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Thursday February 07th 2013@ 6:14am Please contacct my family adn friends…. total unjust actions again harming my life! HELP!!!!!!!!

I started this post describing the problem  with most recent corrupt people in my life… starting with having century link  and how they were to install the and some of it disappeared  so I will have to adjust and rewrite it …  so here goes…. I  was to have internet basic installed in my home … a DSL line that   was to  be a cheaper version of  internet…  and  I had started his process in December I gave my mom an envelope to mail to century in k that had the proper documentation and had the  form filled out…   then when I had not heard anything I called  them… as usualthe phone which used to be my best friends… wasn’t   I ha probly 20 pages of documentation  on who ispoke with  what ther id numbers were and when  I spokewith them and  where they were located… what started out as a blessing turned into a huge  huge problem….  So here goes I will need to blog most of the specific details but fo r now lets say from December  15th until  January 15th…. When I had a person named eric murphy show up at my door  I had no idea how horrid  some contractors would be….

So eric showed up to help with the install and told me there was no phone wire  attached to my home.. that the wiring in the outlets were ok just ont attaching to the box outside… and I neededto hire an electrician to do the wiritn g outside… put a phone line in  to my home.. that didn’t make any sense since I had a land linen when I first moved in with   srprint..  so I called to tell the company… they sent out ivan… I thought this jamacian guy was goignt ot be better thanthe bald headed eric who actually looked soo much like this contractor who showed up at Karen kahels house when I was sitting for   greyson… hummmm…. But anywy this is wher  aragance and male tosterone just  went crazy….

I was told that ivan would show up  between 7am and 2:30pm  …. he didnt show up until 7-7:30pm and told me that the peole who make up schedules  didnt know what they were talkign about .. that he made up his own schedule… and that i wasnt to listen to the official century link  telephone line and people who  told me about the swchedule…. he then went on to tell me that instead of installing an official line throughthe main box.. and labled fo rmy home he would need to  drill a hole in my guest bedroom through the wall and   then attach ti  to allthe wires through out the home.. it seemed a littel fishy but  ok… i’m a girl  his story different than the eric  guy’s was… but o.k. so on sat morning they showed up and  ran a phone line  across my  outside of the  condo and drilled into the guest bedroom walll then told me that the wiring wasnt good on teh insdie of the home…. i had talked to a woman calli who  offered a servic eplan for 6.oo  sothat the wirign insid ethe house woudl be covered… but  Ivan told meonce again that i  cannot listen to the people onthe phone  and he would not  do the wiring in the house… he also told me that wires had been vcut  in the attic … where he never went …. as i have it locked….. and  as he was leavign told  me that he had been to my house twice and would never come back again… when i filed a formal complaint iwht saraha…. against both ivan and eric  i was supposeto get a phoen call back form  saraha to reschedule two new techs….  one s that ditn spice a wire  and staple gun it to the out side  of the condo and who didnt  call mye stupid… who didnt show up 7pm wheen they shoudl have been her edureing the day…. and  who didnt listen that i needed to have the line int he master bedroom…. talk about horrid contractors…. wait … i spoke with  ther boss dennis.. or who ever said he was ther boss…. he believed the liars and  was told that he ran a wire through my entre house into  the master bedroom … a lie… they  said they wanted to get into the attic… to fix the  wires… another lie… and then this guy  a tech person.. no the owner of the home.. not a member of my household… not anythign but a tech supervisior….  canceled my service… is what i was told…. WHAT???? can it get any mnore gypsie adn traverler  conartist contractor… as bad ad the idiot  who was a liar about beign an employee of sears… and  teh unmarked van guys…. uggg  definately traveler gypsie scummm conartist conartist…  ???? hummm ivan did throw a fit when i asked to see  his id… his soul was as blck as him uniform…. ugggg…… not professional…  yes i did appologize when the ivan called me stupied and i gto upset…. adn told him i was sorry i wanst born in  a thrid world county fo rhim to boss a awomman around.. or onlya woman nto born with a penis… which made these men sooooooooooooo important……..HA….. i hope the president sends an undercover boss to fire these guys…. what creeps… gosh just think of what they woudl have done if i was an elderly woman…. not only been abusive and lied…. but ..i have them on cacmera.. i can take a picture o fwhat a mess they left….  adn see what there regional superbisor and   the president of century link  thinkgs of ther conduct….  i hope they get fired allof them dennis especially sicne he has no righ to vioate nay civil irghts i have….   i woudl  hate to ever have him in my life ….

