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Hi I am Mary Jean Ziska. I started this blog ( www.mysearchforjustice.com) in 2010 to document as much as I could about the horrible and criminal activities of a group of really bad and horrible people who have gotten away with all their crimes and the destruction of a pretty great life…..my GREAT LIFE!… I don’t know why people hurt others, or steal from others, or bully others. I don’t know why or how these people sometimes get away with committing crimes and harming people. I don’t understand how they think, or how they can do what they do to others…. I was not raised that way.
I have been told by people who have a strong faith in GOD that all things happen for a reason, I honestly cannot see any positive reason for people to harm my life, to steal from me, to bully me, or to harm my life. In some twisted way I guess these individuals make excuses and reasons for harming others for their own selfish and evil intent. Every day I wish I had not had ANY of these experiences, every day I wish I could give back every minute….. to have never met people who harmed me, my family or my friends. To have lived a GREAT life, my entire life… without identity thieves, criminals, and mean selfish bullies… ever to have entered into my life….
It has been told to me that what the devil meant for my harm, God can turn to my advantage…. but so far as of today ( Saturday July 26th 2014) with almost 6 years of prayers of protection from harm, prayers for everything to be restored, repaired and returned… for prayers of a huge financial miracle… of being allowed to have and live out my hopes and wishes and my dreams…. But so far ….no prayers have been answered…. Yet….. somedays I have more hope than others…. And maybe I am still being foolish to believe that prayers actually can still be answered … that good wins over evil and even that there are still great people in the world…. But, that is what hope is all about…. Right?
So, I started this website and blog documenting all the horrible experiences hoping that by putting it in writing , by putting everything on the internet perhaps in some small way maybe the information, will stop these occurrences from ever happening to anyone else again… who ever decided that I was “perfect “ to steal from… to lie to… to harm…. They must be predators.. they prey on all sorts of people who were raised to tell the truth, those who were helpful to others.. those who were raised to have compassion and with a heart to be nice and helpful… they prey on those they deem weaker… on women, on the elderly, the infirmed… or even children. They think people who are weaker than them are easy to steal from and to harm…. In some twisted way they must justify that their criminal acts (which only benefit them and their group of con-artist scum)…. Supersedes the norms of society… the best characteristics of a society those of being honorable, honest , helpful to those in need and not stealing or lying or cheating …. I think the people who committed the lies, the manipulation, the theft and everything else that ruined MY LIFE, MY HOPES,MY GOALS, MY WISHES, MY DREAMS, ….
They definitely hurt my life starting from 2002( when the first of my credit cards were duplicated and my identity was stolen)……. BUT may have even started harming my life as far back as 1999…hurting my life, and changing every moment for the past (most probably) 15 years of my life… from what it should have been… it is still unforgivable….
They are mean, selfish, greedy, evil, people … and I hope they are one day punished and definitely all are stopped from ever hurting anyone ever again! Since they are predators… I am not the first nor the last person ‘s life they will ruin… and it is not just one person… it is a group of people… pretty well organized evil people… horrible people ….who’s actions are done with malicious intent and with calculated outcomes… They find a benefit in lying stealing and harming others.. and will stop until it is more cost effective to actually not harm or not steal… but so far they have been able to avoid punishment.. to demoralize, discredit, and demolish their victims… to ruin reputations, and lives to get what THEY WANT no matter what the cost… I pray that there are still law enforcement officers who are honest, that there are civilians who are still honorable and that one day all the criminals and their activities will be out in the open … and they will be stopped permanently….
While transfereing my blog (blog.mysearchforjustice.com) a lot of information from my original blog post did not make…. it into this most recent version of my blog…. I am going to do my best to try to obtain the information and republish all of the posts again…. God Willing, no more hackers or anyone else trying to stop from taking responsibility for their criminal actions will be able to damage my blog posts so that the original intent of this blog… trying to inform and prevent anyone from going through anything i had to go through… will still be intact and still allow the proper authorities and individuals to stop these criminals from ever harming anyone else EVER again!
To lose 15 years of your life… to go through the worst experiences of my life.. to have to repair all the damage these evil people have done….I have HATED every minute… would have done anything to erase the one person or moment that allowed evil and con artist criminals and bullies to infiltrate into my life… and it was a GREAT LIFE….I pray that everything can be great again… and no one will have to have 15 years of their life ruined ever again… because of these people…. They should have been stopped so so long ago…. I don’t understand why they have not been stopped… but I pray these people WILL be held accountable for all of their actions… WILL be punished for all their actions… thank anyone who might read this blog… for being patient while I put back together all the blog posts.. and put back together what I can of my life, my hopes and my wishes and my dreams…. . luv mary jean ziska

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