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MOnday January 30th 2012 @7:52pm ( email from brickhouse securities and svat .. concerning alarm system reset )

Delivery delayed:Fw: BrickHouse Security Order # 338268 for mary jean ziska –

Monday, January 30, 2012 6:21 PM


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Subject: Fw: BrickHouse Security Order # 338268 for mary jean ziska –

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MOnday January 30th 2012 @7:42pm ( email to larry pivacek and patrick weber )

Dear Patrick and Larry,                          Monday  January 30th 2012 @ 5:34pm 


I wanted to put contact you via email and phone  to see if items we discussed have been addressed. 


  1. The dismissed mortgage has been researched.  In the  collier court website the dismissed mortgage is under: 

 F:  residential funding co llc /t:  Ziska mary jean

Recorded:  3/15/2011

Doc type :  Dism

Inst. #  4537237

Book or 4661

Page 1647

Pgs 2


I also wanted to mention  that according to the Fla statutes 744  and in regards to my condo and property  this mortgage  and mortgages after this mortgage  they have tried to sell on my property would be null and void considering that in July of 2007 the proceedings for  guardianship were ordered to be started by the courts.  Therefore  any  legal processes.. and paper work  would have been required to have a guardian signature attached … and be known by the guardian  not by just the  ward.   Right?

 I know I fought with Litton loan  ( on my credit report)  as they  claimed to carry a mortgage on my property and the date they used  as the start of their purchase  was November 2007… after the proceeding for appointment of a guardianship were started( july 2007).   In which case being declared incompetent  and in need of a guardian at that time.   I want to make sure that the title of the  condo is  verified in my name ..that there is no mortgage  due to the fraud perpetrated by Ian stein and  Mr. stern and that the courts and somehow my credit  reports know that they cannot  continue to sell any more fraudulent mortgages in my name for my condo.   


  1.  I really liked the idea of having an equity line of credit from the bank taking care of the  monies owed to the HOA association.  Thus lowering the payment amount… and allowing eh condo association to feel more comfortable with the arrangement  since the debt witll be held by the bank and not them.     When I was looking over the fl statutes 744: I saw  under the limited guardianship rules that a   in addition to having Patrick as my guardian … the rules include a

“trust company state bank or savings association or national bank or federal savings and loan association.  A trust company  a state banking corporation or state savings association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this  state or a national banking association or federal l savings and loan association authorized and qualified to exercise fiduciary powers in this state may act as a guardian of the property of the ward. “   This bit of information is perfect in accordance with having het bank grant an equity line of credit   to pay off the HOA fees ( minus the interest and additional fees)   how can we have my bank  co- guardian thus being in charge of the real property  equity  line of credit to pay off the HOA association.   Since I already have a direct deposit  of the medical ssi payments they would be able to take the payment right from the direct deposit thus guarantee that it would be paid each and every month  on time and with government assurance of an income. 

The next point to mention actually has to do with the direct deposit of the ssi payment.    Were you able to contact David and have him find out what happened to the additional funds that were being deducted unfairly?   I really need to have the total allotted amount to be able to make the payments necessary to  live.  Were you also able to find out about the  food benefits ( snap) that were put in my name and I  never received?      I just received a letter  titled notice of case action case # 1384803530 with an access number of : 637281699  the problem is it stated I needed to get them information by January 20th and I just got this letter in the mail.  ( checked and go the letter a few days ago long after January 20th…  Can you help me to find out what is going on with this matter?    I will try to go online and see what I can find out but you may have other resources that are more efficient and have more information.    


I know you also need to know about items that need repair in my home an di don’t believe I went over everything with you when we met.   But this next month I would really life to be able to fix some or most of them   while I have the two roommates to help . 

I have two broken laptops that I have to have repaired, a hand set for my phone that needs to be replaced, items that were stolen or ruined that need to be replaced. ( I mention many of theses items in in my blog under different days when I would discover items missing or broken or stolen…..

The microwave above the stove has been broken for a really long time and I would really like to replace it.  I checked on replacement parts as one lady thought it was the heating element that needed to be replaced, the cost of the heating element form GE was $179.00  and I believe a new unit was closer to 250.00 if I get it on sale.  The woman said just to have a technician come to see what element might need to be replaced will cost probably $99.00.  I believe the better choice is to purchase a new unit so that  nothing else will break even after a new heating element is  installed.   The next item in my home that is broken is the garage door,   I was told when took a picture of the  unit  that there was a part that cost 120.00 that needed to be replaced to have the garage door  fixed that didn’t include the cost of the tech. to come and fix it… I have a lifetime warrantee on the unit and today emailed the  company to see if they could send someone out for free to see about  cost and repair. I will let you know what they had to say about the  repair.

