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February 21st 2012 @ 1:07pm email to miriam housing ave maria law school naples fl. that would not go though via email

Dear Miriam,                                             Fri. February 17Th 2012 @ 9:28pm


It was a pleasure meeting with you concerning my search for a suitable roommate.   We discussed the requirements and i showed you the pictures of my condo.  If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to revise and assist in helping me to make a great ad!   

  I have been trying to  send this email to you and it has not been going  through since Fri. I hope you receive this email. I can put a copy in the  mail and bring a copy over to your office again if you do not receive this email.  If you do receive this email please email back to let me know you received this email.  (Feb. 21st 2012)  


I am looking for an additional roommate to share my two bedroom two bath condo located in The Strand (located off immok. road.).  In The Strand, there is a pool that is associated with the condo; there are walking paths for biking and running. The tennis, clubhouse and golf are accessible at an additional cost with either golf or social membership.  It’s a beautiful area  and a gated community that is located right by  a plaza that has a groceryPublix), three banks:  (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Fifth /Third, ) and , various stores: beauty salons and mail center along with restaurants (Chinese food, Subway and Italian food ) and even close to  a Shell  gas station!


The room that is available would be the den that I converted into a bedroom.  It has a twin bed, two armoires one for hanging clothes, and one for folding clothes.   It has a television and space for a desk.   The floor is all tiled, neatly decorated and clean.  The bathroom would be a shared bathroom that is separate from any of the bedrooms and includes a tub/shower sink and toilet.   It is also tiled.   The condo is approx. 1700 square feet under air, and consists of the kitchen, with dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator.  An eating area by the kitchen, a tiled lanai, living area and is more like a large great room and laundry having both washer and new dryer.   Most of the condo is tiled and the condo itself is located on a fountain/ lake that is private and located on the other side of the golf path.   It has a two car garage but parking would be outside on the pavers. 


The  addition we would be splitting electric, and internet connection and basic supplies for cleaning the condo or for the things like dish washer soap.   For months , the current roommate bought the grocery supplies and I made dinners but then when we had a third roommate,  he wanted to keep his dinners separate, so I guess it just  depends on what they would want to do as for  as sharing any food expenses.  


I am attaching photos of my condo so you can show any prospective students.  As for a roommate I am looking for a nonsmoker, no drugs, not heavy drinker, quiet, studious person who has Christian values such as a person who is:  honest, honors commitments, trustworthy, and treats people with respect.  I require a first, last and security deposit and a signed lease.  I don’t really have an age requirement but would hope that a law student would not be a partier both inside  and outside of my home.  If they have any questions   they can feel free to email me: or   


I presently have a roommate in the guestroom who is a male. He works most of the time and leaves early in the morning not returning until the evening and would be the person sharing the bathroom with any new roommate.   You mentioned a female who was in her 50’s that may want to move in after August.  At present I thought a male would be preferred since then it would be two males sharing the bathroom.   I also want to make sure that all residents remain “just roommates” and hopefully friends but no romantic relationships between roommates as it would complicate situations! So a male roommate would probably be the easiest fit at present time.  


I am looking for a new roommate to start as soon as possible and if any students would want to move in between semesters that would be great!  The room is currently   available and ready for immediate occupancy…. And will be that way until I find the right roommate!  I thank you for your kind attention to this email (sorry it turned out to be more like a very long letter!) I trust that a really great roommate /divine connection is out there and I am hoping it will be a great law student from Ave Maria!  




Mary Jean Ziska


sunday february 26th 2012 @ 3:46pm still not able to see m y website online three days so far i noticed. help!