phone who made a  schedule telling me that they would  arrive between 7am and 2:30pm…. and instead decided to show up at 7-7:30PM…. and then came back on sat… I be the  president of century link would LOVE to hear about  his employees and  how they treat single women…..   actual they were horrid people  in my house… when what should have been a simple installation of a DSL line  was them not putting in the conduit they said i first needed …. or the wiring into the conduit the at i needed but drilling a hole in my guest bedroom wall and running a wire out side my  condo… and still not So this is  all i can do….. I have  ton of info to put in here
concerning the horrid way century link’s employees ; Eric murray and
Ivan M  were when in my home to set up  the internet basics…. but  who
knows… con-artists…. and more liars and scum….I van actually
called me stupid…. then don’t even get me started with this guy who
they call their boss…. Dennis… what a horrid  horrid man… I hope
they all get fired….  they have no right treating a customer that
way… and the lies they told… totally not professional.. the  Ivan
told me when on fri night he showed up at 7pm that i wasn’t to listen to
the  schedulers on the getting the  inside wiring to work… inside  seems to always be the case… but of course that will have to wait… immediate  action again… must be taken right?… my mom and aunt fran were just in my home last night when they took scott to view some homes at an open house at mediterra…. and surprising  they acted completely different that the  people on the phone…
I got a message voice mail…  with 4 businesses…  when i called to say prayers  late last night and  a panicking mom who was telling me that summer and all these people are praying for me … about my  home….. WHAT??????????  and a fake mom who wanted  pray with me  these prayers that a woman summer wrote.. earlier in the day she wanted me to actually talk to a man tom  who was supposed to be summer’s friend who could help with the mess  that has been made about all HOA dealings and guardianship dealings and all the  mess the identity thieves have made of my life… and just the mess of all of it… 13 years ruined of my life …. someone ot protect my rights….. my wishes and my condo ownership…. Thank God Scott Renshaw has finally arrived….  and has been working on  transferring his residency to Naples from Texas…. 
The last i had of documents from december and january  where when my mom had fed exed him guardianship documents… had gone to the court house when  he returned them and  they had been field in the court house… the HOA people and no one had objected to anything and  I could finally rest a bit knowing i would not have the abusive and negligent and “winking blinking” patrick weber in my life anymore….  infact the last i had heard from Larry Pivach…  was when he emailed me those crazy documents and told me to write up my own guardianship paperwork… i know i know it couldn’t have been a real lawyer  who is married to a judge who would do such a thing… and i  bet it was the same con-artist scum who have gotten a kick out of manipulating me into believing anything they want  mostly their lies…. so they can lie and cheat and steal.. i guess you would  call them con-artist… anyway  they don’t know any laws in  the state of Florida don’t  recognize any statutes …. or procedures… and since  ass hole who sen d documents like that are the con-artist scum… they are not worried about following….. let alone knowing anything about  the law…..  kinda like felony farazis… i call him felony fred and  conartist  casey…. the last two disappointments as far as decent human beings go… but it all goes back to the fat repulsive Brooklyn new york  scum gerard ahler.. adn the bully treaassign karen kahel  and  the criminals from 2003 if not even before…I  was watching a cnbc documentary on identity theft… on how drug addicts in particular steal identity for quick  money….  and  the mail that has been tampered with… the credit cards and all the crap that has been  messed up by a bunch of idenity theves..and conartists…. and idiots onthe phone….. or on line… and no one has stopped them.. PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THEM!

