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Tuesday May 31st 2011@5:59pm ( very nice email from the police department my request for additional patrol )

I am totally thrilled to see in my email box this email.  I just wrote a blog post about  a few of my  my babysitting supplies/ games  not being left in the right spot… … my mother mentioned that  perhaps i had forgotten that i had taken them out to take with me on babysitting jobs.. I can’t recall that at all… but with the email from the  police knowing that they must have come by… i feel so much more secure! Maybe this time my  mom was right… I’ll just put back everything and pay really close attention to how i have everything organized.. maybe taking a picture with the  date and time might help right?  or maybe that is a bit of an overkill…    
anyway… i am just thrilled that they responded… if any police/sheriff ever read this blog… i really want to thank you!!!! thank you so very much!  sincerely, mary jean ziska   

FW: request for additional patrol for evening of Fri. May 27th 2011 form 4:30pm until 10:30pm
TO: You 1 recipientsCC: 3 recipientsYou 3 MoreShow Details FROM:  Ronny Turi – 2214 CC:  Andrew Prisco – 1931   Jake Walker – 0587   Lee Vangelder – 0434 Message flagged Tuesday, May 31, 2011 1:27 PM

Ms. Ziska,

My name is Ron Turi.  I am a Corporal with the Collier County Sheriff’s Community Policing Unit in North Naples .  I just wanted to follow-up with your e-mail/concern below.  If you are concerned about the possibility of becoming a victim to a crime, I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss various safety measures you can take to minimize your chances of becoming a victim.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office has a Crime Prevention Unit.  If you would like, I can request the Crime Prevention Specialist (Cpl. Lee Vangelder) who is responsible for the North Naples area respond to your home with me.  He has the training and experience to conduct residential surveys.  

You discuss in your e-mail the possibility of purchasing a video surveillance system.  Lee can make various recommendations on how to better secure your home (to include various locks and/or surveillance systems).  Our services are free of charge and can be handled at your convenience.

If you are interested, please give me a call and we can set up a date and time.

Thank you,

Cpl. R. Turi

North Naples Community Policing Unit

(Office) 239-252-9126

(Non-Emergency) 239-252-9300


From: Andrew Prisco – 1931
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2011 8:52 AM
To: Ronny Turi – 2214
Subject: FW: request for additional patrol for evening of Fri. May 27th 2011 form 4:30pm until 10:30pm





From: Stephanie Spell – 1110
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2011 8:18 AM
To: Andrew Prisco – 1931 ; Neal Bohannon – 1761
Subject: FW: request for additional patrol for evening of Fri. May 27th 2011 form 4:30pm until 10:30pm


for your review/action thank you


From: mary jean ziska []
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 7:59 PM
To: sherrif office; sherriff office
Subject: request for additional patrol for evening of Fri. May 27th 2011 form 4:30pm until 10:30pm


To whom it may concern:                     May 14th2011 @4:15pm

My name is Mary Jean Ziska and I reside in the  Strand located in a condo( 5632 whisper wood blvd. #1601 Naples   Florida   34110.)  I have reason to believe that people have entered my home while I am away  working so to prevent that from  happening I am writing  to you today.   


I called in a request for an extra patrol to  go by my house while I am away babysitting. I spoke with an officer before who mentioned that I can put in a request via email and I will try to go by and also do this in person  tomorrow if I have time.    I hope to eventually be able to put in a security system that has video surveillance  that can be remotely accessed  via the internet   and hopefully  that will alleviate most of my worries and fears concerning the intruders who have been in my home in the past.      If during the times I am not at home and you find anyone in  my home, Please make sure to arrest them as I have not given permission for anyone to be in my home while I am away working.    


I will not be in  my home :

May 27th from 4:30pm until 10:30pm   

If there are any additional days and times i will email you to let  you know…  

Thank you for your kind attention to this email.