 so today once again i went online and this is the third day that i have not been able to see my blog post on line.. i mean my entire website on line for my search for….. i think the blog posts are still showing… but not the website..and you  cant get to the website when you  log oonto o one of the  blog posts this seems   very  stinky… and  seems like something is really wrong…
Yesterday I contacted my web hosting service . I called the police  and emailed the FBI concerning the threat I had previously when that egg one then told me she would cancel my Comcast service. If I did not remove my website and blog from the Internet. Then she was unhappy with the content of my blog posts and my website is violation of Florida statutes, 815 and freedom of speech. Anyway, I can contacted the FBI concerning their Internet in Internet crimes Bureau division due to the threat and also that I have not been able to see my website online for three days and this website is what I use to contact my lawyer. The police Bacardi in anyone who actually has the authority to help me.if I vote if I remember correctly, when I was entering. All blog posts on February 21, 2012, I was able to see my website online, because I entered the posts and then went to go view it from a the Internet. If I remember incorrectly, but I was looking at the home page. The laws and all the various, the five pages that consist of my search for on the website through my hosting service, but I really think I remember seeing being able to type in search for and being able to actually see my website.  I  remember seeing iton line feb 21st when i  being able to view my website. My search for online. For three days now. I haven’t been able to see my website when I called Go Daddy at about 11:00 PM, I spoke with a gentleman who told me to give it an hour and it should be back online. This is the third day, it’s not showing up online. He also told me if I paid for more service than I’d be able to actually see my website. The website consists of five pages the same as my gingerbread my gingerbread It’s the he can see that online, but you can see my search for online. I was also told that it was probably my Comcast service so-called Comcast. They told me since I was able to see Google and other websites. My Internet service was fine and it was the actual hosting company Go Daddy. That was the issue. I contacted officer Hurley  on Saturday morning when I could not go online and view my cameras, and he was able to come by my house to make sure no one was in my house, but nothing was being damaged, stolen or broken while I was out of my house. I also mentioned to him. When I called from my house that I can view my search for embed this website is how I actually notify the police and other authorities about the problems that it happened with criminals being in my life. They are not welcome in my life, but they seem to still be here. I also mentioned officer Hurley, the police report concerning the router change and concerning the time I was not able to actually access my DVR box, which was or is the box that controls the TV cameras sent to the cameras.

I am hoping this matters to resolved as I also put in a e-mail request for assistance through the web hosting site. It doesn’t make any sense why my gingerbread, which is also a website consisting of five pages would be visible when the my search for would not be visible. I contacted old roommate who helped me set up the Internet modem and router to see if he had any suggestions on what might be possible cause or solution for this problem. I’m hoping it’s not the same girls/boys who have not taken upon themselves to manipulating control various aspects of my life, including website content because that violates the Florida statutes 815, which entails computer-related crimes, 815.06 offenses against computer users one. Whoever willfully, knowingly and without authorization, a.accesses or causes to be accessed any computer, computer system, or computer networks be disrupts or denies or causes the denial of computer systems services to an authorized user of such computer systems, services, which in part or in whole or part, is owned by under contract to or operated for on behalf of warring conjunction with another seat destroys takes injures her damages, equipment or supplies used or intended to be used in a computer, computer system, or computer network, D destroys injures her damages any computer, computer system, or computer network E introduces any computer contaminant into any computer, computer system or computer network commits an offense against computer users to a. Except as provided in paragraph B and C, whoever violates subsection 1 commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082, section 775.083, where section 775.0 84B whoever violates scepters, section 1 and one damages a computer computer quit man computer supplies a computer system or computer network, and the monetary damage were loss incurred as a result of the violation is a 5000 or greater dollar to commit the offense for the purpose of devising or executing any scheme or otter physis to defraud or obtain property, Paris interrupts or impairs a governmental operation or public communication, transportation or supply of water, gas or other public services commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082 section 775.08. Three were section 775.0 84C whoever violates subsection 1, and the violation endangers human life commits a felony of the firwere section  degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082 section 775.083

Whoever willingly, knowingly and without authorization modifies equipment or supplies usually intended to be used in a computer, computer system, were computer network commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in section 775.82 or section 775.0834 a addition to any civil remedy available, the owner or less, Lee C of the computer, computer system, or computer network computer program, computer equipment, Peter supplies were computer data may bring a civil action against any person convicted under this section for competitive compounds compensatory damages.

In any sect, and any action brought under this subsection, the court may award reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing party. Five. Any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, or computer data owned by defendant, which is used during the commission of any violation of this section or any computer owned by the defendant. which is used as a repository for the storage of software or data obtained in violation of this section is subject to fortitude as provided under 932. 701 – 932. 704. Six

Six. Number six parentheses quote this section does not apply to any person who as acts accessed excesses accessed his or her employer’s computer system computer network computer program or computer data when acting within the scope of his or her lawful employment. Seven

SSeven. For purpose of bringing a civil or criminal action under this section, a person who causes, by any means, the access to a computer, computer system, or computer network. In one jurisdiction from another jurisdiction is deemed to have personally access the computer, computer system, or computer network in both jurisdictions

