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November 27th 2010 @3:10pm ( the way to ruin a person’s life)

 So I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit… how can one or some group of people absolutely ruin a person’s life…  to be  calculating, manipulative and definitely criminal… what would they have to do… well, to……

first: pick a victim who is honest, trusting and hadn’t been harmed by any crime so pretty much innocent….and naive  ( well they picked me so that is a check!)

Second:   gain their trust then use all the information to harm them….

third:   make them go through something horrible….  then discredit them by using the horrible incident….against them…

Forth:  isolate them from their support system/ any way of communication…. like phone emails… seeing their friends and family face to face…

Fifth:  ruin their credit or business  and control their finances….

Well i guess when someone has done all of that… they pretty much have control of another person’s life….  they can control what you can do by limiting finances…. or contact with others…or limiting travel…. and can pretty much do just about anything  to that person  and to their life… i got to see this entire procedure first hand…. and let me tell you… its so difficult to get the life you were supposed to have … the one you planned or wanted .. after someone has  done this to you.. they picked you….and not even saying a novena to st Jude ( st of the impossible mind you)….for over a year and now 4 months… telling the police, contacting attorneys.. getting better locks, security, and trying to fix what they destroyed… hasn’t helped!  

November 29th 2010 @2:34pm ( missing clothing/returned clothing)

 So I went into my closet today and to my surprise a sweater i had locked safely away in a suitcase was   hanging on a hanger in my closet… a white sweater with this golfing type argyle in black and white with a pinstripe light blue is patterned on the front… my mom actually had mentioned  one time that she liked it instead of the cream dress with the beige sweater she had seem me wear so often.  Since yesterday was Sunday, i did leave the house to go to church and also went to get a dvd from blockbuster.. probably a total of 2 hours out from my home…

I just wonder who would have the nerve.. and criminal expertise to have such a short time and yet go  into my home… and into my locked closet… what balls…. what nerve and what a criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 this is just one experience of many and many….  that has been happening since 2003 when Gerard first got a set of my keys… maybe it even happened before that but that is when i first started noticing…. just like today… unless you spend your entire life categorizing and going though all your possessions you may miss a sweater here or a blouse there .. some jewelry you don’t wear all the time.. or even  shoes you don’t wear all that often.. i mean you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time right?  but what a devious and calculating and criminal mind.. to intentionally think of when someone was not at home…to consider what someone might not miss… how absolutely sickening….. and so diabolical…. 

I remember going to a decorating class being held at the waterside shops.. at pottery barn and a woman waling in mentioned that she liked my pants… ( they had been my sisters and she gave them to me as a gift…. ) they are bright ( not exactly Lilly Pulitzer bright… but large pattern and very unique… anyway… when she said she had seen those pants before ..  said thank you told her they had been a gift… but later i was a bit worried… what if some of these girls who “borrow without asking” or steal my clothing what the heck are they doing in my clothing?…

Another instance… have you ever bought or slept in a really large button down shirt? In winter time i had a few shirts that i had ( a few from old boyfriends) but some i bought that were great and over sized to sleep in… i know this one button down in particular… it was  ( purple) i bought it as  an XXlarge…. somehow it became a small and i can’t wear it the way i wanted to….

last year when it was cold….  i remember looking for these great winter shirts… i had a kelly green flannel and a royal blue flannel and this great red flannel blouse that we had gotten from Neiman Marcus.. i had them from college… since it never really gets that cold here i only got to wear them a few times a year… .  these weren’t  tacky flannel…. shirts but nice blouses.. they just happened to be made of a warmer material…. well… those never “turned back up”…. after being “borrowed without  permission”  or stolen… along with a few cute skirts … and i know  when i moved in and had all my clothing put away… i had three closets full of clothes….  now i have basically one that I  keep locked…

What a shame what a few criminals can do to a person’s life…. i bought items… because i liked them… i liked how they fit me…  i worked for the money to buy them… if i had wanted to give them away i would have… if i had wanted to buy a stranger a gift.. i would have…..  but did not chose to have them stolen… did not choose to   have a stranger wear them…. did not choose to be a victim of a criminal who not only likes to mess with  people’s lives… but must like to ruin their lives as well…… how selfish…. how rotten… how evil and so self serving….

