. and even what it was before i  met that disgusting criminal Girard Ahler and his scummy Martucci  family and of course Karen Kahel the bully from Ohio state… and even Carla from brazil…..she was one of many people i met who wanted a business… . or a home… or new furniture…  or even  a husband…. I know she even lied about her portfolio…( scott showed  me the actual artist on line where  she had stolen his material..and claimed it as her own…for he r own portfolio or  when i think back on al the liars… there was some other  karen kahel  white blond haired woman who lied about writing music at DJ Fairbanks home in Nantucket when i went there once for the pirates of pence road race in 2003.

and who knows who wasn’t some of the scummy parasites who not only took advantage of my life.. my family, my friends… but put me through absolute hell and made me pay the bills to boot!  I look back and think they are all con-artists .. criminals.. and definitely self serving horrible people to say the least..

I now am wondering about one of  last renters my mother had in one of her  apartments… ( RON) wasn’t he from virginia????… he vanished so quickly… and after christmas or new years he was trying to tell  me I should write children’ stories…in fact told me to write up an outline and he would look it over and we could all brainstorm the ideas and story line the following week…then poof he was gone…. was he just one of the con-artists freaks????

I now call them  all freaks and frauds.. and criminals… just  low- life self serving criminals… … who somehow in their twisted sense of justice think it is alright to manipulate people’s lives for their own selfish intensions.. and forget their are laws that govern the state of Florida or the United States for that matter and that these laws where put in place to govern and put criminals in jail… that is what I want ..

I want anyone who has selfishly manipulated any part of my life and harmed my life my family my reputation… my businesses.. to go to jail.. ( personally since they don’t seem to even think  jail is a deterrent.. maybe they should be shot or killed… not that i will do any such thing.. but capital punishment is such a nice thought at a time when your life and possessions and sense of security is violated and your life is once again turned upside down.. by  the selfish and criminal acts of scummm…    

4.  the  last of the evening… tampering with my car…. When i realized that people were able to get inside my car.. to prevent them from taking  my car or moving it in any way I started to put a combination lock around the steering wheel…. I originally had one of those big bulky locks for a steering wheel but some day when i want paying attention… not only did one of the keys to the lock “disappear” but the lock that i barely used.. ended up under my passenger seat all battered and cut up… so i knew that safety security method had been compromised… ( see how scummy and vile these criminals are?…. so instead the combination lock… that could be changed but not picked… seemed a better alternative… but wait.. last evening and actually a few times driving before that… i realized my entire steering mechanism… ( don’t know the proper terminology…but it now… was creaking… and the plastic part covering the steering part was loose and looked like it had been taken off… so had someone  wanted to take my car sooo badly that they had to remove the entire steering compartment because they didn’t know the combination i had created for each and every time i take out my car….was it that they needed to travel a far distance and didn’t want milage on their car.. or they had some of there whore to door girls /ie identity thieves who needed to actually be me and steal my car when i was babysitting???  and thinking back of all the expenses for the Mercedes… if this is the same group…  the $5000.00 for auto europa… the $5000 for Coastland auto… even the last trip to the Mercedes dealership where an entre head gasket was not put back into my car.. but put in my trunk???? what type of dealership really does that????but if it is the same criminal group.. that left me without any transportation… and with a car that should be worth at least the 5000.00 transmission we put into it… but left me with nothing i could even sell!!!! 

so not only are these ciminals versed in breaking and entering… ie picking locks…/getting into locked doors.. suitcases… into filing cabinates… they have computer skills …….. they also  have auto mechanical skills… and they have some girl who works with them who can fit into my clothing…UGGGGGGGGGGG>>>>> I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION…… ( suprising.. that same passion i used to have for a love of god, my family,and friends… is now just  as stong as  the hate I have for these people who have destroyed my life, my life style, and even tthe lifstyle i had wanted… had started to work toward… how the hell can i get any of this time.. back???????????….the relationships they destroyed back???? the lies…. dispelled???? I cant ….. I want financial damages…. to try to compensate for the torment……. these criminals and bullies and liars and theives have done to my life… and


Wednesday January 26th 2011@9:52pm( rfid tracking devices to go in consumer clothes… would this steal stolen clothing problem?)

