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restraining order is a legal injunction against another
individual. Victims obtain restraining orders against an abuser to protect
themselves from further incidents. Restraining order laws differ by state, but
orders can usually be obtained to prevent an abuser from contacting, visiting
or continuing to abuse the victim. If the abuser violates the restraining
order, victims have legal protection and a documented record that allows them
to take legal action against the abuser. You can attempt to obtain a
restraining order against a person for incidents of mental or physical abuse,
harassment and threats of abuse.

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You’ll Need

Detailed account of abuse or threatening incidents
Restraining order application An extra sheet of paper


 Go to
your local court and speak with a court clerk. The clerk will give you
information specific to your area and an application for a temporary
restraining order.

Fill out the personal information section of the
application. Include your full legal name and current contact information.
Provide a cell phone number or another number where you can be reached.

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 Use the
extra sheet of paper for notes on violent or threatening incidents involving
the person against whom you are taking out the restraining order. Include
dates, criminal behavior and injuries that resulted from the incidents. Write
details of the most recent incident and previous incidents that demonstrate the
abuser’s threatening behavior.

your notes as a guide, write your statement on the temporary restraining order
application. Begin with an explanation of why you are seeking a restraining
order. Include the abuser’s criminal history and any violent behavior. Add
dates of arrest or case numbers if any are available.

Describe the most recent incident of abuse.
Include dates and times, descriptions of weapons, details of violence and
quotes of threats.

custody arrangements for any children involved if the abuser is a parent or
guardian. Clearly state any threats of violence against the children or unsafe
behaviors that may threaten their well-being.

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Tips & Warnings

Document details of abuse before beginning your official
statement. The more details you include, the better the document will be. Avoid
personal recriminations such as “He swears a lot” or “She lies
to me” that are not punishable by law. Stick to facts of violence and
threats of violence.

Make sure all information is factual to the best of your
knowledge. Restraining orders are legal documents and their contents can be
used against you in court.

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You’ll Need

County’s restraining order forms


Write your reason for filing. Start your
statement by describing your relationship with the person you want a
restraining order against. Also state why you feel there is a need to get a
restraining order.

the person’s criminal history. If the person has a criminal history that you
know of, make sure you obtain those records. Get case numbers, police reports
and all dates if possible. Summarize this history in your statement. Attach all
documentation you can to your statement.

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State a recent and/or worst incident against you. Giving the
most recent incident against you lets the court know how current the problem
is. Giving the worst incident against you can give the courts an indication of
the possible danger you may be in. State all threatening quotes, dates,
physical abuse, sexual assaults and all injuries you sustained. Attach all
police reports if available.

Describe your level of fear. Express what you feel the
consequences will be if you do not get a restraining order. Describe how
difficult your life is and will be living with this fear.

File the statement with all required forms. You can file
your package with your county’s clerk office. The judge may give you a temporary
restraining order against the person while you wait for the hearing. Be sure to
document all violations of this temporary restraining order if any.

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Tips & Warnings

If the circumstances seem over your head, seek legal advice.


Stop all interaction with the person you are serving the
restraining order with. Any communication with this person can hurt your case
or worse — put yourself in danger.

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December 21st 2012 @ 9:54am email to have restraining order against patrick weber

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Re: Did you get my request to process a restraining order
against patrick weber?Monday, December 17, 2012 11:36 AM

From: “Lawrence Pivacek”
<>View contact details

To: “Larry Pivacek” <>

Cc: “mary jean ziska”

Mary jean

Got your call

Scott can fax the document to me or scan and e mail

R mail would be best as the fax is often busy

But whatever he wants is fine!


On Dec 17, 2012, at 9:09 AM, Larry Pivacek <>

Dear Mary Jean

Again, I am sorry but I do not represent you in the
foreclosure matter.

I have a call into my supervisor to see if I can appear in
court for you on Friday on that case.

Also I can not file a restraining order for you.

The court appointed me to represent you only in the
guardianship case.

I can understand why you are asking me if I am still on your
side and my answer is that I have never been on anyone’s side except your side.

But I can only represent you where permitted to do so by the

There is no prohibition on you hiring a lawyer yourself for
the foreclosure or restraining order cases.