Not only would accessing them, preventing my website from being seen on the Internet be a violation of the Florida statutes 815 and be listed as a computer crime or computer related crime. In doing so violates my freedom of speech liberties and American freedoms and most of all, it’s against the law and should not ever happen. Especially when the website is trying to detail and prevent criminal activity from occurring in the future, and prevents criminals from being able to
get away with their crimes by knowledge and who is responsible by detailing times, dates and methods of their criminal activity so that in the future the criminal activity will stop and no one will be heard, ever again by these same criminals that have damaged my life for the last 12 years this blog post was dictated through a new device I purchased called Dragon. I must admit I love it!!! I am still learning how to use such a device, but hopefully it will eliminate many typing and spelling errors from my past posts, and will help me to read type and correct posts that of Artie been online. I’m also hoping that whoever or whatever is preventing my blog post from being viewed is not the same group who are interested in harming myself. My condo in my future. As many of the posts recently, detail important information that needs to be recognized by the court system.

tuesday feb. 21st 2012 ( also note on security camera part that i sent an email for today! )

Dear Dominico Scordato,                                      Feb. 21st 2012 @ 4:29pm
 I emailed you  a while agao concerning a part of the security system that is not working properly.  You were really nice but sent the wrong  part.  The part that is not working is the chord that is the  origional 60 foot cable in the manual it is labled the power jack (G) and the yellow male RCA plug (H) and the video power wire (f) and the red male  power jack  i think the entire chord was called the 8×60 ft. 4 pin to RCA ( male ) power cables.
You were  very nice but sent me an extension chord instead of the power chord.  Can  you please send me the power chord to replace the one that is defaulty.  I don’t know if the  yellow plug  on the  dvr  is faulty as well.  Do you need to send me a packing slip so i can  exchange the faulty parts  when you send me the new parts? can  you please email me the procedure so i can get my  last of the 8 cameras working. Thank you for your kind attention to this email.
 mary jean ziska    

side note.
. today is february 29th 2012 it is aprox 12:42pm and i just tried calling svat/ and cwd and brickstone …. then when they told me that  i needed to email them and the y would  get back to  me in two days… i tried brickstone.. i spoke with a person   who said their name was  Cibin with no id.. and was supposed to be from Manhattan via India….. I called to ask specifics about  mysecurity systemn.. like why  the files  for play back were pretty consistent for most of the day and night… around 300 mb worth of taped video from the cameras … then for certain  times  it was much smaller files..and even a few screens where teh imigae was blacked out??? it shoud lhave been all consistant.. i did find that the electrical bos was opened when i went and walked around the  condo… and was wondering if the power had been cut.. on purpose…  anyway…. Cibin sais he coudlnt  answer an y of mywueations as he was nto technically trained on my system but wanted my name  and personal info.  to log into my account… i asked him if the man i emailed previously : the man i  sent the email ( above ) was there… cibin said yes but he was on the  phone.. i said i would wait.. he said the dominico . was taking a break after he was off the call….. Hummm    of cousrs he gave me another phone number that is not associated with  any of teh  security companies  905-353-0732 and the peole atathis number  wer supposed to kwno about mysystem…I am not ccalling it..but  if i had i bet the person onteh phone woudl wantto knwo my name and  address and  account number and then maybe  who knows I could or could not know anything about the specifics about my security system…  this has been sooo frustrating….  anyway i need to knwo the information to  for filling out a police report… and for notifying anyone else who needs to be notified.. who may or may not be tampering  with my electric and /or security…

tuesday feb. 21st 2012 so id better spell out the specifics about the ink cartridgese i did order…

Since someone is screwing up my orders and my non- orders… i am putting in writing about the  ink cartridges i did order today… a company i have ordered from before… 
i order at 5:14pm 8 dell #70 ink cartridges  at a cocst of $11.99 per cartridge  I opted for the 2-9 days for mailing which is free and the order is at a cost of $95.92 that I  placed on a gift card.  The order went through and the order number is confirmed.
if anyone is screwing with my packages just a reminder that is a federal offense.

so lets keeptrack shall we… if the ink cartridges wer ordered on feb 21st 2012… and it is supposed to take anywhere form 3-9 business days.. that means that the cartridges should  show up by aprox march 9th 2012…..  i will write and keep track of the  delivery of the cartridges…  and mail….. so as i said lets see shall we when it arrives?

Tuesday Feb. 21st 2012 ( some body went ahead and ordered me brookstone locks for $47.00 when i requested a slip to return the broken locks for free… how the hell did that happen )

what teh hell.. earlier today i emailed brookstone requestin ga packing slip so i could send two broken locks to exchange  since i bought an extended warrentee on the locks i bought a few months back.. i jsut received an email telling me that  the order for the  locks had been bprocessed??? what ???? on whose credti card… and how the hell coudl that get messed up that instead of a free return and exchange someoen wants me to go and pay 47 dollars……. seems like the computer hacker or phoen people who get allmy orders screde up sicne the y are located in foreign countries are aat it again… but i knw when i last spoke with  peole form  brookstoen they were from  america… anyway here is what i wrote them.. and what  they wrote me….      