RFID Tracking Devices To
Go In Consumer Clothes

From Katherine Albrecht


I have disturbing news from the RFID front lines. CASPIAN has uncovered evidence of industry plans to deploy RFID tracking devices in consumer clothing items.
A $600 million company called Checkpoint has developed prototype labels containing RFID spychips for Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, and Champion sportswear. These tags contain tiny computer chips with unique ID numbers that can be read remotely by anyone with the right equipment.
CNET picked up the story on Friday, September 24th. You can read it at: “>
Potentially, people wearing the tagged clothing items could be identified and tracked as they pass through Checkpoint-equipped doorways and store portals, as they stand near Checkpoint’s retail “smart shelves” containing hidden RFID reader devices, or when they enter Checkpoint’s planned RFID “smart zones” in stores.
Checkpoint has an infrastructure of anti-theft reader devices already in place at stores and libraries around the world. (Look at the bottom of the next security portal you pass through and you may see the Checkpoint name.) These portals could be retrofitted to silently read and record the unique ID numbers contained in Checkpoint’s new clothing tags, or in any other item Checkpoint may be tagging.
Since there is no legal requirement for companies to tell consumers when products they buy contain RFID tags, this may already be happening.
Earlier this year, Checkpoint announced the purchase of 100 million RFID tags from vendor Matrics. Nearly a year ago, a senior Checkpoint executive boasted that “the technology is ready to pilot,” and revealed that “we’re working with forward-thinking consumer product goods manufacturers and retail clients on pilots.”
CASPIAN, on the other hand, will be working with consumers on an aggressive response to this privacy threat. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a good fight.
In freedom,
Katherine Albrecht
CASPIAN Founder and Director
Links to more information:
Checkpoint’s RFID-laced clothing labels
CASPIAN’s press release:
CNET article: “Retailer to put RFID chips in all clothing”
Checkpoint is “the world’s largest integrator of RFID technology into
consumer product packaging”
Checkpoint and GOLIATH to use RFID for point-of-purchase advertising
Checkpoint buys 100 million RFID tags from Matrics
Checkpoint ready for pilots, demos “smart shelf” and “smart zone”
Learn more about “smart shelves” from our Gillette boycott site
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN) is a grass-roots consumer group fighting retail surveillance schemes since 1999. With thousands of members in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide, CASPIAN seeks to educate consumers about marketing strategies that invade their privacy and to encourage privacy-conscious shopping habits across the retail spectrum.
For more information, see: and Disclaimer


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tuesday January 25th 2011@3:26pm( swiping drivers liscense at guard gates)

so last evening i went to  babysit and the guard at the guard swiped my drivers liscense… after having my credit cards and drivers liscense stolen in 2005… i was really wary of this procedure… i emailed the police to see what type of information  anyone could gain  from a swipe of my drivers liscnese and if this was a commaon procedure that will not compromise my idenity…. does anyone know if this could lead to any problems or am i being overly worried?… i have no problem someone seeing mydrivers lisence and knowing that i am who i say i am but the swiping  of my drivers liscense.. is it just like  swiping of a credit  card?…  i did a google search of how mush infomtion can be swtored on the magnitic strip of a drivers liscense card… but am a bit worried… if anyone has any answers as to if i should be worried or not be worried please  let me know.. thank you… below is the email i sent to the company that advertisd a swiping system for guards at guardgates.. i don’ t know if this system was the one used or not   … i jsut don’t want someone taking myinformation and somehow wiht the computer hackng tha tseems to be available… creating an id for a false person… then i will be in real trouble trying to get the criminals to stop their behavior…. there were a lot of police cars in the complex where i was babsitting so hopefully eveything will be fine…

email sent to on today (january 25th 2011) 
” I just went babysitting at a complex in naples florida that was using a swipe system to verify my idenity.  i had credit cards adn drivers lscense stolen in 2005.  is ther any way for myinformation to be compromised now that they have already swiped my drivers liscense? i will also email this to the local polce but i thought you might have a great answer. thnks you for your kind attention in this matter, sincerely mary jean ziska  ”

email sent to police:   and/or   ( couldn’t read the small print very well.. so sent it to both addresses…

To whom it may concern:   January 25th 2011 @3:53pm


 I have a quick question.  I just went babysitting at a complex in Naples Florida ( Briarwood ) that was using a swipe system to verify my identity.  I have  had credit cards and drivers license stolen in 2005. and am a bit worried about  the safety of my identity.   Is there any way for my information to be compromised now that they have already swiped my drivers license? I have already emailed this same question to a company that has an on line swiping services called “on guard.” so see if they also have any answers. and i went on line and googled the information contained in the magnetic strip for my drivers license… can this information be duplicated for a fake id? or harm me in any way?