Even worse… i was punished for telling people that this was happening…  the validity of my reporting these crimes was questioned… my life was discredited….and so because i was discredited.. i guess these criminals  believe they can  keep doing what they have been doing… and they believe because they have not been caught or punished that they can  still get away with breaking laws… like breaking and entering… stealing  God  only knows what else….




November 27th 2010@4:37pm( emails to priest concerning damaging emails about me sent to church)

 Today is November 27th but the email  i will transpose is from October 22nd 2010.  ( as of today i still have not had an appointment set to see Father John concerning the emails. I did speak with the church secretary who passed along my message to Natalie and who actually thought she may have know someone who may  have been interested in buying my Mercedes! )

Here is the email I sent on October 22nd 2010:

Dear Natalie,                     October 22nd 2010

I would like to set up an appointment with the Reverend John J. Ludden as soon as possible.  I am available to have an appointment at his earliest convenience either  morning, afternoon or evening would be fine.  Please email me ( Mary Jean Ziska – ) with any time that will be available for this meeting. 

I have recently been made aware that many damaging and defaming emails were sent out starting in 2003.  These emails were sent to both defame my character and damage my reputation in the community and in my personal and professional life.  One was sent to Father Ludden in 2007.

I am in the process of trying to slowly rectify all the damage that has been done to my life by finding out the person’s responsible.  God Willing,  I  plan to take them to court so they will never be able to do such criminal and civil injustices to another individual again.

I need to meet with him to verify the receipt of the email.  Document his response to the email as to its believability and damaging content.  I need to prove the extensive damage and emotional distress such a document can inflict in an individual’s life.  I need to verify that the believability and authority these documents /emails contained changed his opinion of knowledge of me as a catholic member of the Naples community and attending member of St. John’s catholic church.  All this is needed to assist in proving a case of cyber bulling and defamation of character law suit.  Theses certain individuals intentionally and systematically went  about criminally destroying my life, my reputation which then harmed my friendships and other relationships.  At the present moment an attempt to ruin yet a third business in is effect.

As a side note, if there is still time, I would like to speak with Father John concerning a novena to St. Jude i have been saying for one year and two months… faithfully everyday … for protection from all the  harm and damages  of these people and for a huge financial miracle.  Due to the infliction of all the damages caused by these very manipulative and harmful persons in this community my life has been nothing like the life i wanted, worked towards, and planed for.  I did nothing wrong, there was nothing wrong with me.. and I want compensation for the loss of my life.. including  the fulfillment of all my hopes, dreams and affirmations.  These should have been possible without the intentional criminal and civil crimes such as the defaming emails and multiple crimes perpetrated against me and my family.

I have a few questions concerning this novena as my particular intention is for protection  from further harm, rectifying all the damage that has already been done and for a huge financial  miracle that would enable me to financially protect myself from further harm and protect  my family from harm as well.

 I pray for blessings and protection for those who are responsible for assisting me in trying to stop all  the civil and criminal crimes from continuing to be committed.  I intend to prosecute and gain damages to compensate for the harm already inflicted upon myself and my family
Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,
Mary Jean Ziska . 

 adn ,  ,

November 27th 2010@2:54pm( recent credit report problems)

 So the most recent credit  report that i pulled was the free credit report you can do on line… ( 4/14/2010) I dint really look closely at it until today and i am totally shocked and totally baffled!
shocking and wrong information!

on this credit report  there are a few problems:
law offices of Mitchell N Kay PC
7 Penn PLZ
New York NY 10001
(888)  744-3431
for an account 456197794
address identification # 0523368486
original creditor”
T-mobil formerly voice stream

Date opened: 12/2009
reporting since 03/2010
credit amount of $728.00  ( recent balance as of 03/2010)

In 2009I  had metro PCS as my phone company and before that it was Sprint.
I put in a call to the law offices in hopes that on Monday i will be able to reach them and find out what this is all about.