I will let you know what I can find out but as it stands
right now I do not represent you in the foreclosure case or the restraining
order case.

I will talk to you soon.

Larry Pivacek


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 8:39 AM, mary jean ziska
<> wrote:

Hi Larry did you get the email to process  a restraining order against Patrick Weber? to
keep a fired guardian away from my life … all areas.. he has no right to be
in a court room when he was already fired! i told you i will not go anywhere
near him….not after he threatened me..and definitely not  now that he has been removed….  where is the protection?I   don’t need to continue to be abused by a
person who was removed and is supposed to be out of my life…. This is
definitely   your area to protect me
against a “fired” guardian…. I am requesting that  you 
speak for me and put in a restraining order against Patrick Weber
immediately….. i don’t want him near me… 
or near any of my cases….. or any of my lawyers…. or guardians….
or family… or anything to do with my life…. I wanted him OUT….. 

I still don’t understand how judge Murphy ( the foreclosure judge
is now branching out to be both  the
foreclosure judge and the guardianship judge….. ?????)

 What happened to
judge krier.. or judge brodie?  Either
judge is the foreclosure judge or the guardianship judge but not both…. and i
saw no change in judges  allowing one
judge to do both jobs… isn’t that a 
conflict in interest?…. especially in light of the fact that I hear
Patrick Weber and  judge Murphy were
Friends… and my mom said that judge Murphy did not start court until  Patrick Weber arrived? When since  i did not have  a guardian in place or a lawyer to represent
me…. in all rights it should have been postponed … and he should have at
least  listened to the  letter i wrote requesting a continuance… (
it was my attempt at a motion for continuance … the same as the paper i asked
you to make sure  judge Murphy  received….. ) Did you make sure he received

I also don’t understand why you are not standing up for my
right to have my choice of limited guardianship?….why doesn’t  the judge already know that ….the hearing
should be stopped  for Fri… I am not
going .. especially if you can not guarantee that Patrick will not be there…
and i am not protected from his threats… and his abuse….  

Are you sure you are on my side?  I don”t have to go and get a new
guardianship lawyer do i? … one who will help me… protect me from
injustice.. and from people not protecting my rights…. 

Please tell the judge that just as in the papers for the
real guardianship judge…either krier… or brodie… that Scott is  working on the  application…and please remind him that it
is a limited guardianship…. only for the protecting me form the HOA lawyer s
and their under handed tricks…. and 
very  unethical behavior….

picking on a ward still declared incompetent … and
bulling.. looks really good after last weeks shooting…. picking on  people who cant or by the court aren’t
allowed to protect/ defend themselves…. 
wonder what  what a higher court
would  say to their actions…   all to steal a condo…..  


Please tell the judge…. what ever judge is supposed to be
in charge…. that it is not right to bully me into trying to give me his
choice of a guardian when i have been telling you my choice.. and we have been  working toward that choice…. 

I am disgusted with all of them…. at Christmas…
unforgivable…  really unforgivable….
someone should take away their rights and see how they feel when they are
bullied… and cannot speak for them selves…  

Thank you for your kind attention to this email

P, S.  you should have
received a copy of the email i sent Scott this morning with the papers… my
mom sent him papers in the mail ( fed ex) for arrival on sat. and  he was going to fill them out and send them
back asap….   I sent him what you sent

P.S.S  Do you
understand the level of anxiety that 
going to far away for too long of a time has been causing me…. i have
left my house  maybe three times since
august…..and  just thinking  of having to go to the court house….
especially after r Patrick threatened 
me… nooooo way,,,,,, that is why i want a lawyer to stand up and speak
for me…. and why i should not have been bullied by the HOA lawyers when i was
not  represented by a guardian or a lawyer….
really big injustice… can you remind the judge of the real laws that are
supposed to protect me… from such injustice….  i cannot call him directly… nor email
him….  and i don’t know if he received
any of my  mail….   Larry I need your help to relay messages
concerning the guardianship status… and stop him from causing any more
injustice….  maybe he doesn’t
realize  how unjust he is being… and
maybe since he he is a foreclosure judge and not a guardianship judge you can
ask him to reread the fl statutes of 744.  
and tell the judge who was in charge of the guardianship krier… or
brodie….. what the hell is going on…..  

