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march 17th 2012 @3:31pm … appointment to install secuty notesfrom the beginning

installation that was supposed to be  on march 14th 2012… i found outthat i had to be somewhere on the 14th( which of course got changed …and rearranged  but    when emailing dustin redd…  who was located in jacksonbville flroida…. who awas so nice and helpful and very professional… i thought  everything was gogin to be fine ….. there were two options for appointments.. the 10th and the 14th…. after settign up the apt for teh 14th…. everything  go t changed so i  was only able to  have an availablitity onthe 10th…. again not from  my  home  phone and cable… i received a confirmatin from  as woman whotold me no problem … she was locted in west virgina and so onteh day before i did receive an automated phone confirmation and thought allwas well… nope…..  not at all…. 

onteh morngof the 10th…. it was of course a saturday… i work up earlyu and started movign everything out of the area where i needed an additoanl cable outlet…. so far not one of the  cable guys who have come out ahce been able to  put ina  cable outlet…. or do anything  related to the calbe.. or the security system…. very suprising… well mabe not… 
So as I was saying before, I was at that for 5:00 AM but had everything well underway and in order for the 8 AM appointment at 8 AM no one showed no call at 730 or 745 when people told me they would call an hour or half an hour beforehand to let me know they were on their way. At 930 I called Comcast to find out where is the tech people were cannot reach anyone call back at 945 or 9:35 AM was able to reach Cindy who told me they were on their way at 1010 wins still known it showed up I called back and spoke with:                           who then told me the company by the name of that TS was supposed to be on their way from Sarasota and would show up at 1:00 PM at that point in time I went left my house locked up my house left my house and went to the front guard gate to try to call and see if there is any discrepancy in the phone conversation I was having with varying competent people who were supposed to be representing Comcast received I spoke with one person who then transferred me to another person who then transferred me to another person who then let me speak with one gentleman who told me that if a gentleman by the name of Mike who told me that if no one showed up by one by 2:00 PM to please give them a call back.

To me this is totally an acceptable and not typical of any type of professional company especially one of Comcast who exemplifies service and mentions their desire for excellence in service on their television commercials in their website and throughout all of their information brochures etc. By the end of all the telephone conversations I was in tears my complete date been ruined them once again someone was able to not only manipulate control and execute whatever they desired to have changed my life such as me not having the security system in my home to prevent any more criminal activity and the loss of control of my own life of my own choices of the freedom as an American citizen to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the real representatives of the Fortune 500 company is continuously devastating, frustrating, and absolutely unacceptable.     

I’m trying to decide is it the sharing of information with the people on the phone the people in person or the people online that actually contributes to all the problems. For me it seems very lonely and isolating experience to have someone control the very choices that would allow you the security of having a home protected by security system preventing criminal activity preventing trespassers preventing anyone who has for the past 12 years use my home, my name, my identity, my car, my clothing, stolen jewelry, and without any punishment. I have tried to be private I’ve tried to call and make appointments from other areas, I have tried by myself to do it is whatever is necessary to be… Secure my home my life my identity, my existence but to no avail when it’s one person against a group of criminals there is no way out.

Today was the third attempt to have a security system installed in my home this time I went to the Comcast Naples office where they confirm the appointment but could not tell me the tech people that would be showing up I confirmed online but I made the mistake of telling one person in my home to people on the phone and the security guard at my guard gate that my intention for today was to finally have a security system installed. The misinformation of what was included what the bill should be and where and how the system is installed baffles me. These are some of the misunderstandings I’ve been told that I believe are not truth:

1.  The Comcast tech who will be installing a security system may or may not be in the Comcast uniform, Comcast vehicle, have Comcast ID, and be prepared to actually install the Comcast service.

2. That you may be billed for viewing expenses, Comcast may or may not actually install cameras in the premium package. Comcast may or may not actually honor the items in the premium package featured on the website.

