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Monday February 28th 2011@ 2:49pm (problems with contacting people)

so I have sent out emails and called and never received any reply from  these people:

Andre for creation of apps.. form apple store in waterside shops

Gloria Fletcher from her new  law firm website

FBI for contact and information of how to stop these criminals.

Congressman sterns concerning the abuses that these criminals have inflicted by breaking the law for the phone act.

Monday february 28th 2011 @1:56pm ( problems with today…. sheesh… )

so this morning i woke really early… i mean really early…. about 4am early… tried going back to sleep a few times but by 5:30 i had the television on…. watch morning Joe.. and kept flipping back and for the with channel 37 and channel 40…. msnbc and cnbc….  did see a girl with what looked like a blond wig on… walking in a blue sweatshirt  with a  an older man in a red sweatshirt…. walking really fast on the golf cart path… i only noticed because yesterday i saw the same hair…. but on a different person… walking… and i only noticed this person because it looked like they  had their body padded… like the padding on the mean police officer…. 

remember i told you about the one police officer who  came to my home when i called them after church one Sunday… He claimed to be  the mean police officer (I’ll locate his name and type it in later)…It was the police officer who  didn’t  take  my  call seriously when i had  the package stolen that contained two new credit  cards that were in my name.. and two keys to a contest .. a 300.00 dollar  check.. and the title to my car…

Anyway… the same wig was walking yesterday…. on the “padded” body… but today.. the person’s body was thin…. yes maybe it could have been a different person.. but i saw a girl who was hanging out by a neighbors house  one  day when i was supposed to be going out.. and i didn’t go… just to make sure that she/he didn’t break into my home….  and it was the exact same hair… like a bob and blondish.. but very thick.. and just looked fake… kinda like one of the wigs in karen kahels closet … she had a ton of them in her master closet … I saw them when the door was open to her closet and i was babysitting Greyson… anyway.. 

after getting on the treadmill… and a few exercise…. a shower… and ready to  go after changing  all the locks I drove to the front of the complex only to realize that i dint ave my watch on.. so i drove home and noticed two women on bikes riding int the complex.. by our  condos…   they didn’t stop anywhere.. just drove in and around… of course that made me think of how Karen would  send her little hench man in to do her dirty work… sometimes she would send in a babysitter with  a stroller… who didn’t have access to the complex but would walk in anyway… or she herself would put on her running shoes and run into my complex ….( and this was before  she ever had permission from anyone to be in the complex…or was on a list of any kind…  )  anyway…back to the women on bikes who didn’t stop…. 

This is what is really weird.. When i came back… i parked in the garage.. and locked it… and when i wen tout to go check my bag.. my briefcase…. the garage door was partially up again… it couldn’t go all the way up since i lock it from the inside.. but
someone had used a remote to try to access my garage…  I had called the police one day when i arrived home and the garage door was open…. and the light was on… i even went and tested each and every garage in my complex and no one was on my same wavelength… which is what the police thought at first… and what the garage company had told me may have happened… i even had my garage broken before because people had tried opening my garage when i had it locked from the inside….. and had to pay to have it fixed….  and  to have the the code completely changed…. but obviously… the man who was changing the code .. didn’t change the code at all… Gosh i hope it wasn’t another liar.. or corrupt contractor… again… but  sure doesn’t look good for the honesty of some of the guys i have had to hire to fix what these criminals have broken… or ruined… chalk it up to more damages…
and all this  happened because i saw Mr. Dee at  5pm mass yesterday and told him i would come over to help him with his emails….which i did really briefly… also gave him some scones i got yesterday at the grocery store…. 