I am assuming that it is legal for police to do this but is it legal for others( non government officers) to request swiping a drivers license? What does the law in Florida state concerning this matter?  I have no problem  showing my drivers license to prove my identity but  i rarely if ever have been asked to have my card swiped by a guard at a guard gate.  I thought you might have a great answer.  If there is anything i need to do to protect myself please let me know.   Thanks you for your kind attention in this matter,


Mary Jean Ziska  


 Please email a response to:



Personal information, including highly restricted personal information as defined in 18 U.S.C. s. 2725, contained in a motor vehicle record is confidential pursuant to the federal Driver’s privacy protection act of 1994, 18 U.S.C. ss. 2721 et seq. Such information may be released only as authorized by that act; however, information received pursuant to that act may not be used for mass commercial solicitation of clients for litigation against motor vehicle dealers.


Emergency contact information contained in a motor vehicle record is confidential and exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

*the guard at the guard gate (name): william
*the guard at the guard gate ( description): african american male age aprox 30years old/ aprox. 5 foot 10 inches/ wearing a white shirt with dark pants- uniform dress attire  
*the policy told to me by the guard at the guard gate about storage of the      informarion from a swiped drivers liscense is: 

Here are the emails to the sheriffs office her in naples florida concerning swiping of a drivers license information as use for personal identification:

Dear Ms. Gonzalez,                             Tuesday February 1st 2011 @5:42pm  


As per my question I was more concerned with the laws designated for the protection of a person personal idenity and a person’s drivers liscense information when an individials drivers liscnese is swiped by a private individual at a guard gate.  


I am sure as an officer of the law you are aware of various florida statutes and lasws protecting an individual and the privacy and laws governing both the state of Florida and the United States of America that protect an individual from the attempts of conartis and others who may use illegal means to gain personal informtion that  could harm your identity. 


I am a bit shocked that you did not answer my question but instead reprmaned me on my decision to babysit for my company in a gated community. As aGrown woman and the assistant director of a business i am well aware of the options i have for the sitting jobs that i chosse to take and the locations i choose to babysit. 


I have placed informtion I learned from the internet concerning the florida statutes that will govern the protection of privacy for an individial.  perhaps you may want to  educated yourself aon this matter incase th istuation arises agian concerning the swiping of an individuals drivers liscense and the privancy and protection of a person’s idenity.


My website is and the blog enty where i mentioned this incident is: tuesday January 25th 2011.  I will add this email along the first  emails i sent to the police departmant concerning this matter to further educate the public on the prevention of crime and the eventual stop of any type of criminal behavior  that has harmed my life.  I ‘m sure you can understand an individuals interest of prtecting my idenity.. and my drivers liscense information. 


ps.  By the way what a beautiful font you used in your reply email… i have never seen such a decorative font/script used for a reply from any public servant’s /political officials office.  


Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,


Mary jean ziska  


Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

From: Rebecca Gonzalez – 0980 <>
To: mary jean ziska <>;;
Sent: Mon, January 31, 2011 9:27:11 AM
Subject: RE: question concerning the swiping of a drivers liscense at a guard gate last evening

Ms. Ziska,


Several businesses are now capturing information via Driver’s License swipes.  In this age of advanced technology, many are utilizing this method for their protection as a crime prevention approach. The position is if someone is there for illegitimate purposes, they will likely not wish to provide their information for fear of getting caught. Basically, if you want to do business, or be allowed access to private gated communities you are requested to provide this information. Yes, it is legitimate. No, you don’t have to provide your information – however, understand they in turn do not have to do business with you if you don’t. Without legitimizing your purpose for being there you will likely not be permitted access or be provided services at these establishments. If you are uncomfortable with this practice, your choice is not to participate at all.  If your credit is compromised or identity stolen, please report details of all points of sale, or access areas you provided your Driver’s License information to the Sheriff’s Office immediately. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.   