Mary Jean Ziska
A Tender Loving Care Service
Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

Reply to:  Ronny Turi – 2214 All
Reply to Ronny Turi – 2214 Send

Tuesday May 31st 2011 @ 4:04pm ( think someone was possibly in my house playing with children while i was out babysitting again)

 so i did have 2 days where i was allowed to babysit.. i ay allowed since the people answering the phones fo rmy mother’s business.. a tender loving care service  are alwys the poeple incharge if mymother’s business. and incharge of handing out  jobs… i had called mymother’s home and cell many times and she was always going out on this last minute job….  so there were plenty of  calls coming in.. had alwys been calls coming in.. and  i’m guessing will always be calls coming in for business…  but as i mentioned .. it is whoever answers her phone who seems to be incharge of the busness calls.. and actually of manipulating mnay lives in the process…

so igot to babysit in bonita at teh trianon… on: fri. the 27th form 4:30 unitl apox 10:30 i think I actully stayed until 11pm… and again on sunday from 4:30pm unilt 9:30pm…. .

of course the rwas yesterday memoriaal day… and my momcame over… ( no going  out for the real mary jean ziska… not when allteh boys and girls are in townHA!>>>>   and so today.. was basically clean up day.. and reorganizing the bbystitng supplies… and i realized that on mytop shelf.. manyof the toys/games had been put back oin th ewrong place.. and probably had been played with… strange right?   i know the mom who was here  talked under her breath and mentioned kim….??? there was this girl kim…. tand today wheen skyping… someone was tryng to say my eyes were really blue.. when they are blueish.. and maybe a bit green but not remarkably  blue… ( really odd comment right?  )  but it was when the skype the skype was frozen and her voce didnt match her words….. 

i mentionedthat before when i had been talkngto  scott i could have sworn tht the conversations were not  in real time but seemed to be taped….  which means they are probably taping my responses..or at lest teh video of myrespnses.. god only knows what they ould possibly be saying  when  its not me doing the speaking… sheesh.. 

the point i was trying to make… about being  speaking eith mymom.. and the mixups… regina.. actually thought i had moved into a new place…. or maybe it was she that had moved…. but she mentioned  that I was goign to be traveling through europe this summer…  which i mentioned to mysister inan email..that i really wanted us to do together.. but never heard back form her.. wonder if one of the imposters got her to pay for a triop to europe? or for new items for a new place to love?  i know inmymother’s house i sw some new  pillows form bed bath and beyond… and once the women wer running  aorund getting all kinds of items  or a girl the boys had decide to put up in a new place… and so i was able to get a few new pilows… but actually it ended up beign only by defult… as i gues when they mess up the phone communication.. happends.. i get left overs.. or a manipulated life… dependig on what stories they want me to know…. pretty rotten of these women and girls.. but then they only thnk of themselves and of ther own needs and wants.. and they dont reallycare how they get what they want…… even if it breaks the law… 

so  ina conversation… the name kim was mentioned…  mymother doenst know any km unless she is speaking of the kim who was from palm beach… a feind of my sister’s maura…  or posibly.. i was once told that  there was a karen , kim and katy…. UGG. coudl you imagine three of the  tresspassing  bully scum??? 

so today i am tryingot peice together the  babysitting out of the way … the chldrens’games that were put back in the  wrong order…   and the mention on skype..  with the additon of the wierdness of teh chldren i seem to babysit for look nothing like their parents.. but what is really even more strange… some of the children look so much like other groups i babysat for and the parents of those other groups…. is seems way too compicate too mess up lives and stories of who people are…  and what family they really belong to..  and then i wonder why bother to go to so much trouble to conceal identies of chidren… of family names.. and of locations for sitting…  

to make matter even more complcated.. i mentioned that the  perosn i was speaking to on the  phone the other day.. evening really   and even on memorial day was desperatly trying to make me a person with  a history that only included  the few years we lived in brandon  florida.( which i was only 6 mohts old until 4 years old… not much of a life there…. )   for a while anyway.. then igot to speak with  manuria … so i guess i was allowed  to have my life in saudi. that was 10 and a half years… . from 7 until 17… eith a few years of boradign school in  there…. but these people are hell bent on making my famly appear to be less than they are.. or even to diminsh any of the great places we have traveled.. or any of the acomplishements …. and i have no logicle explanation…except there are some really petty and small minded people out there … or maybe it si to hae me belong to someother family so they can steal teh blessings  form my  real famly… like they  have been stealing b-day presents.. and christmas presents.. and even blessings in inheritances concerning personal items….   for years… ( ie i dont have in my possession my own baby blanket…. and soeone stoel those pictures… of sorority date functions.. and even the pictures of me backpacking in europe… ) 

so is someoen was in myhome again.. and with kds.. and playing games.. i am wondering if someone is again pretending  my home is their home… and  god only knows what could possibly come out of this new lie…      

i am  also wondering if everyone lives/ and works on a schedule… so different people are on the phones at different times.. or different   people are on different  phone lines… because they have differnt stories at times… its just all weird i just don’t  want them messing with my life any more than they have already ruined it….    