Also… there has to be a way that a restraining order can
be filled out if you cannot go to the court house…. do you know how?

again thanks for all your assistance,

Mary jean ziska

A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory  
Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska  
Assistant Director

december 21st 2012 @ 2:50am christmas card to mom

Dearest mom, Marion Jean Gregory Ziska Gregory…..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!

I wish for  my mother…. All the happiness and love a daughter can give…. I  wish for you that  all of your hopes and dreams  will be  realized…  I wish for you, joy and happiness, laughter and love, financial independence , prosperity,  freedom from worries and an abundance of everything your heart desires…. …  a youthful exuberance …in spirit…. Knowing how much you are loved… how  valued you are to all who have known you….  your presence has…. Made such a positive difference in my life…. and I wanted to thank you  for enriching our lives in so many ways…. 

You and dad gave us such an  amazing opportunity  by  taking our entire family to Saudi…( with Aramco…)  to grow up in a very safe environment that enriched our lives soooo much…. But mom. I have to say… . you were the one who  took full advantage of making sure that we were able to go on the trips with you… to see all the magnificent sights … to make lifelong memories … to  have so many varied experiences…  interesting cultures… and  even  exotic foods….

You tell me all the time that you love me more than I will ever know…. and I always want to make sure you know overflows with gratitude  for all that you have done in my life …and  that I want to thank you for everything” more than you will ever know… “   

Dearest mom, I gave you a book  for Mother’s Day a while ago    titled:   A mother’s legacy,  your life story in your  own words the book was separated into different sections the last section entitled “inspiration:   it is a  miracle  how a life can be touched so deeply by one caring gesture, one small kindness at a time.”

For the insert of the book I wrote:  remember this special day… all for you… the loving mixture of family, of memories  family of memories,  and love,  the warmth of a hug… the kiss hello the joy of having loved ones near to celebrate…. knowing you….. and loving you…. we are so  blessed to have had such a gift!

Dear mom,  you’re the light that inspires hope, dreams, and wishes for futures and lives we could never have imagined possible….. your gifts to your children, your friends, and  your community are so abundant there marked only by the  stars in the sky… just as you are the star in our lives… may  you shine forever….. all my love,  Mary Jean Ziska

I look at these questions and think of the answers you would write concerning my family and childhood,    and your own childhood…   of how lives are intertwines with experiences and I think of how these questions could be answered  us…by  your children: (the three daughters:  Maura, Mattie , Mary Jean)  how the answers would  draw a picture and illustrate the amazing life  you  provided for us…. All  the opportunities …. And the blessings  just by  having you as a parent…

How can I express to you how my life was made wonderful and great through the opportunities you provided… you gave us  advantages that not all people have…

One of the questions in the book asked who has made the greatest impact on your life?

I would have to say, one of the people who made an indelible mark upon my life has been my family with my mother as the matriarch she has been a source of comfort, inspiration, guidance, a constant  source of love,  encouragement all of my life  and my life has been made  better because she  was  a part of it….

another question what are the most important characteristics of a good friend?

Two other questions  under the topic of events:   do you enjoy travel why or why not? What was the most fun, interesting or exciting places you’ve ever visited?

Please share a cherished memory from a family holiday celebration:

Did you begin any new traditions with your children

Is there anything you know now that you wish you’d known when you first became a mother?

What similarities do you see between yourself and your children

what are your most vivid memories of your children’s earliest years

what activities did you most enjoy with your children when they were young

how did becoming a mother change your life

in what ways are you like your mother what is a favorite memory of your mother grandma Gregory

what was your mother’s attitude toward life how did her attitude affect you

Mom I thought  it would be fun …. And more productive if instead of my rambling on about how much I love and cherish you…. we could answer these together…. On Christmas…. All these questions  sparks so many memories and thoughts that I wanted to be able to share  them with you…