  before any false emails…. I had an email from larry telling me that he was waiting to hear from shana….. and all looked great for scott to be my guardian…. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?????           
first off i have never even met woman summer….. there was a neighbor who’s wife was named summer ….   but susposedly this woman is in her 60’s…. then this man tom fraiser… asked sooo many questions…    then i get these emails?????? on feb 6th it actually said they were sent  16 or 17 hours ago….  when i first received them…..  3 documents from a CATRINA CATALONO?????

never heard of her before either…. …. when  i got a message from a james goetz… and called him back he told me he was put in place by judge murphy…. total conflict of interest to have a lawyer for the guardianship put in place by the HOA people….   In fact Larry my guardianship lawyer wouldn’t advise me on  anything to do with the HOA…. always emailed me that he was to only help with the guardianship… and now the HOA is allowed to  pick a guardian for  me or a lawyer for me?  when i had one already  in the works that I  trusted not to harm me???????  

VERY STINKY JUDGE VINCENT  MURPHY….. hummm wonder if ther isnt a hight=er power who can judge what the  hell he is doing?   It is not my fault that judge krier selected a horrid guardian who did not hing to help me … to fix any of these things…  and by allowing  patrick weber to not only be in charge  and not help he has made even more of a mess of this HOA thing

Is it wierd that these decidsions are being made after patrick weber was fired and  not getting paid by the courts  to not help me? …..or the  fact  that I was also told that patrick weber was friends with judge murphy… and the last time in court(when i did not go because patrick weber threatened to be there and i told larry i  did not want to ever be in a room with  that horrid man again and the witch with the black arm band…. (like the woman who worked at world market.)…  especially after he threatened me…..I was told   they held up court  so that patrick weber  could  arrive and be present…..  after he was FIRED from beign my guardian….  could  arrive and  make sure  i had no one  there to defend me… to help me….   IT STINKS OF CORRUPTION>>>>>>>>  then i get these emails from catrina.. when i had been told that jame’s secretary or paralegal was named kathy….. and i had talked to her ages ago.. and never got these emails….
     Does someone  need to steal my condo  or harm my home ownership that badly????…. i mean the money from the false mortgages.. wasnt enough? the  stealing of my idenity wasnt enough?…. the ruining of my entire life wasnt enough? i remember  that fat pig gerard…. when my sisters were repulsed by him… he  threatened  to harm me and my family…..  is his penis that small that  his entire idenity is tied up in harming  girls?….    what scum these people are…. I still  have to fix  all the  mess they have made… and without any help from the past  guardian patrick weber …. i have been trying to  do it all on my own…. tom said what i need  (other than  a financial miracle…)  are great people who can help to facilitate all that needs to be done to  rectify the  mess a group of conartist and scum have done to my life, my credit and my home ownership…. and i could  use some serious contat with some great government officials  to stop this type of harm for me or anyone else….. like presidential/congressional/senate intervention HA!  WOW wouldn’t that be great!…. having  some amazing men and women who are appointed for good who actually do good and  great  for AMERICA  and the world!…… but seriously…. i really need honest to goodness great  people on my side… real family and friends and people who are  not motivated to harm me….. adn to help turn this mess around! HELP>>>HELP>>>>HELP>>>>>HELP>>>>HELP>>>>HELP>>>>

Thursday January 10th 2013 @ 2:35am horrid paperwork all incorrect from whoever is creating false documents…on behelf of the HOA lawyer group… to harm my property owenership!fhal and

Who the  hell sent the emails with  the false documentation …. it looks like some some took paperwork from 2006 and  falsified … it.. altered it… and then sent it to me as legal documents… 