November 27th 2010 ( additional ordered products/(product never received or ordered)

 Looking back into files today I found another additional letter that was a bill for a product that i never ordered nor ever received. 

the letters requesting me pay for these products are from:  July 2007
 products ordered in Jan. and March 2007. 
 Scholastic Inc.-  beginning reader’s program

Now when i think of it there were all types of issues when i joined a Disney Club
I ordered movies for babysitting and there were a lot of mix ups and times when they tried to have me pay double for the orders.


November 27th 2010 @1:21pm ( emailed police /attorneys and mail center on sunday November 21st 2010)

To whom it may concern,
November 21at 2010 1:45pm
My name is Mary Jean Ziska I reside at ___________________ Naples Florida My email address is : what My contact telephone numbers are supposed to be :  239-287-2294 ( virgin mobile) and 561-594-56921( through MJ)
I have been dealing with a group of con artists /criminals since meeting Gerard Ahler in 2003. The have not only infiltrated and ruined every aspect of the life i had before meeting him including business, relationships but there have been numerous criminal and civil wrongdoings.  I am still attempting to rectify all  of these situations.  I want these criminals to be caught and stopped.

I don’t want anyone else to go through the horrible years that i have had to endure or the actual infliction of pain and suffering not to mention the  emotional stress and bulling but all the items stolen  or ruined,  All the business that have been tampered with, the relationships( that in this entire process of not stopping the criminals) have  been ruined.  These people are a detrimental to society, and to the Naples community.Without stopping them they will continue to be criminals and continue to harm other people.  I did not ask to be involved, did not want my life oar family to be involved, but i find my family, and relationships continually harmed by these people.

I have started to catalog the laws broken, the people involved, and will continue to update and will continue to fill in all the incidents.  Putting all this information  on line  seems to be the only way to let the public /police and attorneys know the truth and to do something about it.  As i mentioned in my blog, on my website.  This is my search for Justice.  my website is: and my blog is

Mary Jean Ziska

Sunday November 21st 2010 @9:01am

 So i am writing on both my blogs this early Sunday morning…  here at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida….
yesterday i was luckily enough to use my staples rewards(remind me later to speak on how i had to   actually redo my staples rewards program… someone had done something  to my account… and i had to be reissued a 20.00 rewards for my recycling of ink cartridges.. can you believe someone would steal $20.00 for a rewards program?) anyway…. to get some items including a 2gb memory card… I was on the phone with the Westlaw reference attorneys and they were so helpful in trying to help me to narrow my search for the proper laws and cases that involved a specific crimes against my life… ( i guess you can say that right? ) 

I just wanted to put down in the blog the proper searches for the identity theft portion of the crimes….

search:identity-theft/s”uniquephysical representation” voice print biometric 
Ben was able to find 70 documents 

search 817.568 identity-theft/p”unique physical representation” voice-print biometric 
Ben was able to find 172 documents
 key cite statute citing ref fl st. 817.568

I wanted to put it in this blog so that it will be published and my notes or the paperwork will not get stolen…. speaking about stolen notes and information….or documents….

I received an additional piece of bully mail…. it was in a red envelope… it did not have a return address was not signed and actually came in the form of a card.. with a really nasty note that had a Cleveland post mark from  October 28th…. i just checked my mail ..( this past week….) . for a while i was getting additional   mail similar to this and other bully letters/cards  each and every time it bothered me, so i stopped checking my mail…. 

 since i have family who still reside in Cleveland and that could possibly send me a card for my b-day or Christmas… i would mistakenly open the cards./letter…. they came with a post mark of Cleveland and it had a profile of a girls face with a pony tail … does anyone know where the post mark might have originated?…. these letters would  come with Jesus stickers on them….. i would mistakenly open them thinking that i had a relative who was sending a nice card or holiday card… but instead would be greeted with a horrible anonymous article that was damaging and mean… and of course i would cry.. then someone would come up with an additional   reason for my crying…. like i was depressed… or bipolar… or manic depressive… NO…NO…. and…..NO……. i was just bullied… and got a horrible piece of mail from some person who was mean!!!!