PLEASE NOTE:  The following email may contain information about

        gifts ordered from Brookstone.  If this is a shared email

        account–and you have not recently placed an order with

        Brookstone–please do not read further.  It would be a shame to

        spoil a surprise!



        Dear MARY JEAN ZISKA,


        Thank you for placing your order with Brookstone.  We are currently

        processing your order, #838820900001.


        We suggest you save this email for any future inquiries.  To assist

        us in providing you with the best customer care, please include your

        order number on all correspondence.  If you have questions about the

        status of your order, you may reply to this email or call us at



        Our first priority is to ensure that your items are shipped in a

        timely manner.  When an order is placed with Brookstone and all of

        the billing and shipping information has been accepted by our

        system, the order is immediately transmitted to our warehouse for

        processing.  For this reason, we are unable to modify your order

        after it has been submitted.


        We will contact you if we need to obtain any additional

        information.  You will receive an additional email once your order

        has shipped.


        Please see the bottom of this email for a list of the item(s) you




        Thank you for your order,




        Brookstone Customer Care Center


        Please visit us online at







        0141591354 . 00021I





        Order Number: 83882090


        Ship To:

                      MARY JEAN ZISKA

                      5632 WHISPERWOOD BLVD. #1601

                      NAPLES, FL 34110



             1  635441    BLACK SET OF 2 WORD LOCK                                15.00

             2  635458    RED SET OF 2 WORD LOCK                                  30.00


                                                         Total $:                 45.00



                                                            Order Recap:

                                                         Total Product $:         60.00

                                                         Discounts:              -15.00

                                                         Net Product$:            45.00

                                                         Shipping:                 0.00

                                                         Sales Tax:                2.70

                                                         Grand Total:             47.70



someone jsu tput in an order for  two locks instead of sendign me an email for teh slip- to send backteh broken locks. I am not paying  47 dollars for replacements that i already a warentee on.. stop the order 838820900001 thnks




Tuesday february 21st 2012 @ 3:25pm ( important email correspond. to larry and patrick )

When i sent the email to you it also included the email patrick sent to me…. The meeting is set for 2pm this wed. I hope you can be there as i want to make sure   I am not misunderstood and am represented by my lawyer and my guardian. thanks sincerely mary jean ziska 

A Tender Loving Care Service
Marion Gregory   Director
Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

— On Mon, 2/6/12, Lawrence Pivacek <> wrote:

From: Lawrence Pivacek <>
Subject: Re: Reply to email from patrick weber to mary jean ziska
To: “mary jean ziska” <>
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012, 11:11 AM

Dear Mary

The way we concluded the meeting with you, myself and Pat was that I would not attend the Examining Committee interviews.

The appointments for Wednesday were. It coordinated with me

What time are the meetings set for?

If my schedule permits I will be there!

But you will not be alone as Pat will be there for sure.


Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 6, 2012, at 10:31 AM, mary jean ziska <> wrote:

Dear Larry,        Monday Feb. 06Th 2012 @ 10:34am
I wanted to send you a copy of the email I just sent to Patrick.  You will be at the evaluation on Wednesday right?  I don’t want  there to be any  misunderstandings  for the  questions asked.   
Will all the people be there? I forgot to ask Patrick.   thank you for your kind attention to this email.  Sincerely mary jean ziska    

A Tender Loving Care Service
Marion Gregory   Director
Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

— On Mon, 2/6/12, mary jean ziska <> wrote:

From: mary jean ziska <>
Subject: Reply to email from patrick weber to mary jean ziska
To: “Patrick Weber” <>,
Cc: “mary jean ziska” <>
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012, 10:09 AM

Dear Patrick,                                          Monday February 06Th,  2012 @ 10:04am 
I received your email concerning  the examining committee on Wednesday.  I actually emailed both you and Larry last week  with questions, concerns,   and  research  about the guardianship  case and the HOA case.  I  don’t know if you received the email I sent you.
I  sent the email to the email address you gave me on your business card and on the membership profile for the  Florida bar association.    Did you get that email?  I  also put it on my website in a blog entry  or I can send it again.   
Is there anything you need me to bring for the meeting?  Were you able to contact the man from social security? or the  food supplement? 
I tried to look up the doctor and the nurses in the  AMA directory and I found one of the nurses  with a  linked profile but I was having trouble finding  out all the information on the others  who are supposed to  evaluate  me.    
Please email me  with any information you have.  I will try to call you again  today to confirm receipt of these email.  I had tried to call you a few times did you get the  messages and email?   I will see you on Wednesday but hopefully will speak with you today. 
Sincerely Mary Jean Ziska  