criminal.. all to try to steal a condo… and threaten my home ownership… 
there are gaps in the actual documents as if someone had deleated information….  there are multiple le errors… from the very first line… and  it reeks of evil…..  
1.  the title of the actual document…  guardianship of the property? there is no guardianship of my property… never has been …..  a guardianship is for the benefit of the ward..  not some bitchy HOA lawyer who wants to bully  and  intimidate and try to  harm my homeownership….. evil….. and not professional… and these papers could not have ever be wrtten by  my  guardianship lawyer… larry P.
I pay my own bills…. so that right cannot be taken away from me…nor- taking over my finances.. that is what those crooks who had someone go into  the social security office tried to do by impersonating someone  …. i was told it was my mom and she said no it was not her… and i was told it was patrick weber… but the office said it was a woman… or girl…. obviouly a conatist…. 
its every line… is WRONG!!!!!!!
I have never  had anyone  incharge of choosing my social sourroundings… What the  hell is going on…. 
HELP!!!!!!!Please HELP! 
documents saying  the court decided i was incompetant since 2006…. ther were additional evaluations done … and the  one doctor… who wanted  what 15000.00 of additiona tests… for teh government to pay for… so i could have a limited guardian to help in the legal defense..  all bullshit! 
i don’t want to say it is a bunch of crooks… but it sure looks like that…. 
and  to recently find that i have a hacker who is altering what emails i get… deleating emails from my sister.. or additional emails i sent to my self…as carbon copies…. hummm some slimy group is going to  a lot of trouble harming my life .. for their greedy pursuits… and  trying to take away my rights…  against the constitution…    pretty evil….  that is all i can think.. really calculated.. and really criminal and really evil…. 
Jan. 9th  I called  judges and lawyers that i  had sent the packages containing  36 documents  
someone keeps telling me different judges.. judge krier.. then judge murphy.. then judge brodie then judge friendman…. 
 judge Brodie should have gotten a copy from the package i sent to judge krier…. ( her office said they forwarded the  package… I had sent a package to judge Brodie and to David Friedman and both packages were returned to me… I don’t know why… and  most recently i cannot find them anywhere in my home i may have t file a police report as i am also missing  the last  cd/dvd  that came with my security  camera system….  just what  i need is a bunch of crooks watching me over the internet to see when they can break  in and enter into my home…  its as bad as when the crooks were  hacking into my  voice mails.. with the spoofed number of my number plus additional numbers …. to get my messages and find out when i was babysitting or   out of my home  so the scummy people could break and enter or use my home for  whatever….  its just  slimy… when someone  harms your  life on purpose… 
HELP!     all i keep thinking to say is HELP…. honest lawyers…  police… hell why not the  FBI or someone who can really take care of these criminals so they will never be able to harm any one ever again.. that they will never be able to harm me… ever again…. i have hated ever minute that i have been put through hell…. and horrid expereinces…  14 years of my life .. of my finances.. of my possibilities all destroyed… why?… greed… slimy criminals and their greed….. unforgivable….  

December 21st 2012 @ 9:54am email to have restraining order against patrick weber

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Re: Did you get my request to process a restraining order
against patrick weber?Monday, December 17, 2012 11:36 AM

From: “Lawrence Pivacek”
<>View contact details

To: “Larry Pivacek” <>

Cc: “mary jean ziska”

Mary jean

Got your call

Scott can fax the document to me or scan and e mail

R mail would be best as the fax is often busy

But whatever he wants is fine!


On Dec 17, 2012, at 9:09 AM, Larry Pivacek <>

Dear Mary Jean

Again, I am sorry but I do not represent you in the
foreclosure matter.

I have a call into my supervisor to see if I can appear in
court for you on Friday on that case.

Also I can not file a restraining order for you.

The court appointed me to represent you only in the
guardianship case.

I can understand why you are asking me if I am still on your
side and my answer is that I have never been on anyone’s side except your side.

But I can only represent you where permitted to do so by the

There is no prohibition on you hiring a lawyer yourself for
the foreclosure or restraining order cases.

I will let you know what I can find out but as it stands
right now I do not represent you in the foreclosure case or the restraining
order case.

I will talk to you soon.