The true test of a mother to me is 1 Kings 16:28

then two women who would become mothers out of wedlock came and stood before the King and one woman said oh my Lord, I  and  this women dwell in one house; I was delivered of a child with her in the house. The third day after  I was delivered, this woman also  delivered. We were together; no stranger was with us, just we two in the house. And this woman’s child died in the night because she lay on him. At midnight  she  took my son from  beside me while your handmaiden slept and laid  her  dead child in my arms . When I rose to nurse my child behold he was dead but when I had considered him in the morning behold it was not the son I had born  but  the other woman said no! The living one is my son and the dead one is your son! And this one said no! But the dead son is your son and the living is my son. Thus they spoke before the King.  That  this is my son that is alive and yours is the dead one. The other woman says no! But your son is the dead one and mine is the living one. And the king said bring me a sword, and they brought a sword to the King. The King said divide the living child in two and give half to the one and half to the other than the mother of the living child said to the king for she yearned over her son, “oh my Lord give her the living baby and by  no means slay him” but the other said “let him not be mine or yours but divide him.”   And the king said ” give her who pleads for his life the living baby by no means slay him. She is the
child’s mother”  and all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had made and they stood in awe of him for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to do justice

this  story was  about  King Solomon

the Testament of a true mother to me has been  in the  end …the selfless  gift of wanting a child to be happy healthy with a prosperous life….  the  Testament of the mother is what she will do to make sure her child is able to follow dreams , hopes, goals, and passions… … Without hurting anyone, with the sole intention of making lives better, a true mother goes to any length to not only protect her child… support her child… but also to make their lives better…

Looking back, My mother provided us with such an amazing childhood…. I  could have never dreamed of all the  opportunities she provided for us…. the plan she had for making our life experiences extraordinary…. for fulfilling and exceeding expectations of not only a motherly love but of exceeding a mother’s  capabilities…. You were the village that raised a child… actually three children…  and we learned so much… and  am so  grateful  for so  the many  wonderful experiences…  

I love you now and  always…  god bless, merry Christmas.. and happy new year… luv mary jean Ziska

Mom I’ll add to this note once we have had a chance to chat about  all those questions… HA!  

christmas input for christmas card to maura eric caroline and ella

Dearest Maura, Eric, Caroline, and Ella,                                                  December

Mary Christmas 2012… and happy new year….  I wanted to  make sure to 
write to you  this Christmas…to
tell you that  I hope this past year of 2012
was  great  for all of you … I wanted to say that  in my prayer every evening  I pray  that your family is  protected from harm, that you are  blessed even more in 2013… That all your
wishes and dreams do come true, that love, family and friends surround you and
your family now and always…

I can’t put into words all the  love I have for all of you, (even though I’ve
never even had the opportunity to meet Ella… yet…)  I can’t believe time has gone by so fast and
it’s already Christmas and New Year’s… awaiting 2013….

Maura, Eric, Caroline and Ella… May you be blessed  now and always – I honestly wish only the best
for you and your family… I am so proud to have had the opportunity to have you
as my family and I honestly do love and miss you all every minute of every day…

There are  so many
important and valuable things to remember and to say  during the holidays…so let me start by saying  that I don’t 
believe that love ever dies or  that 
true just doesn’t go away… or end… 
you know that true love of family, friends even cherished  memories…  they don’t go away…..until you are dead and I
am hoping they stay  with you in heaven….

I have cherished all 
those great memories and kept them close to my heart  these past 13 years…. every minute of every
day… No matter what people said to me or tried to make me believe….. I always
knew the real truth… my real truth… the truth of what I know of my family and of
how amazing they are… Of the honest and genuine love I have known   my entire life from my real family…  that has been my constant  through these 13 years of horrible
experiences… ….and  I want to thank you
for your constant love and your friendship over my lifetime….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, love Mary Jean Ziska

My Dearest Sister Maura a special note:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much you made
a difference in my life… From growing up together in Saudi, (Ras Tanura), to
boarding school (Villa Maria) to college (the University of Florida) and
beyond… Your strength and character… Always so evident… I always admired how
you stood up for your beliefs, your friends, and your family… How you were able
to do and be anything you set your mind to…

I loved the softer side that you didn’t always show
everyone, the ability you had to love and the openness of your heart and your
authentic friendship! I was blessed to have you as a sister… To spend time with
you while we grew up and grew into the people we were supposed to be…

I’m genuinely glad you became such a remarkable woman and I
know you’re mark on the world will be amazing: strong and lasting… Your legacy
will not only be your children,  family
and career… But also the lives you’ve touched… All the people you’ve helped who
have better lives today because you were a part of their lives…

My life was  better by
you being a part of it…. And I thank you Maura Ann Ziska for your love, your
friendship, and for being my real sister –

Nothing is like the  genuine love, devotion, and caring that real
family and friends can give…  And I mean no one lives up to the
expectation and the reality of who  real
family and friends really are….  Maura, your
past, present and future are showcased in the genuine love you have for your
family and friends!