3. When chatting about your password or e-mail accounts set up by Comcast that you may or may not give out tons of information this information does not seem to be encrypted or secured so that you know you’re talking to a rap and have their first name it would be much better to have an ID number a chat box reference number and encrypted way of giving your Social Security number especially if you’ve had identity theft and feel uncomfortable telling a total stranger information such as your birthdate your address or telephone number and your Social Security number which is the information needed to steal identities again.


after thought on the 3rd attempt at insallation of a securty system this is ridiculious…. but i hate crimiansl even more!

march  17th 2012 …. did i mention today that i love the naples sheriff and police department.. and good honest and truthful lawyers and anyone who actually upholds the law… and protefts the innocent..and whoprotects me…. and did imention  today i hate criminals…  well i do… i really hate criminals… 
I hate people who manipulate situations and  who make a mess of jsut regular  normal life….  of regular appointments… and  who prevents me form protecting my life, mypossessions and  who go out of ther way to mess up everything…. and  today… the 2nd complete saturday in this month .. jsut trying to  get a security system put into my home…
started  out fine, i called and spoke with a man while i was  working one day… ( figured if there was anything wrong with my phone or the cable system that i use to use my phone…. that from a differnt address… that …. would  alleviate any type of hacking or  whatever  these same idiots have done for twelve years that has messed up every simple  and normalconversation… any normal and  simple ….appointmetn … or any normal and simple attempt to  do   anything over the phone…. ….. i mean any type of   information… any type of converstiaon  that is supposed to be with a family member or  getr informatin on location of anything.. or like in this case set up an apt for comcast to set up a security system….   not to mention allthe bullies and  teh years i have had to deal with teh abuse that came with all the criminals….. so need i say it again.. i hate criminals……   

march 17th 2012 @ 2:33pm ( email to sears… concerning mess up of installatin of garage door purchased from sears….)

TO whom it may concern:                                  March 8, 2012

I purchased in a sure link garage door opener from Sears a few weeks ago I attempted to have it installed by Sears and had horrible problems trying to schedule an appointment using official Sears technicians that would honor a warranty for the insulation for the parts. The entire process over the phone has been horrific. I attempted to schedule the installation online was able to schedule an appointment however no one was able to reach me via phone or did reach me via phone to confirm the appointment time and the actual installers that would be coming to my house I live in a gated community and needed to actually know the names and ID numbers of the installers that were officially employed by Sears to perform the installation and to represent Sears. I received a confirmation online when I called I spoke with people from Winter Park Florida who actually canceled my appointment wanted my credit card number over the phone and to me he represented some type of criminal element that should not be associated with Sears from the official Sears website I received extremely professional e-mails confirmations and correspondence. The people I also received additional e-mails that did not represent Sears in a positive and professional light. After the horrific time trying to schedule something online I contacted a local company that once again through my phone system was horrific to schedule appointments including three cancellations due to their lack of being licensed bonded and insured. I drove to Sears location and coastland Mall twice to set up an appointment the first time I was there before the store opened was not able to complete the task. The second time I came and was able to actually meet with one person working downstairs who scheduled an appointment I’ve been told continuously the people you employed our subcontract or subcontractors were not in official vehicles with the field official uniforms or official identification I was sent to a website a company from Cape Coral who has no website but does have an ad on Angie’s list from Venice Florida when I went to look at the actual ad the company does not mention their involvement with Sears does not mention the ability to install garage door openers and it did not mention the Naples Collier County area for their service area. The people who were supposed to come out did not call to confirm times names dates as I was told from 6:30 PM till 9:00 PM is the timeframe that the company was to confirm with me the times and dates the main office was closed. To me this is a policy would work better if the company itself did not close at 5 PM therefore not being allowed to actually confirm next day installations. I was able to reach a telephone number for the main Sears installation they gave me an installers name and phone number Angelo I called back when Angela’s number did not work and was told Angelo was no longer the installer it would be a gusto would be the installer my mother received in message from a Brian who is scheduled to install the garage door not a gusto the following morning after much contemplation and much worry concerning who would be actually doing the installation of my garage a gusto Brian ended up showing up the installed the garage door however I was told from one representative associated with the Sears Main website that the Sears representative would test all of the features would make sure the safety precautions were installed and would also be able to help to make sure and let me know the workings of the actual garage door installer gusto wanted was able to install the garage door however at one point in time he did want to see my manual to make sure that he had installed everything correctly when my I told him my manual was filed away and couldn’t he possibly call his supervisor he told me he thought everything was fine he left before testing out the motion detectors he left before testing out the remote and I myself actually set up the sure link process through my computer for the garage door open sensors.  The my garage door sensor was very sensitive and would open at the slightest touch I was relieved to have a working garage door however yesterday upon returning home from work, my garage door would not open after pressing the button 2 to 3 times but eventually opened approximately 2 feet then closed then opened again for only 2 feet wide then closed then after 5 min. of attempts to open again and close again it eventually opened at full capacity and close to full capacity I drove to the front gate of my complex in order to call Sears and have someone come to look at the installation and to make sure that everything was done properly when I called the local so Sears office located at coastland Mall I was told that I was not allowed to have a different contractor come in I was stuck with the Richard solutions the person I spoke with Richard I believe since he said it was his company was trying to tell me I had an electrical problem which was not addressed which is not even addressed by his installer or checked by his installer that he wasn’t planning on rewiring my house I am writing this e-mail today to request a professional new installing company come to my home to address the situation to check the workmanship of a gusto and to validate any situations or problems that have occurred since the installation last week I’ve only had this installed since March 1 and I respectfully submit this e-mail expecting Sears to take a  professional and expedient response to the situation. Thank you for your kind attention to this e-mail