I also have a 1990 mercedes  that  was returned to me without the head gasket replaced in the car and it does not run…. I would like to have that repaired and eventually have that running again since my dad and others have replaced the transmission and other parts and put a lot of money into it I don’t want to sell it for parts or for much less than what it is worth.     I don’t  think I  can even start on this project  but  I wanted to let you know  everything broken and in need of repair.   


I have worked on my; credit report and I keep continuing g to get people who say that I owe  them money…. I paid Comcast over 300.00 for a bill they say was outstanding from  2006-2008.  I do not recollect   leaving such a bill and it never was on my credit report.  But fraudulent or not it was  in my name  and I  couldn’t get the  internet  started again or my free television boxes  which allowed me to access all the cable television channels in the strand…. And I couldn’t start it until  it was paid. t.  Is there a way  we can make sure that identity theft and fraudulent bills  stop?  I also have a fraudulent  bill from t-mobil they claim is from 2011…. I was using majic jack and did not have a phone at  all in 2011… it is a different account number than one I already had removed from  my  account a few months ago that was also a t-mobil bill.   When  I once wen to get my hair  cut the  woman almost didn’t let me get my hair cut because she said that I had written a 350.00 dollar bad check  when I never write checks!!!!!!  This has to stop.  I was checking on  security systmes and someone from adt told me there  was an outstanding bill form them as well.. also not on my credit report and I believe is also fraud.   

  I called Comcast  for their security system to be installed immediately and  I spoke to a bunch of people  on the phone who  made no sense when telling me that they never install security in apartments … so I told them I am not in an apartment .  I am not in an apartment and when I told them that they  said they don’t install in condo’s     which is not what the website says.   I just feel like my security is not being taken seriously and still being compromised by a bunch of people who have been using my home, my life and my possessions for 12 years and don’t want  it to stop or they don’t want to be caught trespassing, stealing and committing numerous crimes…. Or they don’t even want to  be caught and  be held responsible for their criminal  actions.   Can you help with this as well?

At this moment, I am trying to  gain access to my security cameras and system  as I had the alarm off when I awoke on fri morning and was not able to use my  log in or password to see how the  alarm was turned off… I have filed a police report   and even had a deputy come to my home.  It was a continuation of  the police report I filed where a router that I had marked with my  name ended up being in my home without my name….

These sorts of things where  people steal  “take” or replace any of my new or in well conditioned items  because they believe I  am incompetent  and I don’t  matter and no one will believe me or any number of ways they ar allowed to bully me, to slime out of taking responsibility for ruining my life , my possessions or even using my home my clothing or stealing my jewelry or identity have been going on since 2002 and are directly related to the nervous breakdown I  had and the  times I wished I were dead instead of continually being a victim of  their abuse, or  torment  and taken advantage of by a bunch of  criminals who belong  in jail  or god willing they die so  they will never hurt anyone ever again !  

To this date,  whenever the police are called to my home…. By me even….  they   also call someone to baker act me believing that  I must be the problem…. When I was never the problem… these criminals.. were the problem!     And until they meet me my reputation is  ruined… my life, honor… and  my home and possessions  are in jeopardy from a bunch of low  life scum who got away with all their crimes by ruining me…  my reputation  and devaluing  me .   Once the police meet me, then I can  have them investigate the crimes…  and relay to them the crimes against me my home and my possessions…   These have been the worst years of my life with the worst experiences I could have ever imagined.    I am entrusting my  faith  and belief that  the legal system will prevail..that  all the  horrid experiences will some how  turn around and be resolved and fixed to allow me to regain my life back and  I can soon have my life and freedoms back and be able  to start  having  the life I should have  had starting in 2002.       

Monday january 30th 2012 @ 4:07pm ( additonal email sent to police, to brickstone and to svat and cwd )

have had someone hack into my 8 camera security system that I purchased from brick house security systems.  i cannot log into my account.. with the log in name and password i set up.  i do not know if they have compromised my the entire box that was in a locked room in my locked home or just remotely have hacked into it. Help! i believe they did this because they  broke into my home last week and needed to get rid of the evidence.   Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. A representative has also emailed you from brickhouse security and yesterday i spent hours on the phone not reaching anyone who could help but getting a message saying you have another company handling your security system.   I must tell you that they never helped or contacted me back and this is horrid service especially when dealing with security the criminals would be far away in  30 minutes long before the 203 days response time for assistance. i need the video evidence to give to the police !

