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SAt. December 17th 2011@11:39pm ( question… if you or yoru dad wer in teh CIA…. would you really tell acquaintences…??

So here is the qustion of theevening… I made dinner for me and someone… and he siad that this girl  he knew.. her dad was in teh CIA….. when i questioned   the reallity / validity.. of what he was saying… he got mad… and was just  horrid… to me…    so here is the question….
If your dad or  relative was in teh CIA… woudl youtell acquantinces… about  it… 

scott renshw.. the only person who is on my side these days… and whotodl me thetruth…. told  me tonight… of course not… you don’t tell  anyone ….. 
so teh perosn i had dinner with.. was a liar.. and either made up the story.. or just lies… adn was mean. called me sick in the head…when he questoned his remarks.. adn  when if soeone did have a relaivtive inteh FBI or CIA… woudl you rally let yoru daughter.. date someone  who had ben injail… liek say a convicted felon…. yep that convicted felon… was what sparked teh sick inteh head comment… sheesh.. IMISS My MOM  AND MY DAD adn MY SISTERS…. ad my GENUINE FRIENDS>>>>>>>> adn my answer… no father is goign to wanqt any daughte to date a guy who has been in jail… let alone someone  who works  in the government…..

hell my father, mother adn sisters woud be sooooooo against it…. but they are normal…. andreally great… tah tis why i miss them soooooooo much…..

Sat. December 17th 2011 @ 10:58pm… more info on the GPS tracking device.. and today’s events.. )

So  where to begin,  i ordered the  GPS trackgn device to prevent my car from beign switched… andtaken for rides while i am out babysiting or out anyhwere….  it has the  capacity to pinpint the exact location..   i mean exact location… even giign longatute dn lat.  markers… it will pin point the address.. the time it has been at that location…  if it is moving  it will give the  milage moved..  the  speed …all sorts of facts… and i ordered one to make sure my vehical stays wher i wanat it to stay. and if it doesnst….stay… tehni can calteh police..ihave a record  of when it moved.. how far it moved… and where it went… alli woudl needto do is let the polie know that infomation and then they can cathc teh  criminals  who thought it was o.k. to  do what ever to me and my possessioan.. who did so to my mercedes until it wascompletelly broken and  is still sitting  in my garage…     these saem criminals.. i shoud say career criminals.. adn  conartists who woue break thigs onmycar.. then  when or if i had family who woudl help to fix things.. then they woeudl break something else… andi honestly dont knwo if anything was relly fixed… nto at teh prices that wer charged…. or ws soemoen elses car fixed instead.. or who knwos.. i dont think like these scum bag criminals.. so i cant tell you who or why.. i jstu  had to deal with  the consequences… and they were never good for me… anyway this little  device seems like it would  be perfect for stopping all of it….   but get this.. i also ordered the video surveliance… also a great product… adn they both came  today….. i was sooo excited.. 

Last night I actually got myemails and had gone online to  check out the log in feature..andto see  if it was workign… strange enough.. it was infact it showed that teh  GPS device was travelingfrom ponpano beach florida…  i also went online to seethe fed ex tracking  route..for pkg: ( 053997215090488) it started in brooklyn.. then new jersey.. then to  orlando then  pompano …then formyers and arrived at my home before 11am… 

 When i got the two packaes.. i really didnt  pay much attention that they looked a bit different… but i put aside the security system..and hurridely opened the  GPS…. it was taped with a clear celephoane.. tape and wheni opened it….    the  packaging wasnt sealed or anytng jsut the cse in a clear plasic baggie and the GPS device  in another clear plastic baggie.. but not oneof those baggies that is sealed.. liek you find from a store  room shipment… jsut oened… and lose…  again.. i didnt pay much attention because i was sooo excited to  get the device…    and  so i  went on line and logged in … and it still said it was at 14percent power… wierd.. usually when you get new products you have to  charge then forever to get them to work thefirst time.. and then i slao noticed that in teh  email  i received it made anotation that i woud be gettign a t-mobil  sim card.. for the device… so i looked of r it andit was alsred in teh device… also very wierd.. not even when i get a phne  did i ahve th simecard alread in teh phoen and activated adn teha phoen already cahrged… hummmm so i wnet online to tractkmy device  thinking ths wilbe fun seeingit at myhouse.. but when I went online… the trackign pased my house.. and went to 566 9 Herron lane naples florida 34110…. a few complexes down…  and it jstu stayed there.. iscan see the satelite view of the home.. andit is not my address… 