     Sgt. Rebecca Gonzalez

 Community Outreach Division

    Crime Prevention Unit


From: mary jean ziska []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 3:54 PM
Subject: question concerning the swiping of a drivers liscense at a guard gate last evening


To whom it may concern:   January 25th 2011 @3:53pm


 I have a quick question.  I just went babysitting at a complex in Naples Florida ( Briarwood ) that was using a swipe system to verify my identity.  I have  had credit cards and drivers license stolen in 2005. and am a bit worried about  the safety of my identity.   Is there any way for my information to be compromised now that they have already swiped my drivers license? I have already emailed this same question to a company that has an on line swiping services called “on guard.” so see if they also have any answers. and i went on line and googled the information contained in the magnetic strip for my drivers license… can this information be duplicated for a fake id? or harm me in any way?


I am assuming that it is legal for police to do this but is it legal for others( non government officers) to request swiping a drivers license? What does the law in Florida state concerning this matter?  I have no problem  showing my drivers license to prove my identity but  i rarely if ever have been asked to have my card swiped by a guard at a guard gate.  I thought you might have a great answer.  If there is anything i need to do to protect myself please let me know.   Thanks you for your kind attention in this matter,


Mary Jean Ziska  


 Please email a response to:


A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director


A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director 239-287-2294

Fri. January 21st 2011 @2:18pm ( concerning bullies on the phone yesterday… thursday january 20th 2011- evening)

So actually yesterday was a fine day… i went to saks 5th avenue to see if i could order or find another sweater like the jones of new york sweater i wore to my sisters wedding…. someone must have “mysteriously” washed it in a washer.. and even dried it… it shrunk up about 2 feet… and now is more of a balarrow(sp?)…
(one of those cropped sweaters with  a 3 quarter length sleeve…  

of course i’ve been told on the phone by the same girls and liars… (and criminals…. property damage… breaking and  entering..all against the law….need i remind them…..)   that  somehow i must have damaged my own clothing?… HA!  its amazing that my entire time in college.. in school in france and even  here in naples unitl i met that criminal and his co- whores….  i never had any damage to any of my clothing…or personal property….. but those  same liars… ( mean girls) will continually try to bully their way into  not taking any responsibility for the damages.. ( actuall physical porperty… or emotoional harm or even  for the bulling as well…. …)  their accusations of me damaging my own clothing all lies to conceal their malicious michief… ther criminal acts … and to try to get from paying damages… in this case where a  replacement sweater is no longer available…  the damages are ….irreplaceable…   ie this sweater… the suede pants.. shoes… even the chanel  cosmetics they  have stolen… all criminal acts done with clear intention … with damages that can be calculated… and done with deliberate malace… 

the sweater …. like the suede pants (that were sliced)… and  the shoes… and all sorts of items… that these slimy little girls ruin…
the realization that once again these slimy girls took something from me that cannot be replaced….the feeling of loss… or violation.. of one’s possession.. and even of a personal items that were worn for special events… it startes that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach … knowing some girls who lie for her own pleasure.. for their  own gratification and for getting whatever they  wants…. at any cost… and just like karne kahel ( and her co- whores….) who got away with bulling… these girls have not yet seen the arm of the law come down and punish them …
(which they should be punished)…. I can’t keep buying items to replace my possessions from  some thief… or replace items damaged by these reckless and useless human beings…. 

 sorry. to get off tract…. but i need to get these thoughts of these  horrid girls and boys off my chest… here goes…. 
they have no morals… so of course they will take no responsibility. and i’m left to clean up the mess they make in my life… Gosh i really hope somone would find them and put them in jail… I really don’t care if they are adults… children… or even if they have children…  that is still no excuse…. something has to be done to get them to behave.. and to take responsibility for their destructive nature…or it will only get worse… these children/people who are not taught right from wrong… or who do not have the capacity of having morals.. or values… or who have a lack of compassion and a lack of   responsibilty for their actions… seriously what is to become of them when they are adults?  what is to become of society when they are ruining everything… i mean running everthing ….. HA!