So to make a long story even longer… i thought i saw my cousin David Bodnar  in this silver bmw leaving the strand when i was coming back from Mr. Dees….. the last time i saw him and he had come over to my home he wanted me to write some stories… stores about my life.. about all the things that have happened… about my childhood… guess i should let him read the blog entries…. which by the way… someone had already been on the blog entry for  my search for before i ever logged on….  the hyperlink was in purple.. while the was still in blue…. sheesh.. will the “wanna bees” stop at nothing??????
 I am really positive there is no prize for being  mary jean ziska… so why don’t these compulsively destructive identity thieves stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Did i also mention that the last time i called for help from the go daddy helpline…this one lady told  me to change all the pass codes… which i did…. but then said something a bit odd.. about the credit card information i had on  file… one man ( Jeff)  told me that the card had expired… which is because i only used a gift card to open the account… not my normal credit card… because I honestly didn’t want any one else to  steal any more from me especially on line… but when she told me to change the credit card numbers…. one person on the phone said something like… well we still have the other numbers… allowing them to access my accounts… be able to get into  the blog feature… etc…  scary….. is nothing safe??????    


Monday February 21st 2011( problems with website security)

So last night  I was blogging for a while ( a really long while.. i was also making sure i have a hard copy of all my entries)… since this website is mine…. and is my name… because i own the words.. the content and all of it honestly  really  belongs to me.. mary Jean ziska… so any changes that i did not make to any of the blog entries would then be subject to stealing intellectual property…. right?

Anyway… I  actually didn’t really sleep until this morning at about 6am… after the incident when I logged out and couldn’t get back into my account.. and when i requested two emails to be sent to my email address and none were showing up… I totally freaked and stayed  up to make sure i had a hard copy of every entry….

Also when i was trying to change the pictures.. in both websites.. i couldn’t move the actual screen so that i could click on the approve bar…  very weird.. and very frustrating… also i should be able to manipulate any part of the website when in the website designer… I mean i created the original website while babysitting at the Hyatt years ago…. in 2008…. i hope this isn’t another entire situation i will have to monitor or fix… UGGGG anyway..     
I called and spoke with a Go Daddy rep. and it was also suggested to make sure i change everything…. but today while i was working on the website again.. there was a strange moment when i didn’ t even do anything.. and there was a message ( at 5:24pm  that mentioned that i was successfully logged out of my blog… when i wasn’t logging out at all…   

Thursday February 17th 2011 @ 7:27pm Calls to fran bodnar, frank abagnale office and the apple store)

So I tried calling my aunt t Fran Bodnar in Cleveland Ohio this evening
( 6:11:10pm)  to inquire about a bully letter i received supposedly  from  her. It was written in purple pen all in capital letters, it was sent with a post mark of fort Myers  on Feb 3rd. and was in an old realty company letterhead envelope  that my cousin Greg used to own. 

The letter was seething in nature, demeaning and nothing like my aunt Fran would ever write.  Let alone send to her favorite niece.  It was more along the lines of the horrid and abusive bully mail  I had received with the Cleveland postmark.  Or the entire year of nasty emails sent to harass and bully me and ruin my reputation and to isolate me form anyone who may like or me or even love me….very damaging.. very  hurtful and horrid in nature.   

Of course, the only person I know who actually bullied me in person showing her face and making me cry  in my own complex who was from Ohio and went to Ohio state was Karen kahel (see photo of her also on this website) I have checked with my upstairs neighbors who said thy don’t recognize the penmanship of the letters or know who may have sent them.. and there are just one other car a gold infinity with Ohio state plates who lives in my complex that i still need to question to see if they have any idea who may  be responsible… or who may have  sent the horrible and damaging  bully mail  supposedly from  Cleveland… the post mark is of a girl’s profile with a pony tail 9 Does anyone know where  in Ohio that postmark may be from?… 

I don’t know who is continuing to do this… as it has some of the same characteristics but not enough to make it completely similar.. the other letters( approx 10 of them) however,  when I posted that on the internet approx. half of them disappeared.. guess someone might actually be afraid of getting caught..of owning up to being a bully.. or of criminal and civil charges…. they might be afraid they might get  caught… right?) 
Anyway, the letters I received were in script writing.. and looked like it would have been written by an elderly person where as this other letter was viciously executed… and thought out in calculating detail… for the entire aunt Frans visit…. including the entire  phone situation…. starting with the messing up of  plans and with people’s lives  done completely with the same type of manipulation as any of the crimes perpetrated against me or my family….and why?…. not for anything on my behalf… but to execute  some fraud or selfish or criminal gain on the part of the girls and boys who really belong in jail… 