so i called teh security company who sent me the device tosee why ther wasnt any security tape on  the package..  theysaid teha the red tape tahat says security seal..andgoes on to say  if this seal is broken….  anyway… the perosn i spoke with  went to check the shipping department adn toldme tha it was supposed to be packed with the red tape….   i freaked… and  then submitted an online police report  …. mail tampering is a felony offense… ( see the other blog posts i  posted today… )  
icalled FEd ex.. spoke aith debra… sheothen put me though to her supervisor in for myers  he said the the laws concernignthe tampering with maildontapply with fed ex… can someoen please help me??????????… is that true.. itcant be true…  tampering with mail.. is tampering with mail…  he did say that if packages get wet soetiems they have to repack the.m ..  so i asked him to look  atteh log… i men fed ex is sooo organized.. and so well maintained.. tha  if soeeon had to repackage my  devce.. there had to be a record of it right?  well no message… no post.. ntohign  inteh records of fed ex sayign tah teh package was repacked…  hummmm
i asked him if any other package was sent to the location  where my  device is   tracking…. or is suposedly now…. he codlnt look it up without  a trackig number..   so …. where teh hell did the mix up start… or was it doen on purpose.. like th idenity thief..or  thief ..who has my neiman marcus towles… or my william sonoma napkins….or  what… was it even more sinsiter… i started worring about th orgin of the GPS… brooklyn new york…  where gerard adn heis family wer supposed to have been from… sheesh.. that is alli need is  some idiot who  said on the pone  he wanted to kill my mohther..and wanted to ruin my life….  knowing my every move… then new jersey…. on the plus side… oen of mysiter’s law school friends Amy W. is a criminal lawyer in new jersey… ( at least that is the last thing i heard…)    but then on the negative side a family who said they were from new jersey…   who lived in  autum woods here in naples.. suposedly they have moved… but when i baysat fo them…  adn i called the police to  watch my home… the jobs got canelled… hummmmm  HELP….. i am jsut trying to protect myself and  my  home and my possessions.. which no one seems to want me to do…..     

Sat. December 17th 2011 @10:54pm ( police online report conernignthe GPS trackign device and the crime of tampering..( federal offense and the exact location of the GPS registered to me!)


  Submit Report 

Review Report 

Please review the report. If all the information is correct, click the Submit button to submit the report. If you need to modify some information, click the desired modify link. This will be your last chance to change information for this report. 

General Information 

Incident Type Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) 

Person Type  Individual 

Reporting Person Information  modify 

Last Name ziska 

First Name mary jean 

Home Address, naples , FL 34110, US 

Home Phone


Employer Name self 

Work Address 

Work Phone 

Race White/ Sex Female


Driver License

Licensing State: FL


Incident Information  modify 

Incident Location  , Naples , FL 34110 

Incident Time (start)  12/17/2011 01:35 PM

Incident Time (end)  12/17/2011 01:35 PM

Location Type Residence – Single

Graffiti Involved? No 

Incident Description  I just purchased the nano 3 gps tracking device from brick house security. I received the package form Fed Ex today without the red security tape on the package and with no packing materials and with the sim card already in the gps device. I went on line last night and used the log in information to see where my nano was. It was on its way from pompano beach Florida via Brooklyn new York. I could see where it was heading and through fed ex i saw that it was to arrive today. When i plugged it in today it said that i am located at 5669 HERRON LANE fLORIDA 34110 LAT: 26.277997 LON:81.744699. I have had my life basically destroyed by identity thieves.. And thieves.. I bought the gps device so my car will be protected.. I also got a video surveillance so my home will be protected! That package came unopened.. And with the brick stone red security tape on it.. and with all the normal packing materials it is a federal offense to tamper with the mail. I want these people caught and i want to prosecute!


Type: Computer/ Equipment

Brand spark nano 3

Model spark nano 3 

Color White

Serial No  

How Many 1

Damaged Value ($) 199.00 

Property Description the spark nano is a GPS tracking device



Sat. December 17th 2011 @ 10:47pm ( somenotes abouteh past few days.)