These past 13 years have been the worst years of my life,
with the worst experiences, and the worst people ever imaginable!  I have hated the experience,  every minute of every day    I hated that when I went to reach for the
phone… with the expectation of genuine family and friends of conversation and
encouragement… of shared beliefs and shared goals… of true  friendship 
and unconditional love… only to find manipulation and lies… bulling and
constant destruction of my life and my family by the  untruths  and cons and criminal manipulation of a group
of people I never asked to be in my life and never wanted in my life…. and who
ruined my life, who destroyed my soul and who were never  my family or friends….  I have missed the constant contact of genuine
family and friends every minute of every day!

I regret almost every moment   of 13
years of my life but most of all I regret never being allowed to continue the
relationship with my real family uninterrupted by con artists, criminal scum,  and  greedy  manipulators
 selfish motivation ruined my
life! I regret the horrible people who conned their way into our lives because
I was trusting, gullible and honest…. I regret that they have harmed my life
beyond repair,    and allowed me to go through hell for their
own selfish intent… I regret these people, through their manipulation, their
God like complexes, their lies, their cheating, their stealing, and their deceit
stole my hopes and dreams…. And manipulated relationships and opportunities…   and I regret that I learned to hate…. Because
of all of them….I regret everything,
but most of all I regret never being allowed to be the person I was meant to
be…  to have the  relationships I was supposed to have…never
allowed ot be just me… and be happy….  These
 selfish vindictive horrible people who
were  never supposed to be in my life and
 who ruined lives and families….
businesses and  by  bullying, lying cheating and stealing  they ruined lives and they were never stopped
by anyone…

what was destroyed by these manipulative con artists cannot
be repaired…. what they  stole has never
been replaced  ….. the time and  opportunities of 13 years cannot be regained
or  duplicated…   It’s all unforgivable ….

But most of all….I miss all of us….  and I wanted to tell you this Christmas…. How
much I valued you as my sister… and  Maura,
like the  beautiful card/note  you gave me at our sorority initiation  we are sisters in real life… and in Kappa
Alpha Theta,  “all things were  possible”  you wrote of how you wanted us to be able to
have families  where we could babysit
each other’s kids… where we   were  supposed to be able  to, make holidays special with families… and
friends….  be able to support each
other’s hopes and dreams… and lives… and I had imagined  the closeness we shared throughout our
lives   would continue forever… I wish we
had been able to  share the same  moments and memories  for holidays and for those life changing
important moments…   or even the daily
conversations of friends and sisters…. I miss that  we  didn’t
get to talk every day…or even once a week…. To keep our bond  strong… 
but I loved and missed you every minute of every day… over these past 13

 No matter what
happens for the  rest of our lives…  I want you to remember how much I love you… always
have and always will …. Some  days I can’t
wait to be dead  and  in heaven so that one day we can be safe… and
be  with the same  real amazing sisters  again….where  bad horrible people will never be able to harm
us… I pray for your protection from harm every day…. for the criminal scum to
not hurt you or your family for the con artist’s lies, cheating, and stealing
never to reach you,  your family and your

I’ve never been the type of sister who was or is ever
jealous of you …. Because  Maura, instead
I have always been so proud to have you as a part of my family  and to have you as one of my best friends  and my sister…I always believed when mom would
sing  from the movie White Christmas “sisters”…
And believed our bond could withstand anything …. I believed that together we  could  do anything…. Like The Three Musketeers….    ” all for one and one for all” …  the dreams we dreamed  individually or collectively… would all come
true I know it now sounds a bit sappy… 
but we each had our strengths… and together  mom knew we would be so strong….   