Monday may 30th 2011@12:48am( destroying a person’s history… does that equal destroyng a person’s present and future?)

 so I pose a question this evening or actually morning…  i finished babysitting.. and silly me.. my cable was out in my neighborhood for a day.. but since i spent a day at my mom’s house.. i actually thought it may have been out for two days.. and just  found out that it is now back on.. Great!   Now i can actually catch up on this blog.. and on trying to do more research on the spoof card… or programs  for voice recognition… 

but right now.. i wanted to put down that on Sunday  I had a great day with my mom… we spent most of the day visiting.. and watching movies at her home… just  nice to have have a mom back as a friend… but today on the  phone … an entirely different situation… 
 a letter being written about my mother’s last 30 years… really didn’t sound at like … first calling form the  guard gate.. i had a mom  who told me she wanted me to go with her to cosco.. to buy her  things…. ??? what ?? my mom has never asked me for money….i mean my real  mom  never asked me for money and didn’t want to go somewhere if i wouldn’t  buy her something???? then another call was a mean person calling me crazy… because she or he didn’t understand  the research on biometric recognition of  people over the phone.. or how these idiots have ruined my life… another person  wrote a letter that only sounded like my mother’s writing and her eloquent way  of making life here in Naples.. or travels… or even minimal events sound spectacular.. and wonderful… my mother’s  letter from  Saudi where she described in detail all the events of our first year in Saudi…  is was amazing.. so wonderful…. i put  it in my blog…    

but back to the question about someone  altering your history.. any of millions of stories.. or events.. even of the current situation …. will it destroy your life? YES is the correct answer…  

take for example.. in this so called was mentioned that my mom would want to stay in her current house… even if she won the lottery… but in fact i know for a  fact.. the love she had for the  beach… for living  in Saudi right on the persian gulf… she LOVED IT…. would walk on the beach every day…   in fact the love for the beach.. was one of the reason’s that she and my dad bought the condo  on the  beach..  and she always said she wanted to move back to the beach… in fact i put it as my affirmation.. that  i wanted to buy her a condo in either the Remington… at bay colony or the Trieste… in bay colony.. in fact we had talked about the location.. the proximity to the ritz… and how nice it is… 

My parents haven’t  changed that much family hasn’t changed that much but  so many people  keep screwing up  the story of my life.. and  really these little whores who  like to ruin lives and reputations…with semi truths about families.. and about my family i guess to make their own family look great.???? how selfish and so petty and small minded… i mean.. i guess they are not friends.. which brings me to the point i should  mention…that on the phone this evening… i was also told that the person on the phone was my mother.. not my friend??? my mother was one of my friends.. so were my sisters….  and also the girls had to get off the phone… maybe one of the whore to doors.. who needed to get back to her boys…. or to tonight’s services…. she also began to sing.. the best is yet to come.. before  hanging up the phone… these weird phone conversations…  8 years of this crap…  it just  reminds me  of all the bullies.. of my crying.. of all the suffering and  infliction of emotional distress… totally not necessary… and not warranted and not requested…  the wall street journals were all sold out at my closest publix… so i went to the publix by the vinyards..

 my first thought of course  was that not only are the “boys” back  in town picking  and choosing their month long living and sleeping arrangements.. but also the businesses that they will help to sponsor depending on their perceived intelligence..  and profitability… and then I  was thinking of  what I have learned from all these fakes…

 is they are really great at picking and choosing  a little/small or portion of anything .. they know part of a story… or they know  a portion of a story… but not all the real  details to make it authentic … they mix up histories.. stories.. and can ruin a life by changing everything….  its like playing telephone ( when you were kids…) and a message starts out one way. .. then is soo messed up by the end of the circle… how can you make it right again? 