Some more notes about the past few days….  Like the mother imposter….  who was sticking up for karen kahel.. the bully and trespassing witch…   so this is weird. The person on the phone… wanted me to forgive Karen kahel…. ( of course .. relative or friend  or the witch herself… but we went into why the witch would have more than likely not been on the phone on a fri night… HA! ( see last nights blog… ) &nbsp so these are the other weird points…

  1. The person on the  phone actualy said she “doesn’t  even think of gerard ahler anymore now that he isn’t living with her”  and that is a direct quote… …. WHAT the hell?… my real mom never ever lived with gerard ahler… neither did I or any of my real family… they hated him and his manipulative and criminals ways..  Good God my sisters though he was repulsive! Told me to stay away from him that  he was  a low life thug..was sloppy and gross.. my real sisters and family wanted me to be happy..  believed I soc ldate and may someone amazing…   wanted me to do soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better… in the way of a more  suitable match… someone  who went to  college.. someone who could dress.. had manners was intelligent..  god the list is endless.. of how  horrible he is and how much I would  not want to be with him or anyone like him…. And how  much my family didn’t want me to have anything to do with  him… especially since he was a criminal wanna be.. and  a  lying  slob….  But then I guess he would have been perfect for Karen kahel…HA! Maybe the little girl who stole my sweater is their offspring… that would be fitting… since the  girl on the pone actually lived with him… HA!

  1.  The person on the phone  not only mentioned that she wanted me to forgive the bully …didn’t want to say anything  about Karen kahel….  What a manipulative bitch… maybe it is the  girl in the picture that was  in  Grayson’s baby room… the one with the  dark hair and dark eyes..the one   who probably was related to the  guy she was screwing in the pool maybe? Or  just an evil frind of hers… like I babysat one  time… for a family… the next time I think I sat for a  family who actually might have stolen the original families identity… no sesiously…  they had a p.o. box instead of a great  living residence..  on their checks… the emails  were all compete wrong.. ( written from a very  uneducated person..instead of from a prominent and well educated family… )    the food they ate was not organic.. or even healthy…  so were they just acting like another family… or  did they steal the identity of the family…. Like someone  stole my identity….

  1. Also the person on the  phone.. the one who tells me my family especially my sister Maura doesn’t  love me any more…and won’t help me… but who used my name my situation to scam money from  putting me through hell and though horrid situations… and I think they do it to a a whole lot of people… in fact one person  on the phone said they gave me 45 thousand dollars… 45 thousand dollars?????? I never saw a penny of it …. hi  and I’d better save my money… not spend any money on  Christmas presents… for the people who love me.. or who I love…. No matter if it is even  a small amount…  

  1. The person who uses fear to control… hummmmm     lets see fear, and manipulation… and manipulation… gosh… must be a relative of Karen kahel..or the witch herself. No one does it better than kearn kahel… you know being a monster one of those step monsters form any of the fairy tales.. Snow white. Cinderella.. any of them.. Are the perfect models for this sick demented persona… but then a life time of practicing.. of pretending to be since so she could manipulate

  1. the guys in her life… she must  have really learned  her evil ways.. so very well….( You know practice makes perfect.  Hey I bet she was/is  the  same  witch who threatened   to “turn  off my blog… by cutting off my cable… and the same  group who   cut my cable for a day and then  returned it with less channels.. so I can’t watch CNBC or msnbc… or anything I want.. no law and order on channel  55… no movies on 46 or 49…. No morning joe … on msnbc… no joel osteen on channel  41…   .. or any of the regular shows I love.. wow  pretty  evil right…. So get this.. they also put people in your life to lie to you.. Telling you there is only one option ( usually one that is horrible and will ruin your  life… but they make sure you have no one else you can talk to .. no real friends or advisors who will help you to make great situations. Out of horrid situations… and they continue with all the  lies…  and even the bully cards… and the devastating…  and cruel emails….And you can’t forget all the  horrid  people on the phone… and how carefully and skillfully  steer the conversation into  trying to make you into  whatever horrid character

  1. Like the persona the phone who obviously doesn’t know who the hell I am !…..  so went through the gambit of characters who are supposed to  be me… or to fit into a box… was I the girl who couldn’t sleep?…. Then she can bully me about perhaps being suicidal?…  or tell me that I should “go to bed now”.. that night time is a time for sleep… talking to me as if I was a child… or telling me that I would mess up meeting anyone….  any new guy and  doing pretty much anything to get me upset… 

