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August 1st 2016 fraud bank accounts 2012 regions/and 2015 5th 3rd bank

Hi Its another post from me, Mary Jean Ziska… on July 30th 2016!… You wont believe the past few weeks and the events… No I did not win the lottery… no I didn’t even have any further donations… I mean except the two $5.00 donations from myself and my father… but WOW you wont believe how extensive people will go to cover up their criminal activity and to not be responsible for ruining my life… or even in the least, apologize for the damage… or be accountable in any way shape or form….
So this is the latest… I went into the Naples Social security office…last week met with Luke in booth number 4 to check on the progress of the returned money from the theft Jan./ Feb. March 2015 ( total of $1220.66) stolen from social security and placed into a fraudulent bank account opened at 5th 3rd bank… This felony that occurred… the money that I still have not received…. well, as per the social security department…. “the paperwork disappeared” … May i remind anyone who cares… that March 2015 I received No finances in my bank account… A bank account I have had for years…. because these funds not being deposited… i had to call up accounts and try ask for extensions… I had no money and no food for Easter 2015 and spent the Easter Holiday by myself …… I had to sell my old roomate ( scott Renshaw’ s) bike and a set of old golf clubs given to me by my cousin Gail Bodnar (clubs i never got to use even since 1999)…. Where is the justice for the victim? …. I mean files disappearing to allow a person to commit a felony? !….. Then it gets even worse… I called up REGIONS Bank… the bank where Patrick Weber opened up a joint account in 2012 account # (0178937000) using my social security number and his business address of : 4670 cardinal Way Naples Florida 34112 ! There was $5156.36 deposit when opened 9/27/2012 and it was closed 11/07/2012 with all the funds withdrawn…. I never signed for this account was told of this account and I NEVER received any of these finances…. for ANYTHING…. In 2012, 7 fraudulent accounts were listed on my credit report i had to remove… 2 phone bills with $700.00 a piece… 2 sets of cat in the hat books… and other items leading up to a fraudulent mortgage Ocwen… where $65,000 was taken out to buy a new car/ new appliances /take classes and other items …. Now remember… Needless to say I still drive my aunt Rita’s green Saturn…. from 2003… and two doors do not open or close properly…. I need to repair a bunch of appliances… ( hence the request to help with finances)… My life has been ruined.. my finances destroyed… my credit ruined and my hopes wishes and dreams are crushed….. between marion and patrick… two fraud bank accounts…. i fraud bankruptcy…. and disappearing money and now disappearing files… and i didn’t even tell you the best part…. I mistakenly spoke on the phone with a really mean manager of the Brikshire Regions bank in Naples Florida…. Gail Schwartz who is friends with Patrick Weber…. so when I went into a branch in Bradenton florida …. the bank account had changed from a joint account to a beneficiary account????? and allegidly i was not allowed to get a copy of the signature card…. which would prove fraud.. since I never signed nor was informed nor ever received any of the finances in the account….. WOW I don’t know if even in tv shows there is this much corruption and cover up as has happened to me…. just to steal my name/ my life and my finances and ruin a perfectly Great life and destroy everthing…. Please PRAY as of today I still have not had a huge financial miracle… and these finances for the Go Fund Me Account will help to finance a real lawyer to protect me… to fix items in my condo… to pay bills and to try to get my life back…. thanks you so much for your kind attention to this …..