Monday january 30th 2012 @ 4:02pm email sent concerning cwd/svat and police notification of security compromise

To whom  it may concern:  January 30th 2012 @ 2:21pm 


I called and had the police come out concerning my alarm system and the fact  that i cannot access my  log in and passcode. I have put in additional police reports concerning this matter and  all the problems with theft, identity theft and  tampering with the internet computer systems. 


I spoke with   who told me that  I needed to send a copy of my receipt.  I had brick house security email me this receipt and i request that an email is sent with the master code to reset my system.  Could you please keep track of when and who and times and dates such a  request is made?  I am trying to find the criminals who seem to keep having access to my information and my life and  who would possibly have access to resetting my security dvr… or  even when and who might be able to have another system like mine and have the  option of having access to the master code.  i wish you had a more secure system for accessing this information but i will alert the police, the brick house security system and  put this information in my website and blog  to keep track of these type of occurrences… i don’t want any  stalker, criminal being  able to access my security  system… to watch me.. or know when i am home or not home…  this is terrifying not having control of your own security system…  and thinking that people where already in my home and they have destroyed the evidence is worse… do not call.. just email the master code thank you mary jean ziska

monday january 30th 2012 @ 3:31pm ( email sent to cwd limited and svat )

To whom it may concern.                                                    January 30th 2012

I am trying once again to reach your company to resolve the issue with my security system and once again i cannot reach anyone. i started my first call for today at 10:28am and it is now 10:49am and i am still on hold.  this is the third day i have tried to reach your company because my security system has been compromised and i cannot log into my camera’s dvr…. i need to get the information to the police i have already emailed the company i bought the system from and the police and you have not contacted me regarding this issue.  


As I was reading this email  I stopped being on hold and spoke with  She told me that i needed to send a copy of my actual receipt to get the master code to reset my admin log in and passcode.  I did not feel comfortable with that arrangement and wanted to make sure there were additional  security put in place to make sure that i want giving the wrong company or person more personal information.  I am a victim of crime and identity theft add giving out personal information especially for access to my security system makes me feel really uncomfortable.  I thought there woudl be a more secure way to get the master passcode like some sort of security questions… or a log in account that requires the specific serial number of your  dvr box…. 

I don’t want to give any  more people a way to access my home or my security system.  This cwd company  is very unprofessional  in their manner of answering calls… in responding to security breaches.. and the woman actually told me they are only accessible  monday thu fri….. so i guess the criminals only can work on weekends… 

When i asked to speak with this daniela she told me her boss was Ray white but when she put me through to her supervisor phone message the lady was called named cindy rodney….. it sounds and feels very fishy… and doesn’t ring  true that these people would be in charge of all the  security for my system…. how can i verify any of what she said.. and get the master code in a more secure way…. Help!  please email me asap….  or  I have had to create a website to document all the  crimes i have had to endure and this system with video cameras was supposed to stop the criminals accessing my home…. now that the entire system is compromised… i have no idea if they have hacked into the system remotely or actually were in my home… my suspicion was /is that they were in my home …. and if they also get a hold of how to  change my passcode and  log in…. then  i am totally screwed because they can reset it after every  crime leaving me with no evidence of the crimes… and if they have already bough system like mine and exchanged the  one that i originally had that had damaging evidence that would   finally put them in jail…. l …. these criminals have stolen my identity. Continue to break into my home.. have stolen my property… my personal information… everything  that has ruined my life… and done so repeatedly  and without any stopping for 12 years!!!! help!!!!!    


A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director 239-287-2294



— On Fri, 1/27/12, Dominico Scordato <> wrote:



From: Dominico Scordato <>

Subject: Customer in need of support



Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 1:26 PM



This is Dominico with Brickhouse Security Tech Support. My customer

was calling to get assistance with the SVAT SYSTEM .


The customer name is Mary Jean Ziska, she can be contacted at or 239 234 4065


She has called and left a message, and she has sent a email.


The issue she is having is that her system will not allow her to log

in and she needs to view video footage of a incident.


Please assist her with this.


Thank you




Brickhouse Security


Tech Support.

monday january 30th 2012 @ 3:18pm ( email from brickhouse security to svat support from dominico )

Customer in need of supportFriday, January 27, 2012 1:26 PM
From: “Dominico Scordato” <Add”>>Add sender to ContactsTo: support@cwdlimited.comCc: whatabtmary@yahoo.comThis is Dominico with Brickhouse Security Tech Support. My customer
was calling to get assistance with the SVAT SYSTEM .

The customer name is Mary Jean Ziska, she can be contacted at or 239 234 4065

She has called and left a message, and she has sent a email.

The issue she is having is that her system will not allow her to log
in and she needs to view video footage of a incident.

Please assist her with this.