  1.   ….   But then they have a girl who is trying to be me… I guess… the identity thief… the bitch who stole my life/identity in 2002… I think she even got married… because I was given this book called “the reluctant bride in 2003” …. When I wasn’t dating anyone… at all… but when I met the criminal gerard alher and his family:   Steve and Kristine Mariucci… also when  Kristine told me not to leave my check book out in my condo on my table…. The start of the criminals… and the scum who ruined my life…

  1. I was also told… that not only was someone monitoring my blog… but that whatever I write will hurt me.. and that I am supposed to “keep secrets” and “keep quiet”….. … especially if someone hurts me.. lies to me steals from me…. or makes me cry..or has me go without… and especially not to mention karne kahel…. And  keep  quiet  about what anyone says to me even if it makes me cry…. Especially when it is someone  that they doesn’t  want me to write about… you know because  I guess when I write the truth… I might  ruin their latest scam… I guess…. Then I am definitely not  supposed to  write about it… and  I am to keep  quiet….  So their identity thief can steal my Christmas… and my new years.. and my life for just one  more year…. Since  she is probably just another fake, manipulative….. abusive  little lying  whore l  mean witch just like  Karen kahel…. 

  1. Also  recently  when  I wrote in my blog that I watched   a show..or  even when I commented about a movie  I love… they have to take  it away…. Or ruin what i already have…  or steal what they need… like  did I mention that i am actually missing a cookie tray!… one  I use to  make gingerbread man cookies….  Yes…. And still missing  one ceramic creamer…container…  and still never got back my  sorority date function  pictures… my diamond d earrings.. and pearl earrings.. and  that kakahi cashmere sweater…..

  1. Did I mention the comforters?… now really they were  ruined in the wash.. bleached and I never washed them ….. ever… no one ever  used them… ever….  the things you love .. the take away from  you… isn’t that what people who torture people usually do….. I  mean that is the  purest of evil…. Right?  To manipulate .to threaten.. to take away things…  threaten  to hurt…. … they are really good at torture. And torment… and  psycholological  torture and torment…. Abuse… no brusies..on the  outside… just  ruining ten years of my life… through their sick and twisted methods… gosh I wish someone  would stop  her and her whole  famly and all her friends…and the people she hires to do all her diryt work…. Iwish… by Christmas… someone would put an end to her evil ways… and her evil family’s ways….   Then the new year would  start fresh  without at least with out some evil…in the world and in naples..  adnwho knows maybe the ripple effect ofgetting  rid of evil in florida and ohio…. And wher ever else her tenticles..have  spawned evil…  will bring  about a great and wonderful new year….. one can only hope…

  1. The same  woman on the phone who decided in her  “god complex  ways”… that  she would not allow me to ever meet anyone… not  meet the piano player who  worked with  Michael Bolton… or this guy Brian… or anyone….   
The same woman who threatened that I  am  not  given the freedom of speech that all Americans have but that I should be careful.. and I quote..” be very careful  “ of what I wri

Saturday December 17th 2011 @ 10:44pm ( email sentot bricksone and fed ex.)

i jsut received two packages from fed ex today. Both from bricksonne security.  One package was not in the official red security tape that thecompany said all the packages should be packaged in.  It sia GPS Trackgn device and says i am at a differet location  thatn  myhome when i log into my accouunt. i have already filed an online  police report   as it is a federal offense totamper wtih the  mail coudl you please help me to find out what happendto my device? as i have to pay for service each month and it was bought to prevent any criminal activity.  thanak youfor yoru kind attentionto thisemaili.   

sATURDAY December 17th 2011 @ 10:42pm ( summary of where my gps is… and has stayed… note.. not my address! ) …

Summary More GeoFence Alerts Video Links


171.82 mi  Asset ID: Start: 12/17/2011 2:54:07 AM

Sawgrass Expy, Coconut Creek, FL, United States

Lat:26.304024 | Lon: -80.181256  | Alt: -1 ft


Last: 12/17/2011 11:41:14 AM

5669 Heron Ln, FL, 34110, United States

Lat:26.277997 Lon: -81.744699 | Alt: 11 ft


Duration: 8 hours 47 minutes

 Direction: North

Spd: 0 mph


Sat. December 17th 2011 @10:25PM (laws on mail theft )