this last card actually had a note that was not signed.. the person said she had never met me but “had heard”…… something about me…. of course i cried… and was upset for a full day maybe even two…  can you please explain….who in their right mind thinks that they have a right to send bully mail to offend and upset anyone?… this came at the same time  i got that mean  email .. remember the one who was supposed to be from my “aunt Bonnie” ( my aunt Bonnie is not really my aunt just a great friend to my mother who i met when  we moved to Saudi…….i actually babysat her children when i was about 10 years old… its funny because i am only two years older than her eldest daughter… and 4 years older than her son….)

so as you can tell… the babysitting and working with children and caring for peole has been in me for a long time Ha! but honestly i really don’t want to be a nurse… i never really did even though i was in college as a nursing student when i first started the university of Florida…. guess i was always very responsible and i was always the good kid.. the one who didn’t get in trouble… the one who helped out and the one who was pretty nice to everyone…… actually I used to be really nice to everyone … and honest… i was and still am very honest….   

anyway back to the description of the bully mail… it had different handwriting then the other mail i had received( i had actually been keeping the envelopes … remember i wrote about using some DNA  or handwriting analysis…. or some evidence that would prove who was sending them?…….. anyway…. when i went to compare it to the other letters i had received… i had about 5 that i had saved out of about 10 of them… i found them to have “disappeared”… remember when i mentioned  the email that was sent to my priest… tat disappeared when i tried setting up an appointment to clarify the horrible things said.. and clear my reputation….  then  an entire file with all the Florida statutes and documentation and notes had “disappeared from a locked closet…
so now i only have the two letters… one just an envelop… the other i still have the note and contents…
so i have already reported these letters to the post office.. and will also bring attention to the police department of this harassing document…..

What i don’t understand is that someone thinks by stealing the damaging information .. the notes that made me cry…. the bully emails that make me cry …… do they think that I should  then just get over it ?.. that if no one knows about a crime that it is o.k.?… or do they think that as long as there is no evidence that then they can continue to harass, bully, steal?… or is it just plain and simple that they don’t want to get caught.. have to live up to the consequences of their actions… to me that seems more plausible.. 

  But how cowardly….. how pathetic.. to pick on a girl and then think you are a big person if you get away with it .. if you aren’t caught…. 

Can’t someone catch them? can’t someone actually make them ever stop?… i kept saying that these criminals when not stopped will continue to harm .. if not me .then someone else….

I just can never  get over that they have no sense of conscience….  that they will never have any remorse…. i actually spoke with someone on the phone who told me it will be near impossible to prosecute… because it is hard to prove… and then when  i can prove something they go and steal the evidence… its just devastating….  and i have hated every minute of it…. something that i never should have had to go through.. and something i don’t want anyone else to have to go through…. what rotten, rotten people… defiantly not friends or family who would do such things… so i really don’t want them in my life… or ever near my home or my my businesses….

Thursday November 23rd 2010@6:30pm(notes on police call for dec. 22nd 2006)

 December 22nd 2006 walked into my home no lights wee on the key pad and alarm was turned off
(1:20pm called alarm company ticket # 43777832)
they said person will be  out by 5pm

called police
Deputy Dennis Sherridan (badge #:      )   came@ 2:00pm/left by 2:10pm he checked the premises and no one was here nothing was apparently missing He will file report.  I  need to get a copy of report from Police department. 

Spoke with Parker badge # 0992. 

november 23rd 2010 @7:58pm ( ean stein email message trying to contact for payment of loan)

Email sent from Mary Jean ziska to Ean stein
 Fri.  October 13th 2006 12:15pm

( problem with email address:  phone numbers:

561-995-7306 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              561-995-7306      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  561-995-7632 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              561-995-7632      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  /561-995-7671  /561-504-1543  /561-715-2463  /561-852-3477/

Hi Ean, I tried calling the only number I have for you, I tried it twice but there was no answer.  I don’t have any other numbers for Michale Summerville or for the  Atlantic mortgage company.  All the original numbers for them are out of order.
We spoke by accident the other day  and you said that Michael told you he gave me money.  I have not lied about anything and I didn’t receive any money from him or from  you.  I don’t know if he gave it to someone else or if there was some horrible mix up.  I even spoke with the people  over at statewide funding ( a long  time ago ) and they didn’t have any information and you can check with them that I never  received any money.  I would really like to get his whole situation resolved . I know its hard but maybe we can come to some type of agreement and both of us can get the whole matter  resolved 
thank you for your kind attention in this matter,
sincerely mary Jean  ziska