So for most of the day however  the day was fine… i was hoping to use the gift card at saks to replace the face cream that was stolen from  my purse… the face cream was  a present i received on my birthday…. my actual….  real birthday…. but  I couldn’t use the card… it was from items I  returned from christmas… so i guess i will have to try to sell the card since i dont want to shop  at saks off 5th when we have a real saks 5th ave store right here in naples…. 

Have i mentioned that my life has been pretty peaceful during the holidays and new year.?.. without a phone?… the magic jack number( 561-594-5924) needed to be renewed…
(december 24th so havent used that number since then … and the virgin mobil number (39-287-2294)needed to be renewed December 20th… so haven’t used that number since december 20th…. )    but since i had so many criminals and con artists trying to damage my life any time i was using either  phone i jsut stopped using it… and then of course  all the messed up problems with the virgin mobil phone… i let that phone and phone number run out as well… i figured why would  i pay money for  someone to bully me?…. to steal from me? or to steal my messages?..

Especially  when  no one was fixing anything!!!!! not the police.. not the phone  companies no one… well except the congressmen who were making  the caller id act into law…

but still no one….. not on a real personal level was standing  up and saying what exactly was wrong.. how  to fix it . and how to stop the criminals…. how to catch the criminals… and how to make sure thy are in jail so theey will never be able to do anything like this again…..  
so it was easier to not have a phone…   i have email… but suprising… the bullies seem not to want to put anything in writing anymore… HUMMMMMMM…..

…. so it was a nice day… somehting about mary ( the movie that was the inspiration for my email address… was on tv…. i had wanted to talk to my mom about my friend scott’s visit.. and about contacting some old friends… so i thought it would be nice to speak with my mom… but   when i decided to plug in my new magic jack and call my mother  at 239-598-1515… no one was there…. so left a message…  seemed simple and normal enough…

boy was i wrong……
i did get back a few phone calls from a cell phone with a caller id of 239-821-5515…. one to tell me of a babysitting job… and then  needless to say i had to deal with bullies again… and the evening was spent in tears…

lets see… one time when i called… one person was threatening to take away my home….

anothe phone call….of course one girl who liked to make up lies telling me something  was wrong with me… and of also telling me if i came over to my mother’s house she was calling the police and  have me arested and have me put in david lawrence…
(baker acted)????? 

(of course my mother would  never say such evil  and vile things… and of course there would be no cause for any actions like  that at all… these ARE THE THREATS AND THE BULLING TAUNTS …AND HARASSMENT  I HAVE HAD TO ENDURE …. SINCE KAREN KAHEL USED TO TRESSPASS INTO MY COMPLEX…. IN 2005….  that makes 7 years not counting the three years prior where gerard threated to harm my family and to kill my mother….  

deninately not my mom….  

another time a girl who was typing.. bullied me then let  go  of the phone( similar  to the one person who used to have a cell phone caller id of gregory marion….remember  me mentioneing her before?)  and continued to type….  and type… i assume she may even be the  same person in 2007-2008 that sent all those mean and vile emails …the same time period when i was working without  out a pay check to help my mother’s business to succeed…..  or who knows maybe even the same person who sent me the annomous mean cards that were also mean and vicious… but those  had
a cleveland post mark… no retun address.. and of course the coward didn’t put her name to her vile comments… so vivious… so cruel… and such harrassment and so damaging….

the same bully remarks… one girl even went as far to say as when or if i get to talk to any old friends  that they will never talk to me again after a few times talking to me…. maybe the same bullies from  the la playa… or somewhere else …. 

the only time they stopped was when i started telling them that they must get really excited to ham a girl.. i asked them if they also harmed small children or have they started harming animals… ( sign of a real psycho…. ) adn when this argument continued… eh only time they stopped was when i tld them that i aced my psychology  course in college.. and did they finish college?…. then they stopped and hung up… leaving me totally  exausted…  with a horse voice… and puffy eyes that actully burned…. i
if these are actual adults… how woudl they feel if ther children wer to go through such torture… or if they are children… how woudl they feel if someone meaner or bigger did the same thing to them????? 

guess i jsut wont use a phone for a while ….  i hate these faceless and mindless bullies…  i cant wait until someon takes away everything they ever loved or cared about… ( and one day everone will be old an perhaps that will happen to them… sooner… but one day ther has to be justice so they will never do any of this to another person or another family….)   