I always think it is over.. that they are gone then this happens… and continues the abuse… and now it is still going on… I’m guessing it may have something to do with probably also had something to do with last nights little  girl leaving the strand in a maroon Mercedes with a black hoodie up over her hair… and basically hiding behind the wheel as I was driving into the strand…in addition to seeing this odd occurrence… I have three new and weird things that happened this past week but I will post them on another post.. this is supposed to be all about the phone……
when speaking with the fraudulent  Aunt Fran.. she couldn’t remember where we lived on the beach…( in a condo  that was next to hers! or what floor we lived on) same with the fake and fraudulent “mother i spoke to who couldn’t remember  the color of the carpet at boarding school  where she helped me decorate the room !This  fraudulent  aunt Fran . was busy stirring something for dinner…. and as in the letter…. made no mention of the nice visit we had.. of the croissants or scones i purchased  for her and my mother at the Ritz the morning  that the plans had gotten all messed up for dinner at the Ritz!…  and the hug and nice visit we had while she was getting ready for her own friend  coming over for dinner…. 

All the horrible phone situations that have occurred by the criminal people who have been manipulating  the phone … from the spoofing… to the actual people on the phone… this is not a game this is my life they have ruined.. these are the relationships I have had my entire life that you have ruined… I  want them caught I want  them in jail.. and I want compensation! 
I want every penny they own.. every condo or home thy own.. every future amount of income they own… I want them to have everything they ever loved taken away from them..with the same amount of mercy they showed me… NONE…..

the other calls i made  this evening… two calls to the apple store at waterside shops to speak with Andre.  I had talked with him concerning an app.. but supposedly he was not there… so Adriane  took the message… usually when this has happened in the past… there goes another potential person and everything gets all messed up but we will see what happens… anyway those calls to :
239-254-4243 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-254-4243      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
239-254-4240 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-254-4240      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Then i called twice to see if I could speak with Mr. Dee. the nice man i had met from  church… the funny thing about calling him.. he  hear me.. just  like when i had been trying to call my aunt Fran the day of making plans for dinner at  the Ritz or for the movie plans.  that is also when i had a caller call me without a caller id… and all the phones were messed up from that point on…. 

So then I tried to call and leave a message with Mr. Frank  Abagnale 
1-800 237-7443 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800 237-7443      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ( at 2/17/2011 6:58:26pm for length of ( 00:17)
 and again at 2/172011 6:59pm:10pm for length of  ( 3:41)

 Even though the office hours on the website said 8am-5pm a woman with a strong southern accent who said her name was Chris answered the phone  and took a message. I told her I was interested in finding out if he( Mr. Abagnale)  might have a clue as to how these criminals were manipulating and conning and stealing…I told her I planned on taking them to court.. I wanted damages.. and I wanted them in jail… she told  me that  he did most  of his work  with the FBI and that if I contact the FBI they would only help me if I had a certain dollar amount in mind…( worth of damages) I reminded her that the FBI actually would most likely follow the law and help people based on the laws that were broken…. right? anyway  will he ever get that message don’t think so…. it was a bit odd.. such a strong southern accent on a  woman answering the phone after hours… in Washington… 

wish i could have been able to write  this blog the entire time documenting all of these horrible occurrences…. and incidents… at be able to have times and dates posted… then i could actually add up all the hours that were wasted and ruined by these criminals… culpable people… would have to pay damages each and every one .. each and every time they broke a law or caused damage to my mine or anyone’s life…   

so this evening the time i will never get back… never        

Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:16pm(email posted to fbi website)

To whom it may concern:                 February 15th 2011

Since 2003, I have been dealing with the aftermath of a man who said his name was Gerard Ahler.  He claimed to be a member of the mafia, and threatened to kill my mother and ruin my life. Since then i have been put through hell.I have dealt with a girl Karen Kahel who has bulled and harassed me and numerous others who have basically destroyed my life.  I created a website and blog to try to document the laws broken, the crimes committed and to try to accurately document any of the assistance I have received in resolving any of the numerous crimes. To date, I am still dealing with nothing being resolved.   Please refer to the website and blog I created to document the worst years of my life. The website is: and please contact me as to what I should do to rectify any of the situations.  I have a few email address to contact me:,,,  
Thank you for your kind attention to this email,
Mary Jean Ziska               

Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:18pm( fbi website)

While on the internet this evening I found the official FBI website.  I once had someone tell me the FBI had an office here in Naples but when looking on the website  they do not have an office. One more lie… to just make me look stupid?.. or test and see how gullible I would be to following directions?… who knows.. whatever the reason… its just   one more lie/ one more con… anyway…

  It would be great to have actual real FBI people who were law abiding persons… with all the resources they have….. to be able to stop all the theft, the bulling..and con-artists…. to  be able to catch any and all the criminals.. and definitely  give me the evidence so I can prosecute for the damages they have inflicted in  my life for the past 7 years! 

 Wow, that would be a dream come true… to have all the horrid people put in jail!…..I found the website googling:   the loss of revenue from retail theft….. and there was an article with information from Frank Abagnale ( Abagnale and Associates) … remember the movie?… “Catch me if you Can” I actually gave the movie to my old roommate Scott Renshaw… I loved that movie… anyway… 

 Here is the website for anyone looking to ever contact the FBI:

Tuesday February 15th 2011@1:15pm ( third invoice for a cosmopolitan magazine i never ordered and have been cancelling!)

so while opening up my mail this afternoon i received yet another invoice from the Hearst Corporation… for a cosmopolitan magazine that I did not order… ever… and thought i already canceled!  so let’s try to cancel this all over again….

I’ll get back onto the website and blog when I have once again completed this…. and see what happens… 
the order is for cosmopolitan dispatch date of 02/03/11 account # 00 8415 6603  third invoice advisory no.  payment is supposed to be due on 03/05/11 and notification officer is G.L. VAlk the Herst corporation is located :

The Hearst Corporation 
Box 6093
Harlan, Iowa 51593 

Here it is:…. so once again I have canceled the subscription to cosmopolitan magazine @ 2:53pm canceled on line!  
no confirmation number for the cancellation but the note along with the cancellation is:
” your subscription will be canceled within the next few days.  You will no longer receive Cosmopolitan magazine however your request may have occurred after the upcoming issue was sent. If this is the case you will not receive anymore issues after the current issue. ” 
I changed the address and it said”  following magazines will be affected by your change of address:
O- the Oprah Magazine ( which i also never myself ordered but did receive for a while years ago as a gift but do not have a subscription now! 
Cosmopolitan ( which i never ordered and should not be receiving)

Tuesday February 15th 2011 @11:52am( note on gerard ahler or mr gerard i jsut remembered)

Even though this was the  worst valentines day…. I  would have to say  the next worst  valentines day i spent with Mr Gerard… or was it really Gerard Aahler…or some other name he his alias…. UCK….. such a
con-artist and scummmm anyway.. I did remember  recently after “his
girls” quizzed me when I got that facial.. and was stupid enough to give
over the keys of my SUV.. and  take off my diamond earrings.. and
diamond cross necklace… that he checked into the Marco Beach Ocean Resort
under the name of Mr. Gerard…. of course i had no idea that meeting
him would ruin my life but I guess I should have guessed something was
seriously wrong when my SUV had a sliced tire on February 15th  (after he had my SUV most of the day before)….  God I hate criminals.. and I hate slime…. who knows
where  my SUV went while it was supposed to be getting detailed…  wait I’d better put this in the website as well…

Oh and get this…maybe there is no connection but the name…. and the
same personality.. and the entire experience…. just too familiar….
maybe it is just  really coincidental… but I had to babysit at the La Playa for a “Mr. Gerard”..starting late in the evening….He had come over
for the night from Fort Lauderdale… with children.. no diapers.. no milk…  no pajamas… I went to the room and the kids were
there… he said his wife was in Chicago and not to call her if there 
was and emergency… and he proceeded to leave me and go to Trulucks to
meet his”friend” luckily I had a ton of supplies in the car…..  not
that it is the same person but how many  last names of Gerard could
there be? At least my lawyer should know about it… what if the Gerard Aahler had stolen the Mr. Gerards info…. or visa- versa…. I can’t
believe I had blocked out  all this…

Anyway… speaking of Gloria.. ( her new website: ) and then thinking of  horrible valentines days….