A Tender Loving Care Service
Marion Gregory   Director
Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

— On Thu, 2/2/12, Patrick Weber <> wrote:

From: Patrick Weber <>
Subject: Ziska Guardianship
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 3:25 PM

Mary: I just wanted to confirm that we have set an appointment at my office for Wed., Feb. 8th at 2:00 PM, for you to meet with the examining committee members and discuss your case again. I tried to return your call but was unable to connect with you. I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. Have a great weekend.

Patrick C. Weber, Esquire
Collier/Charlotte County Public Guardian
4670 Cardinal Way
Suite 301
Naples, Florida 34112
Office: (239) 417-1040Fax:    (239) 417-1042Dear Patrick and Larry,            
 Monday  January 30th 2012 @ 5:34pm 
I wanted to  contact you via email and phone  to see if items we discussed have been addressed. 
1.       The dismissed mortgage has been researched.  In the  collier court website the dismissed mortgage is under: 
 F:  residential funding co llc /t:  Ziska mary jean
Recorded:  3/15/2011
Doc type :  Dism
Inst. #  4537237
Book or 4661
Page 1647
Pgs 2
I also wanted to mention  that according to the Fla statutes 744  and in regards to my condo and property  this mortgage  and mortgages after this mortgage  they have tried to sell on my property would be null and void considering that in July of 2007 the proceedings for  guardianship were ordered to be started by the courts.  Therefore  any  legal processes.. and paper work  would have been required to have a guardian signature attached … and be known by the guardian  not by just the  ward.   Right?
 I know I fought with Litton loan  ( on my credit report)  as they  claimed to carry a mortgage on my property and the date they used  as the start of their purchase  was November 2007… after the proceeding for appointment of a guardianship were started( july 2007).   In which case being declared incompetent  and in need of a guardian at that time.   I want to make sure that the title of the  condo is  verified in my name ..that there is no mortgage  due to the fraud perpetrated by Ian stein and  Mr. stern and that the courts and somehow my credit  reports know that they cannot  continue to sell any more fraudulent mortgages in my name for my condo.   
2.        I really liked the idea of having an equity line of credit from the bank taking care of the  monies owed to the HOA association.  Thus lowering the payment amount… and allowing eh condo association to feel more comfortable with the arrangement  since the debt witll be held by the bank and not them.     When I was looking over the fl statutes 744: I saw  under the limited guardianship rules that a   in addition to having Patrick as my guardian … the rules include a
“trust company state bank or savings association or national bank or federal savings and loan association.  A trust company  a state banking corporation or state savings association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this  state or a national banking association or federal l savings and loan association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this state may act as a guardian of the property of the ward. “   This bit of information is perfect in accordance with having het bank grant an equity line of credit   to pay off the HOA fees ( minus the interest and additional fees)   how can we have my bank  co- guardian thus being in charge of the real property  equity  line of credit to pay off the HOA association.   Since I already have a direct deposit  of the medical ssi payments they would be able to take the payment right from the direct deposit thus guarantee that it would be paid each and every month  on time and with government assurance of an income. 
The next point to mention actually has to do with the direct deposit of the ssi payment.    Were you able to contact David and have him find out what happened to the additional funds that were being deducted unfairly?   I really need to have the total allotted amount to be able to make the payments necessary to  live.  Were you also able to find out about the  food benefits ( snap) that were put in my name and I  never received?      I just received a letter  titled notice of case action case # 1384803530 with an access number of : 637281699  the problem is it stated I needed to get them information by January 20th and I just got this letter in the mail.  ( checked and go the letter a few days ago long after January 20th…  Can you help me to find out what is going on with this matter?    I will try to go online and see what I can find out but you may have other resources that are more efficient and have more information.    
I know you also need to know about items that need repair in my home an di don’t believe I went over everything with you when we met.   But this next month I would really life to be able to fix some or most of them   while I have the two roommates to help . 
I have two broken laptops that I have to have repaired, a hand set for my phone that needs to be replaced, items that were stolen or ruined that need to be replaced. ( I mention many of theses items in in my blog under different days when I would discover items missing or broken or stolen…..