I wish i could find them and faced them face to face… ( with a police officer reader to arrest them on my side HA!) pretty easy to cyber bully or to made damaging  comments on the phone….  but wati til the tables turn… i believe that there is a just God… and am hoping and praying for a just legal system… and one day… all the truth will come out and on that day… i hope they will be punished and never be allowed to harm another person again…  lets hope… JUSTICE will be served…. and soon… 

one more note i wnated to mention…. I dont know if these little girls were so nasty because i had told what i thought was my mother about kissing someone…. or if they were so nasty because knew i had been watching  wallstreet II and had had wonderful conversations witha freind aobut   stocks and diversified portfolios… or even if they were so nasty because they are jsut that way…or because they were jelious because i really had a great life… my sisters in palm beach florida are really great… my mom really did take us on tons of trips and i got to have a great life…. travel… nice places nice possessions… and great friends  and people to be surrounded with…  maybe these girls knew that by makign me look bad  they could get rid of these great new freinds in my life…. ones i coudl actually talk to about the wallstreet journal.. or about grat places to travel or eat.. or even nice people to know….. maybe these mean people like to isolate people …. ( i mean of course it is sick adn twisted but maybe they are…. sick adn twisted…. and mean….)
no real freind would stop you from succeeding.. from having nice great freinds… from being happy…..  that is not a friend … that is an enemy…and this case a criminal as well….

I actually had someone tell me that… they woudl make sure to have people know my name… now i’m worried.. in what context????? is it harsh/false and hurful  rumors…. or in a positive light…. and why shoul i have to think about this at all?…..

what has happened to my life due to a bunch of horrible peope is absolutely unforgivable… and i ( in the words of the social network …. ) I want  to sue for damages… LOTS OF DAMAGES>>>>>>>>>>>>  
but i also wanted to mention that at different times…during the phone calls…  there were different answering  voice messages…on telephone number 239-598-1515….. one has one business( a tender loving care service )  that is for my mom and the other has all 4 business that she owned…( atlcprep/ a tender loving care service and real estate… and something else…)  so can someone figure out who adn who they manipulate the phone service.. isnt that a federal crime?  and why cant someone stop them….

also one time when it was a call from the cell number 239-821-5515… the person mentioned that she could not call 239-598-1515…. that is exactly what had been happening when i was calling my mom on my virgin mobil telephone number ( 239-287-2294)…. wonder if they stole  that phone  from my purse as welll?…..or exchanged it when their service  ran out?

honestly… it is too messed up…. i dont now how anyoen can fix it…. i keep trying but it is just  a mess and a mess by a bunch of people who are really horrid…. and manipulative and phoney and fake and criminal…..   

one more point i want to relate to you before i forget…. one of the girls said she could do anything to my blog or to my website…. but when i told her she couldn’t and that since i bought the webiste… and the blog goes with  the website… that it is my personal property…. and tampering with it would be a crime…. it was almost like telling this little girl ,(faith- who i baysat for)  and who stole money from her sister olivia.. that the video camera would show if she had stolen  money… and  guess what….then  and only then did she own up to having  stolen from her sister….because she  thoguht she was going  be caught… 

maybe these girls dont want me to have mysier in palm beach… or mygreat family or my great freinds.. i mena if they have been stelign form me since 2003… including idenity theft… why would they want to stop now… right?    


Fri. January 21st ( joel osteen dvd’s that never got to me)

 so in november i ordered a free with any donation dvd set called GRACE…. it was confirmed but i never received them….. and still have never received them….  i cant tell if this is a case of mail theft…  or of the phone fraud… or what/who  is responsible…. but the last time i tried  contacting someone on my phone to try to find out about  the “where  abouts” of the  order… the posts from my email address were canacelled….   sheesh…. 

i saw on the website:
joel steen will be in Corpus Christi tx on feb. 25th 2011 and Nashville  Tn on march 18th 2011

maybe since i know some friends in Texas… maybe they can go to one of his meeting then talk to someone in person…. HA! just kidding.. i’m sure it will be returned or everthing will be put right….  right?  