these stories… you can slant them or spin them anyway you want… i keep speaking to girls ow whoever  on the phone… who seems to want to slant  any of my life stores in the negative…. they want to belittle my life… or life experiences.. to belittle my family.. and how proud I am of my mother my father… and sisters…. its not a friend or  great family  member who would ever do that.. its actually not a great person who would do anything like that.. yes.. I’m sure they are insecure..and of course they have an agenda..   and they are not the type of person i would ever choose to be around… or to choose to have as a friend…  they are not enough of a person to be authentic.. or genuine…. . but not really  genuine enough to be REAL …..  they are not  authentic… not at  all!!!!   and i really wish  people    would  be authentic..honest…and genuine… and be real friends…especially on the phone… i miss chatting on the phone…  to real friends and family…. ones who love you… and like you… shouldnt be too much to ask…..right?


Thursday May 26th 2011@9:24pm ( phone… cell phone to my mothers)

Well i called to tell my mother that i had spoken to my uncle  actually Skype… and  boy.. her cellphone just wasn’t  like  speaking with my mother at all it was like  all the  way back to when  a black SUV used to be in her drive way…  a very scummy and horrible group of girls who lied and cheated and stole from  me and my family… not friends.. not family… and defiantly not good at all… and the young girls  bully girls  were on the phone   with my mother at all…  in a few phone call conversations where i called my mother on her 239-821-5515 number.. this is the horrid and terrible things that were said…

the girl/boy on the phone  wanted to belittle me and to make me in not look  good standing with the police… by saying that:

no one picked on me.. that it was just things said  that” i didn’t want to hear”… 

when i tried to talk about my uncle and the death of my cousin.. and how most mothers would  give up their own lives to prevent  any harm from  occurring to their daughters..

and there are daughters who were kidnapped.. or killed.. or harmed.. and no real great mother would ever harm their daughter.. let along i know that my mother  would ever harm me… let alone try to make   me look bad..or to harm my reputation.. then i mentioned karne kahel.. and the  girl /boy wanted to hang up  .(its always a nice test to see who the hells on the phone… )   hummm I know that my mother or family or friends would never in a million years ever stick up fora whore i mean trespasser who bullied me to tears..  let alone defend defend her and then in the process pick on me…

As i am typing this.. i have the phone off the hook.. actually it was taken off the hook by the rude and young sounding  person and now that i think of it… i remember being bullied by a person who actually called with cellphone caller id  of GREGORY MARION….when my mother’s cell caller id was Marion Gregory…  it was a person  who would be mean to me.. get me upset.. then put the receiver down and  think was funny for me to get upset or cry at the insults and  harmful and brutally  nasty things that were said.. i keep thinking it is a boy with a small you know what.. who only gets off on picking on girls… and he has to bring  girls in to town from different parts of the state.. none would ever be interested in him here… HA!… So that is the big deal for me to be  babysitting in Bonita.. while they’re entertaining… but

I have already told a real live police woman  when and for how long i would be babysitting this past Sunday and i also emailed the police  to alert them and to tell them to arrest anyone in or near my home!

and now that  i have a voice…  and have a voice that i can keep  a record of alt he injustices.. document all the times.. dates… and be bale to track the phones… and phone numbers.. and i can’t wait to put all these criminals in jail…   and take them to court for damages both civilly and criminally… they need to be stopped… and for ever!

 phone calls to : 239-821-5515:  this evening stating at: 

Thursday may 26th 2011@4:45pm ( fbi:mafia takedown philadelphia boss charged)






Mafia Takedown

Mafia Takedown
Philadelphia Boss Charged


Philadelphia Special Agent in Charge George Venizelos
Philadelphia Special Agent in Charge George Venizelos, at podium, announces indictments.

On Monday, a
superseding federal grand jury indictment was announced charging 13
members and associates of the Philadelphia La Cosa Nostra (LCN) family
with racketeering, extortion, loan sharking, illegal gambling, and
witness tampering. 

Eleven of the 13—including the reputed
boss and underboss of the criminal enterprise—were arrested earlier that
day in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Two of the subjects were already
serving time in federal prison for previous convictions but managed to
continue their racketeering activities from behind bars.

Alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi rose
through the ranks of the Philadelphia LCN crime family and took over at
the helm after the 2001 incarceration of previous boss Joseph “Skinny
Joey” Merlino on racketeering charges.

The indictment alleges that for more
than a decade, Ligambi, underboss Joseph Massimino, and the others
conspired to generate money through various crimes
. For example,
they reportedly operated illegal gambling businesses involving sports
bookmaking and electronic gambling devices in places like bars,
restaurants, convenience stories, and coffee shops…and pocketed the
proceeds. Mafia families like the one in Philadelphia often make
millions of dollars and traditionally use gambling proceeds as seed
money for other crimes.

The defendants also offered “loans”—at
exorbitant interest rates—to victims who knew there would be dire
consequences if they failed to repay them within a certain time frame.  

To carry out their crimes, the defendants often used actual or implied threats of violence against their victims.
According to the indictment, some of the defendants used phrases like,
“I’ll put a bullet in your head,” and, “Chop him up,” to threaten
victims who weren’t repaying their loans. The defendants used their
reputation for violence to intimidate and prevent victims and witnesses
from cooperating with law enforcement.

The defendants also actively worked to conceal their illegal operations from law enforcement.
For example, they used coded language over the phone, such as calling
the electronic gambling devices “coffee machines.” They often took “walk
and talks” where they would conduct covert conversations with each
other while walking to and from a particular destination because they
thought they couldn’t be intercepted. They also established companies
that appeared to be legitimate but were actually created to launder
money and conceal the illegal nature of their activities.  

To collect the evidence needed for these
indictments, this long-term investigation included undercover scenarios,
court-authorized electronic surveillances, consensual recordings, and
many hours of physical surveillance.

This particular case was a good example of law enforcement cooperation at its best—the
Philadelphia Police Department, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State
Police, the Criminal Division of the Internal Revenue Service, and the
Department of Labor all worked alongside the Philadelphia FBI, with
additional assistance from the New Jersey Department of Corrections and
the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.  Prosecutors from the
Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Justice’s
Organized Crime and Racketeering Section are assisting the U.S.
Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as well.

This arrest of the reputed leadership of the Philadelphia LCN comes on the heels of the large mafia takedown in New York 
earlier this year. And law enforcement efforts against the LCN, as well
as other types of organized crime—international and domestic—will
continue unabated.

Press release

Thursday May 26th 2011 @ 3:45pm ( wsj article: creating entrepreneural bzz in silcon valley… put into mygingerbreadmanblog) ot

Creating Entrepreneurial Buzz in Silicon Valley

Y Combinator is considered by many as Silicon
Valley’s elite start-up school, offering selected entrepreneurs a
three-month crash course to help them build companies and raise capital.

But about a five-mile drive up El Camino, on the third floor of AOL
Inc.’s offices in Palo Alto, Calif., another start-up accelerator is
emerging as a clubhouse of choice for some talented young entrepreneurs.

Getty Images

SSE Labs is housed in AOL Inc.’s Palo Alto, Calif., office.

Only about a year-and-a-half old, SSE
Labs is drawing the attention of heavy-hitting investors in part because
of its direct ties to Stanford University, nesting ground to Cisco Systems Inc., Google Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc. and other giant Silicon Valley tech companies.

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla,
a founder of Sun Microsystems and a Stanford alumnus, said he signed up
a month and a half ago as one of several investors who serve as
sponsors and advisors. Another venture capitalist, George Zachary, a
partner at Charles River Ventures and known for his early bet in Twitter
Inc., said he spends about two hours a week at SSE Labs as a mentor to
the student entrepreneurs.

“Most entrepreneurs are in their 20s, and they don’t understand a lot
of the issues around company building—learning how to recruit people,
how to create a vision, how to resolve conflict among founders,” said
Mr. Zachary, who wrote the first check to help get SSE Labs started.
“College doesn’t train people how to be leaders.”

That’s the aim of the student-led SSE Labs. While the university has
long served as a launchpad for innovation, it’s lacked the
infrastructure to provide students with all the nuts and bolts needed to
build companies, graduates say.