The microwave above the stove has been broken for a really long time and I would really like to replace it.  I checked on replacement parts as one lady thought it was the heating element that needed to be replaced, the cost of the heating element form GE was $179.00  and I believe a new unit was closer to 250.00 if I get it on sale.  The woman said just to have a technician come to see what element might need to be replaced will cost probably $99.00.  I believe the better choice is to purchase a new unit so that  nothing else will break even after a new heating element is  installed.   The next item in my home that is broken is the garage door,   I was told when took a picture of the  unit  that there was a part that cost 120.00 that needed to be replaced to have the garage door  fixed that didn’t include the cost of the tech. to come and fix it… I have a lifetime warrantee on the unit and today emailed the  company to see if they could send someone out for free to see about  cost and repair. I will let you know what they had to say about the  repair.
I also have a 1990 mercedes  that  was returned to me without the head gasket replaced in the car and it does not run…. I would like to have that repaired and eventually have that running again since my dad and others have replaced the transmission and other parts and put a lot of money into it I don’t want to sell it for parts or for much less than what it is worth.     I don’t  think I  can even start on this project  but  I wanted to let you know  everything broken and in need of repair.   
I have worked on my; credit report and I keep continuing g to get people who say that I owe  them money…. I paid Comcast over 300.00 for a bill they say was outstanding from  2006-2008.  I do not recollect   leaving such a bill and it never was on my credit report.  But fraudulent or not it was  in my name  and I  couldn’t get the  internet  started again or my free television boxes  which allowed me to access all the cable television channels in the strand…. And I couldn’t start it until  it was paid. t.  Is there a way  we can make sure that identity theft and fraudulent bills  stop?  I also have a fraudulent  bill from t-mobil they claim is from 2011…. I was using majic jack and di
d not have a phone at  all in 2011… it is a different account number than one I already had removed from  my  account a few months ago that was also a t-mobil bill.   When  I once wen to get my hair  cut the  woman almost didn’t let me get my hair cut because she said that I had written a 350.00 dollar bad check  when I never write checks!!!!!!  This has to stop.  I was checking on  security systmes and someone from adt told me there  was an outstanding bill form them as well.. also not on my credit report and I believe is also fraud.   
  I called Comcast  for their security system to be installed immediately and  I spoke to a bunch of people  on the phone who  made no sense when telling me that they never install security in apartments … so I told them I am not in an apartment .  I am not in an apartment and when I told them that they  said they don’t install in condo’s     which is not what the website says.   I just feel like my security is not being taken seriously and still being compromised by a bunch of people who have been using my home, my life and my possessions for 12 years and don’t want  it to stop or they don’t want to be caught trespassing, stealing and committing numerous crimes…. Or they don’t even want to  be caught and  be held responsible for their criminal  actions.   Can you help with this as well?
At this moment, I am trying to  gain access to my security cameras and system  as I had the alarm off when I awoke on fri morning and was not able to use my  log in or password to see how the  alarm was turned off… I have filed a police report   and even had a deputy come to my home.  It was a continuation of  the police report I filed where a router that I had marked with my  name ended up being in my home without my name….
These sorts of things where  people steal  “take” or replace any of my new or in well conditioned items  because they believe I  am incompetent  and I don’t  matter and no one will believe me or any number of ways they ar allowed to bully me, to slime out of taking responsibility for ruining my life , my possessions or even using my home my clothing or stealing my jewelry or identity have been going on since 2002 and are directly related to the nervous breakdown I  had and the  times I wished I were dead instead of continually being a victim of  their abuse, or  torment  and taken advantage of by a bunch of  criminals who belong  in jail  or god willing they die so  they will never hurt anyone ever again !  
To this date,  whenever the police are called to my home…. By me even….  they   also call someone to baker act me believing that  I must be the problem…. When I was never the problem… these criminals.. were the problem!     And until they meet me my reputation is  ruined… my life, honor… and  my home and possessions  are in jeopardy from a bunch of low  life scum who got away with all their crimes by ruining me…  my reputation  and devaluing  me .   Once the police meet me, then I can  have them investigate the crimes…  and relay to them the crimes against me my home and my possessions…   These have been the worst years of my life with the worst experiences I could have ever imagined.    I am entrusting my  faith  and belief that  the legal system will prevail..that  all the  horrid experiences will some how  turn around and be resolved and fixed to allow me to regain my life back and  I can soon have my life and freedoms back and be able  to start  having  the life I should have  had starting in 2002.      

A Tender Loving Care Service
Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515
Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director 239-234-4065 


Tuesday february 21st 2012 @ 1:20pm ( chat with scott..about alarm and sliding door )


scott is Available
scott : what is all that ?