I know that dvd’s do come to myaddress… because i already have received:
Miracles Happen ( anythig is possible when you believe)
God wants to amaze you
Imagine ( life the way you want it to be)
Double for your trouble( God’s reward for staying in faith)
all of the above dvd’s reached my address without any complications and without a delay of 3 months…

Tuesday January 18th 2011@3:35pm ( wsj article/ video concerning i pad hacking)

I do not have an ipad… or an i phone ( though  I woudl have loved to have one… ) but there was an interestign article in today’s wsj( on line of course) wiht a video link… so i will try to eiter embed teh link or lin it somehow… to this blog… and hopefully you can see…

What is interestign is the charges for hacking…. if convicted the charges will be manimun penality of 5 years in prision adn afine of 250 thousand dollars…

“criminal charges in connection with an alleged hack of AT&T’s serves and thnet of email addresses adn personal information of approx. 120,000 apple Ipad users who accessed the internt via AT&T’s 3 G network.”.. clink on the hyperlinked text below to see video:

video link for article concerning hacking into Ipad

Does anyone think that the penalities for such an injustice… are a bit low? I do… maybe the congressmen who were able to work on the  phone act… can also do a bit for this crime… but at least it is a crime and criminal charges can be brought against these criminals…  so maybe if the stricktest penalities are enforced… less damage for the public… let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope and pray…. 

January 11th 2011 @11:43pm ( additonal crimes-money stolen from me from babysiting jobs –crime purpertrated repeately )

So  I wanted to mention additional crimes and  criminal activity.  These crimes were perpetrated against me and my mother’s business. 

I realized one con that people have repeatedly done and hurt my life  is by stealing or siefening  off money designated to me from well meaning family and friends.  These con artist have taken items /possessions  for their own personal uses….    its almost been as similar as stealing/pickpocketing…  when they perpetrated these crimes…i dint even realized how much they had stolen…. they might fish for the information… like the woman who was supposed to be on the Saks Fifth avenue all center at 11pm???? and surprisingly  sounded just like the con artist on the phone who lied to me about my electric bill and this time when i asked if a gift card could be used at the real store… didn’t know the answer and  wanted to get the number to the gift card… which luckily i did not give to her..

anyway… the point is they will steal any amount of money gift card or gift…

 if you remember the blog entry where i was told i was getting a pair of cashmere pajamas and ended up with a picture frame. and one time i was being given a gift of pillows.. they were supposed to be brand new pillows… but instead they were not packaged…

 and i believe the girls who have tried pretty successfully stealing my identity.. using my home for their encounters with boys who actually think these criminals live in my home…. and probably bless them  with all kinds of gifts, items for their home… (my home actually) and probably why when i go babysitting i come home to a broken house… after they have destroyed anything they want and assume i will work and be responsible and repair all the damage these horrible people do to lives to homes to relationships and to lives….. my life in particular….. and as i have mentioned so many times i have been through more unnecessary hurt and pain because of these horrible whores/criminals and identity thieves…. 

so from lying and pilfering  about items and monies that were suppose to be designated to me…. or gifts for my benefit….  like i mentioned even this Christmas for some reason i was told the sweaters were worth $340.00 but were actually only worth $99.00. silly to  actually lie about it unless $340.00 were supposed to be spent and someone  else got the remainder of the money…. ????? right????

another way the people on the phone would steal babysitting money from  me would be to day that a deposit was taken on a credit card …. and then a few times these obnoxious criminals wouldn’t even give me the money owed me… ( I got full pay for the babysitting i did since  that is the money i was living off and since i was Marion Gregory’s (Ziska’s )  real daughter and that had been happening since  i ever babysat for my mother starting  in 1996….   anyway one example was babysitting for the Sierberts at the Hyatt.. the amount  that was deducted from  my pay for the sting job on Fri October 1st 2010 was $79.20. that to me is stealing! when the person on the phone manipulates and lies… ( see the penalties from the  phone act see the congressman blog)  to fraudulently  steal  monies  for themselves…

 criminal actions  of fraud and theft…..