I want to preface this blog entry with the events: this day started out great… made the cookies and was really excited to bring over a present and cookies to my mom… when i sent her the email inviting her over for dinner that is when i received the first mean email.. then after i received the email i called… so that was the first bully call to 239-598-1515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-598-1515      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. then one more mean email and one two  more mean calls…. so that is when i decided to put this ll in the blog… and emailed Scott Renshaw and called him then also called Cotton Fletcher, Gloria’s husband….. 

I looked back on the emails and i received a really nice email as a valentines day card… and when I last called 239-598-1515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-598-1515      end_of_the_skype_highlighting I spoke with an elderly woman who actually said god bless and  was nice… so whoever  is the bully… ( and i pray that tonight or soon she is face to face with god and his judgment and punishment.. or in jail… whichever happens tonight I don’t care….) but who ever is the bully she or he is not on the phone line all the time… so I’m wondering if the phone card they mentioned in the CSPAN discussion of “the phone act”.…  is it attached to a cell phone that is casually passed around from bully to bully? So these individuals think that bulling someone  is a game or is fun?   They take no responsibility for causing emotional distress.. or for being deviant in nature… and they actually get pleasure from making a girl cry… is this a pass time fo a bunch of ill manned disgusting slime? I wonder if they rape victims in group settings as well.. or do they bully and harass.. manipulate and destroy families and relationships after they lie cheat and steal from others…? I cant wait for them to be in jail! and for their entire life savings be used to pay for the  damages they have caused!  I can’t even think of another worse valentines day in my life!    
call log:  2/14/11:  3:51pm nice email from
call log : 2/14/11:  4:25pm i sent nice email inviting my mother for dinner 
call log: 2/14/11:   don’t have the exact time… i deleted the mean emails… but i received two of them ( i should have kept them.. it just  always upsets me so much and i end up crying…. then my first response is to get rid of the people or the bulling… somehow…and i know its evidence and i should save it for the police)  
call log: 2/14/11:   6:27pm sent email to Scott and Gloria 
call log: 2/14/11:   11:27pm sent email to Gloria Fletchers  law firm ( new email address associated with new website: ( )
I want them in jail soon! I am not going through another year of these bully selfish girls and boys they are criminals and deserve to be in jail! tonight!   

Hi Gloria,                                                                         February 14th 2011

I just called and spoke with cotton, he said you were in Tallahassee and coming home from a case late… so Happy Valentines Day….. thank you sooo much for the  lovely valentines day card. You always remember me.. you have always been so very kind and sweet to me… and as far as perfect mother’s go.. you have always protected and loved me.. and I wanted to thank you for that….
I have been pretty much staying at home… and haven’t been using my magic jack ( an Internet phone connection) which has been very lonely but I haven’t had to deal with many bullies…but last week my aunt came into town and the situation with the phone started all over again… some pretty nasty evil  little girls were trying to say horrid things about my family.. each and every member of my family when I was just  trying to make arrangements to  go to the Ritz for dinner.. or go to see a movie… it was as if every plan was changed or ruined on purpose… can read about it on my website blogs:  needless to say I missed out on dinner at the Ritz. I missed out on seeing the “kings speech” as a movie… and  now I ‘ve missed out on even seeing or giving my mom valentines day cookies for valentines day!
Here are the emails I sent to my mom… the last time I did go by her home was the day we were supposed to go and see the movie… and after a “mean girl” ( who was supposed to be my mother…. )  was on the phone trying to belittle my entire family… saying horrid things about my family….  even something  was wrong with Maura.. can you believe it?… Maura is amazing.. Mattie is amazing… and for real….my mom loves me and is amazing!
 < /div>