*verbal contract of loan for $2000.00 to be repaid to may jean ziska by Ean stein

revised contract for repayment fo personal loan
identification of parties:
this agreement executed in duplicate with each party receiving an executed original, is made between Mary Jean Ziska   
Effective Date of Agreement:
the effective date of this agreement will be the date when having been executed by both parties copies of the agreement are received signed witnessed and notarized on or by May 2006
Entire agreement: 
This agreement contains the entire agreement fo the parties.  No other agreement statement or promise made on or before the effective date of this agreement will be binding on the parties.  
This is a binding contract between Mary Jean Ziska and Ean Stein.
The conditions of this contract establish a repayment of a personal loan made to Ean Stein from Mary Jean Ziska.  The verbal agreement and subsequent exchange of monies was concluded December 2005 after a refinancing transaction with Atlantic mortgage and subsequent mortgage company, Agis Mortgage.  The loan was made in cash payment to borrower, Ean Sten from lender Mary Jean Ziska the total amount of loan was $2200.00. 
*  The contract is being revised to establish a payment plan which will be enforced by subsequent liens and threat of final judgment if not strictly followed.
*  The initial payment will be in the amount of $500.00 this payment will be made at the conclusion of the signing of this agreement.
*This initial payment of $500.00 is set fr May 12th 2006.
*A payment of $200.00 per month due on the 12th of each month until the entire  balance is paid in full. 
*This payment process is to initiate June 12th 2006.
*All monies will be in the form of United states currency.
Payments will be made in the for of a bank check or cashiers check and made payable to Mary Jean ziska
Witnessed :

Letter to Ean Stein by Marion Gregory
Attempt to get $ back from  Ean Stein 

Date:  January 9 2006
Ean Stein Loan Executive of Atlantic Mortgage Associates LLC
From Marion Gregory ( mother of Marion Gregory)
Subject:  Loan made to Ean Stein by hi s client Mary Jean Ziska

Dear Ean: 
This fax will confirm the loan of $2000.00 that my daughter Mary Jean Ziska made to you in person on Friday January 6th e2006.

As you know I was very much against this transaction for many reasons the most being that  you are a con man and have taken advantage of Mary Jean. 

You have been working on her for weeks and set her up as a con- artist does.  After she closed her refinancing with your company you immediately approached her for a loan which is grossly unethical.  She was advised by the two managers of Bank of America not to wire you the money you pressured her to “borrow” You and your boss tried to convince these bankers to wire $2000.00 into your boss’s checking account. 

When this was aborted by the bankers and me, you still went after her in person when she stopped by your company this past Friday ( January 62006) to get a copy of the credit  rating you pulled.  I was very upset to hear that she gave you this cash in person and you told her not to tell me  about it!

Originally you said you would be paying $2000.00 back to her by January 15th 2006.  I am hereby demanding that you get a certified bank check for $2000.00. payable to Mary Jean Ziska and mail it directly to  Mary Jean Ziska C/o 9202 Vanderbilt drive Naples Florida 34108 so that it is received no later than January 16th 2006.

If this is not done then i will have no choice but to contact y lawyer to take legal action to collect this money and to make sure you are never allowed to do “business” again in the state of Florida.  I will see to it that you lose your license and this transaction will be  reported to the State to the professional Board of Mortgage Companies to the Better Business Bureau and to the regulations board that governs mortgage companies.

I will not allow you to take advantage of my daughter’s vulnerability.  What you have done is against all morals and values and you will pay the consequences for such action.
If this money is not paid back to my daughter than I will send a copy of this fax to Statewide Title who did the closing on her refinancing to the owner of Atlantic Mortgage to the polic
e Department and to whomever else ( mentioned above ) might be interested in prosecuting you.
If you wish to contact me my telephone number is 239-598-1515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-598-1515      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Gregory