Title 18, United States Code, 1701 covers obstruction of mail.…


“Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”



Title 18, United States Code, 1708 covers theft of mail.…


“Whoever steals, takes, or abstracts, or by fraud or deception obtains, or attempts so to obtain, from or out of any mail, post office, or station thereof…”

“Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

2 years ago Report Abuse

sat. december 17th 2011 @ 10:22pm ( found a fiel transfer set up on my computer.. when i had to reboot and know i made sre to not set up a file transfer especially with an address… to send my files )

I just found that I had a file transfer set up on my lap top… when I rebooted two days ago.. and made sure to not have any fiel transfer set up….. can you say hacker and can you say criminals…. I was wondering whey it was takeig so long for mytyping to show up on my screen….  And for everything to be soo slow when I actually  had everything going really really fast… 

Of course I thought I was alone in my house.. and left my cocmpute r unattended and whie I was runin gback and forteh makeidn choc. Chipcookies..and finishing allthe laundry..the  clothes that  seemed to smell like  mildwew.. did I have a cirminals who actual was already in my house… is that hwothe  “boogy man gets to stay here allday… while one boy leaves.. and  I am thinin gtha ti am safe in my own home.. when the criminal is stillin my home…. SHIT!

Also I took off the two  comfortor covers.. I bought to use in my guest room.. they had the same pattern as in that movie … give them something to talk about .. a nice country floral… and they wer new comforters… wheni went ot put them away.. I found that they no longer matched the  origioanls one I had storred away.. they were or are bleached and faded… vompared to the new one.. now lets see… I had no one in theat room… and the curtains wer always drawn… youthink the same bitch who  stoel the two towles.. also decide to update her compforters… ?????

Also today…. This morngn in fact I had somemoen of (no sifnificance….) ….  tellme… like a threat… that  if I used the famn in my bathroom.. is  willbreak… hummm like when I woa stodl that  mycar wouldn’t start.. or  what… one of theos ehorrid predictions.. by a criminal.. whoactualy causes the horrid and devastation g events to occur…. God I hat ecriminals….

Sat. December 17th 2011 @ 10:20pm ( i found out who might be my idenity thief… or atleast someoen whotampers with my mail.. they have my GPS device… can pinpoint exact location…)

I found where the  identity thief lives in my complex! …. She lives at :    5669 Herron lane Florida 34110 In fact t she just stole the tracking  device that I just bought…that was supposed to be delivered today… and I get two packages from  fed ex… a boy with  long sholder length dark hair and  olive skin. With dark sun glasses… and I believe he had a gotee  or some facial hair… he was probably about five foot nine  inches tall…

So when I get  email about  the package… it mentions that a sim card witll be included.. and that  it will have a tracking device.. and the case and  just received the tracking device… so that the criminals won’t be able to steal my car .. and I received two packages… one without the red security tape on it .. taped in clear tape.. with the tracking device and the case in an unsealed plastic  bag.. and athe package   

Saturday December 17th 2011 @ 10:16pm ( mail tampering… howto report)


  1. Online

    • 1

      Navigate to the United States Postal Inspection Service website ( and click “Contact us” followed by “Postage or other mail fraud” in the “Consumer awareness” section.

    • 2

      Click “Tampering” followed by “Mail tampering/vandalism” and complete the Mail Theft form. Provide as much information about your issue as possible, including any information about possible suspects, the contents of the mail and how the mail was delivered.

    • 3

      Click “Submit complaint” to have your complaint electronically delivered to the Postal Inspection Service. Your complaint will be reviewed and you will be contacted if any additional information is needed.

    By Mail

    • 1

      Navigate to the United States Postal Inspection Service website ( and click “Contact us.” Locate the “Consumer awareness” section and click “Postage or other mail fraud.”

    • 2

      Click “Click here to print a Mail Theft Complaint” and the complaint form will appear on the next page. Print and complete the form.

    • 3

      Mail the complaint form to United States Postal Inspection Service; Criminal Investigations Service Center; 222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1250; Chicago, IL 60606-6100. Your complaint form will be reviewed and you will be contacted if any additional information is needed.