 I want these girls and boys who think they can harm lives and families..I want them in jail… I want them to pay for the damages for ruining lives..  I don’t understand who the hell thinks any of this is o.k.? anyway once again I am alone for a holiday and cried my eyes out… rotten.. these girls and boys are rotten and I know in my heart I will never forgive them… and that is why I started    
Supposedly none of my other two cell phone are supposed to be working… however i did receive an email from Virgin Mobil about topping up my service…. (?) both of the phones are still in my name… but who knows what these criminals have done to all of it….but and this new  magic jack is probably just as messed up… or do you think it is just the numbers I am trying to call that are all messed up? I mean the people on the phone may be using the card that cliff sterns mentioned in “the phone act” on CSPAN? Here is my number… or what is supposed to be:  561- 283-7505 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              561- 283-7505      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  Is there a way to tell if or when the spoofing or the caller has been altered using that card?  If you read in my website/blog  I actually saw cliff sterns  on CSPAN discussing  the detriments of caller  and caller id altering. If I come to Gainsville will it be possible to have a meeting with him and tell him about these bullies? I don’t want anyone else to have to go through all that I have been through. If you know of any way I can tell if the phone or phone line has been altered by using the spoofing card they mentioned please let me know. I desperately don’t want  any more of my life ruined….this has been too much….
Here are the emails I sent today:
Dear Gloria and Scott,                                                    February 14th 2011
I just wanted to send you a copy of the email I just  sent to… What this is happening all over again? If you keep up with  my blog  you will see that someone started playing with the phones again when my aunt Fran was supposed to be in town.  I missed having dinner with her at the Ritz.. she waited there.. then a mix up for going to see a movie… I think it may be the same girls from la Playa who are interested in getting all the babysitting jobs for the spring? who knows?.. They are evil and vile girls and boys and they really need to be stopped…I am so over being someones punching bag and the brunt of all the lies… so far they have practically ruined all my holidays..this year… and since my birthday last year…  and are trying to make my family into some messed up family with all these issues and problems.. then also ruining reputations.. and business.. it’s very criminal and  I want it stopped. enough is enough!   I thought just staying at home and not going out they wouldn’t be able to hurt me… but here i am crying on Valentines day… all alone because some little girl wants to  to be mean…. I know I have suffered enough I want to catch them and take them to court! I hope you are having a much better valentines day..luv mary  jean ziska
here are the emails i sent today:      
To whom it may concern:                                     February 14th 2011
Gosh i just got the meanest and most vile email from such a rotten and mean person…  Gosh whoever wrote the email… you are rotten….  whoever sent the last email… . you are definitely not my friend nor my mother…. Wow.. my mother would never send such a horrid email.. especially since she loved valentines day and loved sharing it with me… Where do you get off  lying? do you cheat and steal as well? which is it?.. or just ruining holidays?… Is it that your thing? Is it one of the girls from la playa again? The one who was or wants to screw whatever fake “Scott”  or “Jonathan” or whomever is in town?….The mean little short David or Christoper who steals business?  Is it  the furniture you are stealing? or the business? or just the connections that you need to steal?   whatever….  Do you/bully for valentines day do you  like to make girls cry on holidays?… or does it make you/bully or valentines day…  feel big and powerful to hurt someone?…especially a girl…. a 5 foot 4 inch girl who weighs 125 lbs… Huh? does it make you feel so big and powerful to hu
rt someone and make them cry?  
Are you proud that you are just as rotten as Karen kahel and as rotten as Gerard ahler…or as rotten as that little  dark haired girl ( 7 year old) who even stole money from her sister?….I mean are you this evil by nature?.. or is it a learned skill.?.. like all the other criminal skills you must have mastered this far in life.
 I’m assuming that you(the evil and demented bully who sent the mean emails) like to spread rumors and lies.. that you have never heard of defamation of character or that you can don’t understand and will be liable for all the damage you do with your vicious emails… your bulling and your lies.
I understand you are not a very nice person or one who this reply email will even effect. but one day justice  will prevail and one day you will not get a way with hurting anyone else.
I know that since my mother doesn’t have a lock on her security for her emails which gives plenty of people access to using her Internet connection.. so i know this last email was not from  my mother and I hope and pray that you are never a real mother in real life. Today whoever sent the mean email failed as my mother, as a human being and definitely as anyone I would ever want to associate with ever in my life… are a horrible person and as i mentioned.. you failed as being anything close to being my mother or any-ones normal mother as I’m sure you would surely fail as being a nice and normal mother in a real family.
I am not some stupid actor..or con artist.. or someone playing games with lives… this is my real life.. these are my real relationships you are destroying…. 
Yes I was upset the last time i went to my mother’s  house to make sure my mother was  o.k. I needed to stop any of the scummy people who were playing games with the phones( ie. spoofing and some type of card which switches your voice-…see blog entry on phone act )  which is also illegal……
Whoever thinks this is funny it is not!.. is its damaging and I am going to write about this in my blog ……  I  will still bring by the cookies for my mother… as she would love them and the card and she loves the real and genuine  mary  jean ziska.. that is me… 
My mother was and is wonderful. she Loves me and is proud of me … she knows nothing is wrong with me to warrant any such medications you are talking about… she would never make me cry on valentines day with such a mean and vile email. The visit before when I brought  over  a scone and croissant from the Ritz.. then before that I even  spent time with my mom and Ron.. watching movies.its complicated… which is a movie i brought over…. and we got to discuss stocks… and travel and writing a book….
 You must have me mixed up with someone else.. and i am tired of the con artist games…. and criminals and bulling tactics….  This is 7-8 years of my real and wonderful life that have been ruined … May God know  exactly who is responsible for the emails… .. and may the people responsible have to deal with God’s punishment for your indiscretions.  
 Is Don Kensig and his little actors/con artists still in town? Or is it the handyman’s weird and freakish x girlfriend involved? It is someone who is bent on getting babysitting jobs for the spring break? Whoever it is … a horrible and pathetic parasite…a bug who has to feed off other people’s lives…. seems to be a fitting description!    
Luv mary jean ziska
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This is the first email I sent to my friends  and family

