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May 10th 2016 post to all friends go fund me help!

Dear Friends, I ( Mary Jean Ziska) am writing to you today to ask for your help! You have no idea how embarrassing this is, I really considered myself a fairly independent person capable of taking care of everything all on my own. Well, I have hit a road block where I am stuck and perhaps you might have a suggestion or a means to help and so I am coming to my friends to humbly ask for your help. I created a GO FUND ME account ( . I created this account to help me hire and retain legal services in order to stop and rectify all the problems created by some really evil people! I planned on taking the situations I had to endure to the senators to request a change in laws ( which a bill is being proposed in July 2015) and make sure no one has to go through the hardships created by some really rotten people! To begin with, I have made a bit of progress and closed down the fraudulent bank account (5th 3rd bank ) opened by Marion Gregory (Jan/Feb/March of 2015) based on more lies that I was under 18 years of age… incompetent and incapacitated….but still have not had the funds she stole returned( $1222.66). I have not had any success in removing the fraudulent bankruptcy Marion Gregory/Antoinella Scarpa and Linda Yerger created using my name and social security number July of 2014. They created it as a chapter 13 to protect a 500 thousand mortgage… ( not my mortgage ) and when I contacted the DOJ ( Department of Justice) she harmed my reputation, lied and said I was suicidal…. ( I was not!) she filed paperwork put me through horrid experiences… I was told ( I do not have a copy of what transpired…. Was not involved and in fact purposely went about trying to stop it at any means possible! ) the lawyer linda yerger was fired, and then changed the chapter 13 to a chapter 7….. giving me a personal debt….. when I have/had no personal debt….. I drive my dead aunts Saturn( where 2 of the car doors do not open. And it has already had a recall by GM for the ignition switch problems that killed people!) I have no credit card debt…! Needless to say…. An additional fraudulent bank account at Regions bank and seven or more fraudulent accounts were opened in 2012 and a fraudulent mortgage created in 2012 and attached to a mortgage that was already closed in 2005!….. The group who opened the fraud mortgage took out 65 thousand dollars and got a new car/new appliances and other assorted items …. Needless to say it’s a mess to clear up…. I have been doing all I can do on my own…I created videos on my facebook account and on my blog attached to : and even placed them on to get the word out about these problems and ask for your help…..I am sorry to say I have had no response and no help so I am personally appealing to you today again…. And adding on additional “challenges I am going through…. Unbeknownst to me, since about 2012 I started these respiratory problems and a heap of other “allergies” that I have learned were caused by a mold /mildew problem …. So I am appealing for any construction help as well… As of Jan 2015 I have been clearing out my condo and wiping down and hopefully clearing off any and all problems….Its been a big project and I thought that I would have all the legal problems worked out so I could get an equity line of credit or even a loan to do the construction work in my condo… but with no contributions to the account… and no financial miracles placed in the palms of my hands I may have to find an alternative solution…. One idea I had was to finish all the renovation /construction work in my condo and see what I can do about renting it out to try to raise the funds for the legal services….I don’t know what to do…. If you can help with legal services….& Any legal contacts… any construction supplies ( tile/ paint/ drywall / appliances etc.) & construction contacts or mold/ mildew removal supplies & mold/ mildew contacts…. Or even any finances that can be placed in the go fund me account…. To be used for all the above and legal services…. That would be GREAT!…. I can try to pay back (slowly with finances or with other options … I am slowly paying my Dad back with food stamp supplies ( ie food) for the paint and help he has provided … and I have adds to sell the 1990 Mercedes 300E for the cost of the transmission that resides in the car…. But I am willing to negotiate.. if it will make you feel more comfortable….) as for right now I am really just grateful for any help you can offer Thanks, take care God Bless… luv Mary Jean Ziska