I don’t know if I did enough for you… or told you enough how
much I admired you…. how intelligent you are,  how beautiful you are both  inside and out…. and how I always knew you
would be successful… that you would be a great mother and lawyer and how much
you are loved by her family and friends…

I hope I told you enough  that your ability to draw people toward you –
to command attention  in the most subtle
ways and to make friends and acquaintances 
everywhere you go is amazing… All that you do…. For so many people….. For
 all of it I  thank you!  

I thought one day I would be so successful I could bless you
and your family… I thought I could  come
in and make sure your hopes and dreams would come true…I’m sorry Maura,   Sorry
my life wasn’t able to turn out anything like I had hoped or planned  and I couldn’t bless your family …. I’m sorry that
these 13 years of hellish  experiences
that I have hated… being  a part of…  I’m sorry if I was a burden  for you and your family… I’m sorry that the
people who stole identities who stole my business my dreams my hopes my wishes
who ruined everything in my life….. I’m sorry if their slime has ever rubbed
off on to you  or your family…. I pray
the slime that hurt my life didn’t also ruin parts of your life… I want you to
always remember how much I loved you…how much  I tried to keep positive but it’s too hard
when evil “WINS” it just gets too hard……

I really  miss what
should have happened in this lifetime with the three Ziska sisters …  for these past thirteen years…  I miss the life I should have had and I miss
my family every minute of every day… I miss that the hard work and purposeful
achievement of business  goals  were stolen ….  that hopes and dreams once realized  were stopped… and that  that ambition and intent were manipulated only
to be crushed….  that  beliefs and faith were not only tested but
destroyed….. and that the hopes and dreams 
of a lifetime have been ruined….  But
that is my life…   luckily not your

I am so proud to have been a part of your life Maura…  and hope you’ll always remember our sisterhood
and relationship with fondness and friendship  with  genuine respect and love I have always had for
you… That belief in you and all that you are and all that you will accomplish
in all that you have already accomplished…. Maura,  I am so full of pride and admiration when I
speak of you… and the amazing woman you have become… I smile  when I think of how you are so capable of
everything… you can bake and decorate sugar cookies for holidays…. Be a
successful lawyer,  wife and mother…
and  do everything…. I don’t know how you
do it all…. And on top of everything… 
you are  an amazing person and
sister…. Whether now…. Or when we were kids… you and Mattie  are the most 
amazing sisters anyone could have ever asked for…   I
could not have  wanted anything else in a
sister and I love you and miss you every minute of every day… when I wrote
the  “my gingerbreadman”  story 
in 2003…  you were one of my
inspirations…  …. An amazing.. woman  who was successful,  accomplished, 
well rounded and could do anything…. And you did everything…   your amazing and  I am so happy you  and Erick are together…. That you have  a beautiful family… and someday I hope you
all can  come to Naples again to visit
so  I 
can officially meet Ella…  and see
Caroline again…. You are a true success story Maura… and I am so happy for
you…  and your family… I really truly am
sooo happy for you….     

 I’ve thought of what I
would have changed….. If you could live your life over but know what you know
now perhaps going back to when we visited Kathy Young at Miss Porter’s… Or
staying in school in France… I keep wishing to erase all of this  but can’t and in reality there’s “no way out”
and no way to recover all that has  been
ruined … I can definitely say the story of my gingerbread man from 2003 has
never been realized  for me… nor any of
the hopes and dreams I’ve had for my life ever been realized… And I’m truly
sorry that no happily ever after will ever be in my future… but  knowing that your life  and family will be able to  have the 
most wonderful and happily ever after 
story  book ….. beginning ….middle
and ending…..  is just so amazing and
great… please make the most of the 
blessings you are given… and please treasure your children and your  husband .. your career,  your home your family and your friends…   I am truly happy for you…  and hope your blessings will continue  for your entire  life…

 I would not want to
miss one moment of time I got to spend with my family laughing or talking of
memories or experiences that I had as a child… If I could go back in time and
erase everything…horrid… I would change…

And despite the destruction of my life may you and your
family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year I do honestly hope all
of your hopes and dreams for 2013 will become a reality for you and for your
family and known my heart I love my sister Maura Ann Ziska, more than you’ll
ever know and realize God bless … I know this has been really long… but I
wanted you to know and say everything….

LUV, Mary Jean Ziska

5632 whisperwood blvd. 1601

Naples florida 34110