Sent on February 14th 2011 @ 

To Friends and Family,                             &n
bsp;  February 14th 2011

I was up early this morning and made a ton of heart shaped sugar
cookies… then I realized I don’t have anyone to share Valentines Day
with… so I’ll freeze them and save them in the hopes that one day wee
can share a heart or two… maybe if this weather stays great …. we
can also share a cup of tea.. or even hot co co… ( even though I’m
really only into ( white ) chocolate… I’ve developed a real passion
for hot chocolate…Yummy…..HA!… must  be the cold weather right?
But what i can do since everyone seems so far away.. is to wish you a
very wonderful Valentines Day!  I hope all your wishes and dreams come
true.. all the romance and love you desire finds you today.. and that
life today and always fills your heart! May  the true love your friends
and family have for you today be with you now an and always… all my
luv and happy valentines day.. Luv, Mary Jean Ziska
o.k. was it too mushy?  I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you today and always..
Thank you for bringing great joy, love and laughter into my life.. and teaching me the meaning of true friendship and family! 

pss:  you’d better hurry up and make plans to share a cookie or two.. or  I just  may eat them all myself HA!

psss I may have to eat one or ….two… Just to make sure they turned out alright… HA! HA! 
Luv mary jean ziska

From: “” <>
Sent: Mon, February 14, 2011 4:25:34 PM
Subject: Re: Happy Valentines Day! Mom! Want to come over for a valentines day Dinner?…

This message i sent just  to my mom… then sent the email to Scott and to Gloria after all the horrible bully emails and phone calls!
In a message dated 2/14/2011 3:53:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hi Mom,      
February 14th 2011
            Happy Valentines Day!

Hope your having a great Day! I woke up early this morning and  made  some valentines day cookies… I was hoping to bring them by this morning… but the time seemed to just fly by and here it is already 4pm…Do you have any plans for this evening?  I’d love to have some great company if you want to come by for dinner… I can make a nice roasted chicken . or some lamb.. or even if it is chilly..I actually have….. chilli…(HA) or even some spaghetti … your choice…
I was thinking about you yesterday… ( I had some seriously bad cramps.. and while heating my cramps… I watched “Camelot”…( do you still have the record with it… on it? … remember?….  and this great movie called daddy long legs.( with Fred Astair … and the same girl actress from “Gigi”) you would have loved them if you didn’t get to see them… Hope to hear back from you soon…Just pick a time… or If I don’t hear from  you I guess I’ll just  bring by the cookies later… 
Luv Mary Jean Ziska       


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