January 11th 2011@11:14pm ( report to police facebook account compromised and telephone calls with no caller id)

So that didn’t take long.. I ‘m guess the cyber criminal Jonathan and his girlfriend the one in the navy and white shirt on the golf course today must have been a bit miffed.. by this evening my facebook account has been compromised and wouldn’t let me log into my account and i have received 3 calls with out caller id information. all three of them from a bully.  

calls t a new magic jack number ( but don’t believe it to be the new magic jack i signed up for … so may not be the correct telephone number or the actually  correct telephone number since my original money belt had been taken ..when the  hard drive for my original laptop was compromised…. see blog entry concerning the thefts….

 so tonight i got to report to the police the phone calls without caller id:
@ 3:44pm  pm  call to my number 561-283-7505 no caller id: blank caller id 
3:43:01 pm  call to my number 561-283-7505 no caller id: blank caller id
@3:40:57   pm call to my number 561-287-7505 no caller id:  blank caller id

*so this is what i got to report to the police: @ 10:51pm
“I have been having criminals in my home mostly while i have been babysitting
(website:  but today i am writing because of a problem with a cyber crime… my facebook account has been compromised.  I don’t know if this has to do the with most recent incident noted in my blog. ( blog from : www.mysearchforjustice .com ) the stolen credit cards by orchard bank ( two cards that were in envelopes that had not been signed in fact one of the envelopes had not even been opened.  two envelopes from  a home building wining contest and today I recently found a purple jacket that was in a locked suitcase not in the locked suitcase… I believe it is the same girls and cyber criminals from  years ago.. one boy named Jonathan and a girl who either  works at la Playa or is  Jonathan’s  girlfriend.  This form of identity theft has been occurring since 2003… read my website and blog for all the details. I will include this email as well and document  your response.  thank you for your kind attention in this matter sincerely mary jean ziska

just want to mention that cyber criminals are still criminals and according to the congressmen who also made it a crime to falsify the caller id.. caller id act ( also see additional blogs…  including if someone alters the websites/ blogs i paid for and created… that is a violation of my  1st amendment right for freedom of speech these criminals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

January 11th 2011 ( words from my igoogle translation home page…. in sweedish)

So here are some words form my home page of igoogle.. the translator …..
 from English to Swedish…. probably should learn these and other words in many other languages….

computer criminal=  dator kriminella

person who stole my computer /harddrive should be in jail=

person son stal min detor och harddishken ska vara i fangeles

i hate criminals = jag hatar kriminella

give me back teh life i hsould have had= ge mig tillbak det liv jag burde ha heft 

Tuesday January 11th 2011 @6:28pm ( stubbs and wooten shoes… gift form my youngest sister!)

 So this entry is about a pair of shoes that my youngest sister gave me … this lovely pair of Stubbs and Wooten shoes.. absolutely love them… she  gave “me them a while ago.. for a present maybe a birthday or Christmas gift can’t remember….  what a great friend  and sister….  she knew me soooo well… knew my conservative style… my taste and my personality… i absolutely love them… i loved them sooo much that i saved them to wear… i actually only just started wearing them a few months ago.. and low and behold.. a few days ago.. around the same time that my credit cards and everything disappeared… from  my closet  … well low and behold one shoe now has this pretty serious hole in the sole.. not both shoes.. just the one shoe.. you would think that shoes when worn should wear out at the same time right? At least they did whenI was walking tons in Cap D’ail…. (when  I went to school in France..) so its a bit weird that just one shoe…. anyway… since the little criminal elves have messed with my hard drive and computer laptop..( luckily… I think we put a lo jack in it so should be able to track it … ) so my suggestion to the little criminals …

 GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

As for the destruction of my personal property….  the shoes themselves cost approx. $349.00… I will have to contact them and see about repairs… since they create individual designs for shoes.. i”m hoping they can also fix what some idiot…. girl broke..

Again what a wanna be.. what a parasite…. “a leech”…..  to once again take a gift… one i received  given from  the love of a family member…. and ruin it …. almost as bad as stealing it… like my burberry umbrella given to me by my mom on my birthday that i had to rebuy….. Sheesh…..

 what  possible motivation… so Ï wouldn’t wear them? …. how selfish…. but i guess they haven’t changed since 2003…. “when i met that scummy criminal and of course bully girl  karen kahel… a bit later….