mary jean ziska

5632 Whisperer Wood Blvd. unit 1601

Naples Florida, 34110

march 17th 2012 @ 2:30pm ( fist post to chat with comcast rep concerning 3rd attempt to install a security system )

i have been trying to have a xfinity home security service installed…. allmonth the first apt i had scheduled was for march 10th … waitied form 8am until 2pm called numerous times and not installed then onthe 14th not installed.. now the 17th an dit is 2pm they were supposed to be here from 1-3pm… didnt have a cll to conrfirm… last night… cant find out who willbe coming… as far as the techs names adn  id numbers…. or even a time….  this has been  a horrid experince allround.. i thoguh it wa just getting messed up through my phone.. which is through mycable..  but it is the entire process i8 went into  an office .. called from my guard gate..  allof it has been like dealing with a bucnh of crimiansl or  conartists wheo are fishing for personal information but not helping me to secure my home… i will put all this informatin into a blog and website i have started : i really cant believe that  all of these problems are caused by the real concast…. i have asked for your help.. i have chatted i have called i have gone into  the office… and no one willhelp to get a real security system in my home..  this last …. jsut had a tech peter grandinetti come to my home completely unprepared for installatin today… not ready to put in a cable outlet…  not having any cameras.. nothign is right about anyof this…. 

march 17th background of comcast service failure of installation of security system

user mary jean has entered room

analyst Sheryl has entered room

Sheryl: Hello mary jean, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Sheryl. Please give me one moment to review your information.

mary jean : My Issue: i have an apointmetn for installation of a security system…. today from 1pm -3pm… and a new cable line and cable outlet installed s ofar this appointment has been messed up fo teh 10th for teh 14th and today so far they are late!

Sheryl: I can certainly understand your frustration and I really appreciate the opportunity to make things right.

mary jean : i have no idea if you can… my roomate is not here3 and is a convicted felon and somehow has been ableto stop any installation of any security system… and it has been a horrid wxperience… well the past 12 years have been horrid

mary jean : i never received a confirmation like the 10th… but have talked to peole onthe phone.. and went into an actual office to confirm the apt.

mary jean : i have been lied to about what is included aobut who willbe installing the service and when it will be done….. i need it installed today…. i mean really need it done today

Sheryl: I am sorry to hear that Mary Jean.

mary jean : can you tell me if they are really coming today… and who will be here?

Sheryl: May I know the services to be install today please?

mary jean : and will they really be able to install the real system.. with the camera the key pad adn everything included in the system….

mary jean : the xfinity home securty… system

mary jean : i also need to set up a passcode for my email…. i willbe needing that for watvchign the security system on lineright?

Sheryl: I understand you Mary Jean.

Sheryl: I apologize for the inconvenience I can assure you that the installation will be pursue today.

sat. march 17th 2012 comcast services failed forthe third time.. jsut trying to get a security system… how hard can that be?

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