You’re Either In Or You’re Not

Like Y Combinator and other
popular business accelerators, SSE Labs chooses the brightest founders
from a large batch of applicants to participate in a weeks-long
mentoring program, in this case for the three-month duration of the
fall, spring or summer sessions.

Housing the start-ups thanks to a partnership with AOL, SSE Labs
brings in a host of mentors—venture capitalists, angel investors,
lawyers, serial entrepreneurs—to provide advice, while also offering
customized classes around logistics such as marketing and employment
issues, and providing resources like free web hosting via
Inc. and legal services from law firm Dorsey & Whitney. It also
holds a “Demo Day,” where its member companies pitch to investors.

But SSE Labs is different in a notable way, besides not taking any
equity in the start-ups like Y Combinator does. Operating as a nonprofit
division of the student government’s financial arm, it requires that at
least one founder have been enrolled as a Stanford student within the
last three quarters of the application period, and this founder must own
a significant percentage of the equity.

For that reason, SSE Labs is able to take full advantage of
Stanford’s rich alumni community of entrepreneurs, investors and
executives, ready to help out with not just money, but advice.

Other universities have incubators of sorts. The University of Utah
launched the Foundry a year ago to help students create businesses, and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology runs a well-established, two-month
mentorship program where selected students are paired with experienced
entrepreneurs or venture capitalists to compete for a $100,000 prize.
But, arguably, no school is more entrenched at the cross section of
high-tech and finance than Stanford.

“In Silicon Valley you’re either on the inside or you’re not,” said
Michael Carter, a co-founder of SSE Labs start-up Game Closure, which is
developing a multiplayer game development kit. “This program allows
students to join the in-crowd without having to spend three years
establishing contacts.”

Entrepreneurial Education, Easy Money

Including the current
crop of nine companies about to graduate, 20 start-ups have gone through
the program. Of those, at least six have raised seed capital, including
educational game maker Motion Math, which took part in last year’s
summer session and raised financing from angels including Mitch Kapor,
the founder of Lotus Development Corp.

Another five SSE Labs start-ups are in the midst of raising funding,
including Game Closure. The founders are mum when it comes to their
financing plans or investors, but access to capital isn’t exactly

“We made one request through SSE Labs to get a meeting with a partner
at a venture capital firm, and within a week I was in the office
talking” to the investor, Mr. Carter said. “We’re able to move a lot
faster and get what we need without worrying about it.”

Their timing couldn’t be better. The emergence of SSE Labs is in
lockstep with the latest Web investment boom. That’s not lost on the
investors who serve as sponsors or mentors, who get an inside look at
the program’s young companies.

Mr. Zachary of Charles River Ventures, which has made 57 seed
investments in the past four years, including 42 in the past 18 months,
said he’s already backed two SSE Labs start-ups (he declined to name
them) and is working on closing a third deal. Mr. Khosla hasn’t invested
in any of the companies but said he might if he found the right one.

Stanford Support

But obtaining financing is not the point of
the program, organizers emphasize. “We have touchpoints with every
top-tier venture capital firm,” said Dan Ha, co-founder and managing
director of SSE Labs, who graduated from Stanford in December. “But our
top focus is the development of the entrepreneur.”

When co-founder Cameron Teitelman looked into getting a business
accelerator off the ground a couple of years ago, he talked to 220
former students who are now entrepreneurs to find out what Stanford
needed. The student government, which operates independently of the
university, had just scrapped a venture capital fund it created in 2008
called SSE Ventures that invested directly in student-led start-ups. The
best entrepreneurs were simply going to Sand Hill Road for capital.
What Mr. Teitelman found from their research was that the while the
student entrepreneurs considered Stanford a great educational resource,
there was little support when it came to starting a company.

Paul Graham, who heads Y Combinator, also sat down with
them for a few hours, Mr. Ha said, stressing the community aspect of
start-up accelerators–bringing entrepreneurs together allows them to
feed off each other but also creates an added element of competition.
(Mr. Graham couldn’t immediately be reached to comment.)