Me: how do you turn back on the chimes ? do you remember?
scott : on the chimes ?
Me: i tried to press the chime button… you remember when the door and windows would announce when they were being opend or closed?
scott : u mean turn off the bell ?
Me: it woudl bing then say “open door”… or “open window”  and give the location

none of it is working…

scott : if u turn it off u will want it back on again

Me: it is off i want it on!

scott : oh

Me: someone went and truned it off with out my permission

scott : i’d have to look at it

Me: and this morning the alarm was also off when i  had turned it on last night before i went to bed

and  yesterday while i was in the shower the pin to the lock on my sliding glass door was broken.. and i only found out about it when i went to lock the door at 11 pm

something  very bad is going on … and i’m a bit helpless at fixing it this time

scott : how do u know when it was broken ?

Me: from the modem being the actual camera alarm beign tampered with so i could  not access it

to the alarm

scott : i see

Me:  i knew about the sliding door lock … because it was fine when i opened the door in the  moring..and when i closed it to take a shower aprox 5-8pm before  8:30pm

scott : all other hours ?

Me: the sliding door was open..during the day… . didn’t notice…I  didn’t move it… didn’t touch it… but as for the chimes they have been off for days… and i ve been trying to fix it and it is not changing backto the chimes.

scott : oh

Me: so do you remember how to turn it back on?
scott : i think it says “chime ” under a cerain key

Me: yes and in the instruction on the internet… it said to press it for a few seconds.. then it should turn back on .. and it should say on the pannel that the chime is back on… and it says nothing …

it says nothing…

scott : are you there?
scott : yup



I  think I am  now being  targeted for a scam and fraud….again… years ago I used to get double bills… when I moved into my home it was sprint and  then now I realized that I probably had bills for that fraudulent  capitol one account… or should I say accounts.. Since I only had one  but there were two accounts on my credit report….  And of course t-Mobil…. From 2006 accounts that we never mine.. I even had a recent $725 dollar bill that on my credit report   was supposed to be started or opened in 2011 …. When I was using magic jack….in 2011…. Not any t-mobil account… but I do remember karne kahel used a t-mobil phone in 2006…hummmm and asked for my social security number for tax s… which a lie…was probably. But   that is off point…

So this is the point… I got an email saying my auto insurance  was going to be cancelled… which is  very weird since I have paid regularly  each and every month….. so I paid it….. then today I got another email saying  my auto insurance  bill is ready to be viewed.. for this same month ….. feb… I only pay one payment for insurance  each month right?  This would be a payment made on the 14th of feb. and then another one due… before the end of the month…. I’ve had this same insurance for  years… and  never  had cancellation notices… then additional payment needed in the same month…..

I gave all my personal information  again  to Patrick weber my guardian  on the 24th of January….  and have been very vigilant   about not giving out any personal  information…  I am not going through this again…. Not paying double  accounts that have similar numbers…  like the capital one accounts basically had a few numbers off my  same number…. So I never bothered to go through all the numbers to verify if it was the same account when  the last 4 or 5 digits matched or were  pretty similar….in fact so similar  that I never noticed… but not again …. I am not being scammed by a bunch of identity thieves… again… or people who are basic criminals who use information… personal information and account information  to scam…  so now I get to once again try to  fix or get the police involved to see who  is doing all this again…. Ugg… will it never end?

Tuesday February 21st 2012 @ 1:15pm ( questionable car issues )