Larry Pivacek


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 8:39 AM, mary jean ziska
<> wrote:

Hi Larry did you get the email to process  a restraining order against Patrick Weber? to
keep a fired guardian away from my life … all areas.. he has no right to be
in a court room when he was already fired! i told you i will not go anywhere
near him….not after he threatened me..and definitely not  now that he has been removed….  where is the protection?I   don’t need to continue to be abused by a
person who was removed and is supposed to be out of my life…. This is
definitely   your area to protect me
against a “fired” guardian…. I am requesting that  you 
speak for me and put in a restraining order against Patrick Weber
immediately….. i don’t want him near me… 
or near any of my cases….. or any of my lawyers…. or guardians….
or family… or anything to do with my life…. I wanted him OUT….. 

I still don’t understand how judge Murphy ( the foreclosure judge
is now branching out to be both  the
foreclosure judge and the guardianship judge….. ?????)

 What happened to
judge krier.. or judge brodie?  Either
judge is the foreclosure judge or the guardianship judge but not both…. and i
saw no change in judges  allowing one
judge to do both jobs… isn’t that a 
conflict in interest?…. especially in light of the fact that I hear
Patrick Weber and  judge Murphy were
Friends… and my mom said that judge Murphy did not start court until  Patrick Weber arrived? When since  i did not have  a guardian in place or a lawyer to represent
me…. in all rights it should have been postponed … and he should have at
least  listened to the  letter i wrote requesting a continuance… (
it was my attempt at a motion for continuance … the same as the paper i asked
you to make sure  judge Murphy  received….. ) Did you make sure he received

I also don’t understand why you are not standing up for my
right to have my choice of limited guardianship?….why doesn’t  the judge already know that ….the hearing
should be stopped  for Fri… I am not
going .. especially if you can not guarantee that Patrick will not be there…
and i am not protected from his threats… and his abuse….  

Are you sure you are on my side?  I don”t have to go and get a new
guardianship lawyer do i? … one who will help me… protect me from
injustice.. and from people not protecting my rights…. 

Please tell the judge that just as in the papers for the
real guardianship judge…either krier… or brodie… that Scott is  working on the  application…and please remind him that it
is a limited guardianship…. only for the protecting me form the HOA lawyer s
and their under handed tricks…. and 
very  unethical behavior….

picking on a ward still declared incompetent … and
bulling.. looks really good after last weeks shooting…. picking on  people who cant or by the court aren’t
allowed to protect/ defend themselves…. 
wonder what  what a higher court
would  say to their actions…   all to steal a condo…..  


Please tell the judge…. what ever judge is supposed to be
in charge…. that it is not right to bully me into trying to give me his
choice of a guardian when i have been telling you my choice.. and we have been  working toward that choice…. 

I am disgusted with all of them…. at Christmas…
unforgivable…  really unforgivable….
someone should take away their rights and see how they feel when they are
bullied… and cannot speak for them selves…  

Thank you for your kind attention to this email

P, S.  you should have
received a copy of the email i sent Scott this morning with the papers… my
mom sent him papers in the mail ( fed ex) for arrival on sat. and  he was going to fill them out and send them
back asap….   I sent him what you sent

P.S.S  Do you
understand the level of anxiety that 
going to far away for too long of a time has been causing me…. i have
left my house  maybe three times since
august…..and  just thinking  of having to go to the court house….
especially after r Patrick threatened 
me… nooooo way,,,,,, that is why i want a lawyer to stand up and speak
for me…. and why i should not have been bullied by the HOA lawyers when i was
not  represented by a guardian or a lawyer….
really big injustice… can you remind the judge of the real laws that are
supposed to protect me… from such injustice….  i cannot call him directly… nor email
him….  and i don’t know if he received
any of my  mail….   Larry I need your help to relay messages
concerning the guardianship status… and stop him from causing any more
injustice….  maybe he doesn’t
realize  how unjust he is being… and
maybe since he he is a foreclosure judge and not a guardianship judge you can
ask him to reread the fl statutes of 744.  
and tell the judge who was in charge of the guardianship krier… or
brodie….. what the hell is going on…..  

Also… there has to be a way that a restraining order can
be filled out if you cannot go to the court house…. do you know how?

again thanks for all your assistance,

Mary jean ziska

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