So after selling the idea to Stanford’s faculty and administration,
and despite some opposition from other student-led entrepreneurial
groups on campus, Messrs. Ha and Teitelman launched SSE Labs in the
summer of 2010 using money from Stanford Student Enterprises, which
makes about $16 million annually mainly from selling Stanford apparel
and distributing advertising-based coupon books. AOL provides the office
space, and a slew of professionals hold in-house office hours or

In three sessions, SSE Labs has received a total of 190 applications,
and accepted 20 companies. It’s evaluating more than 100 for the
upcoming summer session and is expected to accept as many as 18
companies, said Mr. Ha, who separately is developing his own start-up
with Mr. Khosla’s daughter, Nina, who graduated last year from Stanford
with a degree in product design.

“I wish I had more time for these young groups. Sometimes you get shocked at how much these 20-year-olds know,” Mr. Khosla said.

Write to Scott Austin at

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Thursday May 26th 2011 @3:37pm ( tech. expert. on cnbc.. concerning safety of using phone as wallet)

 email i sent to a company  featured on cnbc today… when discussion of using phone as wallet…  ceo John hering( very cute…) and young… but seemed to know  what he was talking about… hope he answers the email/ request i sent:

 request# 131131 and request# 131150

I want to speak with someone or contact someone who has the information concerning biometric voice recognition soft ware.. in particular, a program  or some way of eliminating the uses of voice changing software programs or spoofcard  … Help… i have had my life destroyed by false and fraudulent people on the phone.  i was able to find a company who will be able to  get any real phone number when the number is blocked but i cant find any  scrubbing/filtering software to combat voice changing abilities… thank you for your attention to this email.   sincerely, mary jean ziska  ( ) 

Thursday May 26th 2011@2:02pm ( westlaw headnote of the day)

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West's Key 78k1392 Pleading
West's Key 78k1395 Particular Causes of Action
West's Key 78k1395(1) k. In General.

78 Civil RightsDoctor
who denied that he suffered from narcissistic personality disorder
could not assert ADA psychiatric impairment claim based on that
disorder, even if that disorder could potentially have prevented him
from admitting that he suffered from it.
Boggi v. Med. Review & Accrediting Council, 2011 WL 666297 (3d Cir. Feb. 23, 2011)

Suggested by Matthew Gilson, West Senior Attorney Editor

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Psychiatry in the Everyday Practice of Law, 4th rev. ed.

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Tuesday May 24th 2011 @12:55pm ( phone… uck…)

  conversations on the phone line for the newest magic jack are  still not what they should be…  my mother was supposed to have had the Comcast cable company check and fix the phone line… today i called her 239-598-1515 and spoke to someone who then wanted to change phones… when i got a call back there was  no caller id on  the phone ……    Hummmmm  of course the person on the phone line had nothing great and wonderful to say about me my family   or even my mother…  supposedly my mother not only has angina ( heart problems.. has circulation problems.. has leg problems… has roseasia.. has possible cancer and can’t breath when she sleeps…   she had phumenia.. and almost died… and has  about everything wrong with her… and likes sweet potatoes..or eats tuna fish….  like the scam artist Don Kensig… my real mom has  none of those things… also my aunts are supposedly  all dying.. and of  course  everyone is broke and making all  the  worst choices possible for their  lives… 

ALL LIES,,,, but then of course the lady was also getting her hair  cut by someone who lives in Carlton lakes.. HUMMMM  lets see.. karen kahel.. the bully from hell… lived or still lives in arlton lakes.. and guess what when i mentioned her name.. the woman on the phone didn’t want  to speak of her…. HUMMMMM let me guess.. probably since the person who is soooo full lies…  is maybe protecting  karen kahel?..and making my family horrible… Oh…. and I forgot the best part.. the  the boy on the phone… the  one who was screwing karen in the pool while i was babysitting her three moth old son …  greyson… ( what a disgusting mother.. at least she didn’t kill her children to be a selfish and horrible criminal.. she just screws her way out of  her crimes…  what a disgusting other and wife that one is… )  but the boy who wants to make sure the trespassing whore is  protected…. the idiot on the phone who was clearly not my mother…. and  whoever wants to make sure they can still keep screwing the whore from ohio state..   also told me that no one would want to date me… that people would run away if they ever read what i wrote in  my blog… oh.. and that i would never be hired… never get to date anyone or ever get be married … and that  i will never have any friends …  What a  horrible  person  let alone  a real mother would ever say anything like that… NOT MY MOTHER>>>>my mother was my biggest fan, she was fin and nice and  loved me… above anything.. she loved me and i knew it everyday…. in every conversation…   Oh.. and i forgot to mention…. am supposed to not say anything… keep my mouth shut when having a conversation… and of course i am not to mention the bulling or trespassing   anyone has done  let alone all the lies .. all the cheating or stealing… and manipulation ….