Questionable car  issues…..
So I wrote about taking my car in to be serviced at the devoe Cadillac dealership….  For an ail change… I forgot to mention the fact that when I got my  car keys back  it had this yellow tag that had the license number of As55with a vin of 834994 on Feb. 03rd 2012…. Weird since my license plate number is :          and vin number is:  also the day I went to go and take my car in .. the lights on the car were off… so I almost thought of not going in to the Cadillac dealership.. Especially since I had someone  want to  know where I was going … and  was basically monitoring my car and my movements…. Weird right?  But  what was also weird… is that the guy toney though ti had 6 thousand miles on my car… which of course I never drive anywhere r… and do not have anywhere near that amount of  miles on my car… also  I mentioned the changes in the  paint that was  off my passenger car door… and now mysteriously.. I have this  rust or pulled area on my passenger door….. and  I personally detailed my car when my Gps was locating my location at a different home than my  own…  a completely different  location.. and my car battery mysteriously didn’t work…
 So  now… February 14th 15th…. I went into the back of the car when I noticed that  the driver’s door had this vandalism  it looks like someone actually preyed off the door…. Or at least tried… to get inside by  scraping the door in the space that is right where the door closes…..   There is a  a line of chipped paint… that wasn’t there two weeks ago.. and to top it off..i had asked  tony at the Cadillac dealership…  to see if they could check why my steering wheel squeaks…. It started when I wen t to go babysitting at a condo  in Bonita springs… right off Bonita springs road… the day when I had an email giving me one location and  on the phone another person on giving me another location for the  family to babysit…. 
My thought was that  since the plastic cover for the steering wheel  was a bit off when i got into the car that evening  and the   steering wheel was all squeaky….. when I turn the wheel… and since I added an extra lock  to try to prevent  the same criminals from ther joy rides that basically ruined my Mercedes and cost me and my family a ton of money to repair when I wouuel en upwith crs with allsorts of  rpoblems that one day  the car was fine…  aftrer a conartist criminal would switch my cars… I would end up with a car problem…. Preventing me form  going anywhere.. or just ruining my car… my life and of cours as all con-artist..costing the scam artist nothing.. but costing me a otn of money…. To try to fix….
So after my meeting  with  Patrick weber  at his office way  off  41 ….. the location I went to…. My siter Mattie was in my car when it started to hae allsorts of problmes again… 
That wern tthere when I went  to the Cadillac dealership…. And  shodl be on  myreal car that I never drive….  Also this last week…. Blond dog hairs back in the trunk….. and of course  I still don’t own a dog…. 
Who what the  hell???? Again… this entire criminals scam happened with the  Mercedes until  it was soo broken after putting $5000dollar in for a  new transmission…. It was towed to my house… and has been in  my garage ever since….  When I first had the Durango… did they do this as well… it was a leased car… and  I never really noticed anything… but that doesn’t mean  it wasn’t happening as far back as 2002-2003….. when meeting a bunch of criminals ruined my life….  And way back then I drove all ore .. gogin back and forth to palm beach to  visit my sisters… and now that I come to think of it… the controlling and criminsl freak who wanted to make sure I had my cell phon eon whenever I was in my car so he could know wher ei was a t alltimes… ( of cours I stupidly thought it was because he wanted to make sur e he could call me… not keep track of me.. but maybe it wasn’t about me… at all… who knows if this scummm was susing my car… for what criminal activities… I kwn I had a flat trire … andnot just normal  car problmes….  And even this guy ali wheo wanted to plug sotehing into  the fron t of my car  to check everythgn on the computer…. Or something…. aieen  peole wnatign to plug into ufiffrea fit.. well as … these people  steal cars… tehn jumk them  and take good parts.. or what?      

Tuesday February 21st 2012 @ 1:09pm ( email to comcast rep for the strand )


Dear Mr.  Landon Demery,                                               February 21, 2012 @ 11:26am 
I am have been a resident and condo owner since 1999 in Cypress Cove.   I have internet service with Comcast and have requested that a separate cable line be established  so that my security system will remain secure.  When the gentleman came to my home, he  wasn’t capable of doing  the cable rewiring and told me that John camble    would call me within the next 24 hours to be able to set up an apt.  the the cable line, but I never heard from  a John Gamble.
 I also wanted to get xfinity security installed in my condo ( 5632 whisperwood blvd. #1601) when I tried to call and request  that I have it installed I was told over the phone, that my condo was listed as an apartment and they couldn’t install the new xfinity  security.  Can you help to clear this up? … can’t i get the  xfinity   security in my condo? I want to be able to get the xfinity security for my own safety and my  condo. 
 Also when i went to get the adapters for my televisions, Comcast said I needed to set up my own account.  They said they couldn’t find anything under The Strand and that  there was this outstanding bill from 2006 and made me pay $300.00 for getting the free boxes so I could watch my televisions and all the regular television channels.   I was /am the victim of identity theft and have had multiple false accounts  I have had to clear up… I believe this was another example of a false account.   Is there a way to find out about comcast services  as far back as 2006?  Is there any way to get my money  back that I was told I needed to pay in order to  get comcast services and to get my free boxes and restart internet services.
 I went on line to see my account and under my name or log in.. there was no account.   I went last week to try to clear up  this situation and waited a long time in the waiting room before i had to leave without having any assistance.  
Since you are in charge of the comcast accounts for  the strand i am hoping you will be able to assist me in these matters. Please feel free to contact me via email:,,
If you try to call my phone at this present time is through magic jack and  I do not have messages set up for the account so it is only a viable way to contact me  when i have  the magic jack  plugged in and my computer turned on.  
Thank you for your kind attention to this email.
Mary Jean Ziska                 

Mary Jean Ziska