Thank you


Brickhouse Security

Monday January 30th 2012@2:30pm ( comcast visit sunday 3pm )

 I had an apt for comcast to send a technician to come out to fix teh  internet an televison problem we were having…. it was wierd how when i was told that I could call on sunday morning to find the info for the tech.   the person i spoke with told me that i couldnt find out the information  until right  before  that actual tech  turned up at my door…  like  30 minutes before ….  anyway….  a person did show up… and the  silly thing is that   we had the  input and output for the splitter  mixed up… after he put in a new spliter… and rearranged the    wires… everything worked ….  

i called for a seperate line/box  to be designated for the  cable… to make sure that the alarm and everything cant be tampered with… so still waiting on that…

Fri january 27th 2012 comacast…even if idenity theft bill had to pay… t mobil new fraud account…. need to still dispute both… ugg will it never end?

Every where i turn it seems someone has some new deliquent bill that i susposedly have… or myidenty thef has… and allaroudn the same time period… 2006……. to  whenever… what i am trying to figure out.. these bills are not showing  up  on my credit report…  so they weren’t tunder my social security  number…. right?  liek i wen t onto free credit report .com…. and ther eis another bill for a different account susposedly started in 2011…Hell no… i have been usign magic jacks… and no phone… 
and going  without…  forever…. so so way in hell.. i ad one guy try to tellme tht it is the same bill form before…. i mean it is teh sme amount.. $725.00…..  but a different account number… hell no not only did i not have this latest fraud on my credit report… but if they are trying to say it is the same bill that was alreqady taken off mycredit report… it woudnt have a differn tqaccount number!

i think the saem thing happened to comcast..and even on the phoen today  through adt.. someone was tryin g to say i owed money… also startign in 2006…… i am not a bank.. i dont have any moeny peolple to pay for allthe idenity theiving scummmmmmmmmm 
 anyway….  i had to pay the bill for comcast since i needed to  make sure the tv channels and the internet wa workingproperly and they woudn td send anywoen out without an account in myname… hummmm  firs they coudnt find  an account  in my name… then not  in my adress…   but they had a whisperwood court… not whisperwood blvd.    then they   found this deliquent account  in my name an dmy address.. and  to get the boxes to watch tv.. which means alll the allthe digital channels.. i had to pay the bill and dispute it later… i mean  I probably should have disputed it first…  right? but i didnt …. so i might get stuck with having to pay for this fraudulent bill… also from 2006-2008……  but i got all th e addresses adn all the starte for teh disputer… and a ncie lady at the office gave me allthe paperwork  so i  can start to find out information.. ie… telephone numbrer usedonteh account… teh phone numbers called… when called.. etc… and i have to fax them and request any info on this account… then i can start to backtrack adn  find out  what the hell happened… 

as for this latest bill from  t-mobil.. quit it! 


Fri january 27th 2012 @ 6:09pm ( svat… trying to get intouch with their service help…)

So due to allthe problems with the dvr… the mouse not owrkign not beign able to log into my own security system…  i tried to contact eh website adn telephone number.. i tried three times and waited eachadn every time  the entire 30 minutes unti i  go ta hung up onteh  other line… ther line.. when i was tryign to reach anyone in the company who could tell me how this could  have possibly happened.. how to fix it and hwo to prevent it from happening again… no help… susposedly ther copany has switch to another company  for  assistance..a company called CWD LIMITED….. 

i finally gave up and called brickhouse securityLove the website..Love ther products and they were the company that i purchased my security  system ..the 8 cameras.. and had it shipped…  and even were  sooo helpful when i needed extension chords… i got them through  ther website adn through ther customer service… i mean really super helpful… and so knowledgableladn soooo nice… anyway… 
 today i spokewith  dominico id number 502  at 12:39pm…  from new york… ( and usually i am soo wary of people from new yourk especially  since the criminal   idiots… anyway… He even tried to call svat… and got a phone message from  CWD support and no assistance!  sheesh… what is goign on… they are supposedto have 24hour assistance…   not get bqack to you in 2-3 days…. by that time the criminals are gone…long gone ..hell they are usually  gone in  30 minutes… 

Fri january 27th 2012 @ 5:56pm my facebook account accessed form jacksonville what the hell?

Hi Mary Jean Ziska,


A new unknown device logged into your Facebook account (Friday, January 20, 2012 at 3:00pm) from Jacksonville, FL, US (IP= (Note: This location is based on information from your ISP or wireless provider.)


Was this you? If so, you can disregard the rest of this email.


If this wasn’t you, please follow the link below to protect your Facebook account information:


To learn how login notifications like this one can help you to protect your account information, visit the Help Center:

Please note: Facebook will never request your login information through email.



The Facebook Team



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