i got all this when i tried to call my mother to let her know Camelot was on  the television.. we had both loved that musical..  and i thought if i got to speak to her… that she would enjoy it… 

well at least she/he didn’t make me cry… and then go jumping up and down saying winning… like karen kahel did when when bullied me to tears at my front gate…  but then she believes   she is above the law… and able to do anything.. and so far she hasn’t been wrong…  she can break the law and get away with it.. and so far no one has stopped her.. all of you who hep criminals.. you must be sooooo proud of your selves… actually i was of course being sarcastic… how do you live with your selves? 

Monday May 23rd 2011@9:37pm ( sunday phone games..not funny )

So  i have been having problems writing in my blog post for this evening…  I have tried to write.. and it wasn’t  writing.. then tried to post.. and wasn’t posting… so lets see…  Hey  it did it… 

yesterday was a really rotten day… started off alright.. went to  church at st. john’s catholic church… and saw Sean, a friend’s cousin…  he asked if i had gotten to see or speak with Julie…  since the last time i ran into him at church… which i hadn’t… i told him if i  hadn’t gotten any personal emails in forever… so wasn’t sure if my personal emails were getting through… to try to put a message through on the blog post comments for this blog..  so we will see..  I’ve gotten some really odd messages on the posts..  don’t know if its just spam or some messages written to others… i mean messages saying someone is pregnant… ??? of course has nothing to do with any of my blog posts…  but weird i guess i used to get tons of great emails from my family and friends  now its just from businesses…. anyway… 
about the phone games.. were not fun.. waste of gas.. waste of time.. and not fun….     I spoke with my mother  about  going to the movies… i didn’t want to  see brides maids.. looked rally stupid.. so did hangover…  and the one good movie.. the movie with Mathew M. seemed o.k.  but she said that was too late so we compromised on something  borrowed… and the  2:55pm movie… i was still a bit undecided.. since the plans changed so much and i wanted to make sure that i actually had a nice normal mom who actually loved me…. who wanted to spend time with me… to go and spend time with her… and i never can trust that  made plans were always in my  best interest since who knows who the hell is on the phone…. ever since finding out about  spoof cards.. and the voice changing  technology… who knows…

anyway… i was told if i wanted to go .. to go and pick her up at her home at 2:45pm…. so i tried calling  form 2pm onward… and no answer… wierd since she had been answering the phone.. and wasn’t planning on going anywhere… but i went b y her  home.. and no car.. then i went  to the movie theater..and no “mom”.. i even had he woman allow me to go and check inside the movie theater and there was a row of 20 year old girls.. a few random people… but my mother was not there…  so then i started to think.. perhaps those girls where the  people on the  phone… making  up lies.. and plans wasting  my time.. my  gas… my life … were they breaking into my home?.. or just  stealing the babysitting jobs?.. especially for summmer when  there was scarisity of work… for those who hadn’t graduated from college..  or who had the  technology to  use all the  lies and deception… to get something for them selves..  who knows… 

so to test out the  theory.. i called my mother’s cell number from silver spot…  and got a person who was at home depot?????? now my mother first and for most wouldn’t  stand me up at the  movie theater without emailing me or trying to call …   and even though i had no clue who that person might be… we made plans to   go to the 5:00pm movie… so i came home and   then showered.. ate dinner…. or lunch… whatever… and then  went again to see if i had someone show up for the movie..  

so my mom  is /was supposed to have someone from the cable company check the phone cable lines……  is it one of the downstairs renters.. who are manipulating the phones….conversations.. and the lies that are told… or is it someone remotely doing it?… or  are there other options…. this i cant wait to find out…  but  it just reminded me of way back when i would get  panic phone calls telling me my sister needed money… or something horrid had happened to my mom.. this goes all the  way back to   of course Gerard.. and karen  kahel…