Monday january 31st 2011@10:04am( babysitting/tampering with my briefcase/keys/ and car and possibly bank accounts again!…)

so last evening i went babysitting in Bay Colony  to babysit for a  new family I had never met before, but my mother had known  for ages. A family from Virginia.  Since Bay Colony is a very nice and respectable establishment with tons of security…  I guess I let my guard down which ended up being a huge mistake. 

Maybe I should have thought something was odd when a white truck with  a university of miami plate actually ended up following me all the way  into Bay Colony.  (I  of course never went to miami university, nor did i know this man… but every turn and every stop he was there right behind me…all the way into Bay colony main gate…right into the complex… is that just an odd coincidence or what?…..  Or maybe when i had to give rate sheets to a new manager who was from colombia…  or the  guard  whom i met and handed over the rates sheets … he told me the manager wasn’t in his official office yet.. wasn’t officially working there yet… .. but the security guard seemed normal enough…even though my mother had called and made sure the manager would be available to meet me and take the rates sheets. (?) Why would i need to be suspicious that something may happen to my life… or my bank accounts or to my computer or to my car?????

Maybe I should always think …. what is the worst case scenario… and be prepared… but who can always be prepared for criminals when you have no knowledge of their devious and criminal behavior or methods? and who the hell wants to live that way?.. Since 2004….. since meeting that scum who wanted to kill my mother..and who wanted  to know how  I made my money.. and how much money I had.. and who was  in my family….and what property did they have?  Every moment I have had to deal deal with this type of criminal.. and their behavior… every minute has been horrible…….and the lasting effects have not only changed my life.. but me as well… and have been far too much for any one person to have to endure… I have hated every minute of it…the bullies.. the lying the cheating the stealing the idiots who have broken in to my home.. stolen or even worn my clothes.. who still are invading my privacy life and committing a number of acts that are against the law!!!!!!!! 

I mean why would I ever have to think that a simple babysitting job would end up with  me in tears having to fix all sorts of situations  again… but honestly i am always shocked  when I let my guard down and find out that yes once again there is evil in the world… and in fact, last evening I  cried most of the evening ( until  about 4am…and most of this morning over the incident. 

Perhaps the girl who stole the 2 unused credit cards and keys (and i realized also a check was in the same parcel of personal paperwork that was stolen… even though it was voided has my mothers account information on it…the check for  $300.00 that was 
 for a dental appointment…a dental appointment i never attended… instead I had her pay a fraudulent electric bill that kept changing amounts when i was trying to dispute the charges on the phone from a woman who claimed she was from the electric company a  branch in miami.. why when i live in naples did i have to deal with someone from miami… who knows.. maybe the criminal who stole my identity ( ie credit cards and drivers license in  2005 set up shop there… and maybe what???.. the man in the truck with the miami licence plate thought i was the person who lives in miami???  I have had other people tell me i had family in miami.. which i disputed.. and even tell me that they thought i lived in miami.. even mr. cohen who owns a condo in miami rented to a russian man and someone though ti was living there with this russian man…. what the hell is going on???? I  have never lived in miami.. never want to live in miami… i dont even speak spanish!!!!!!my heritage  is part irish.. part ck republic c.. bohemian…or lithuanian or some  eastern european countries….

anyway after speaking to this woman( at fpl… ) who was more than likely also some fraud or con-artist… the bill which at most should have been approx $112-$115 ended up being the exact amount of the check…. i had…. another coisidence????was miraciouosly for thee exact 300.00???? when my bills especially with out any air conditioning… and with out not turning on any lights until 6 or 7 pm…. have never in my entire life been that high!!! but then that account did have some email address i never set up… and  the fraud continues… it is absolutely horrible!!! and criminal!!!!!!   


 I would  have preferred having a nice massage.. or hair cut at the Ritz or even a new great pair of shoes for my birthday.. but no …these con-artists have continued to routinely ruin my life, my reputation, my business and finances… without even one year  where they  haven’t manipulated or lied or cheated  or stolen… NOT ONE YEAR<<<< just  365 days of freedom from scummmm…. what the hell???? 

Anyway… while sitting for a little girl age 14 months… I left my bag with my purse and keys and didn’t even put on my money belt … stupid me thought I was in a condo that was secure and safe and that I was the only person there with this child.  I couldn’t have been and this is why:

1- I went to get into my car and a set of keys from the  louis vitton locks fell off and I saw that the porche key ring was broken.  It wasn’t broken when I arrived so something must have happened while my keys were left unattended in my purse and in my bag for the 4 hours i was sitting last evening…..
2. the locks on my briefcase  were put on differently than I ever put the locks on my briefcase…  the middle compartment of my briefcase had one of the sections of the locks ….  not even locked but had the locks locked together(?) instead of locking the actual briefcase twice….
3. I was on my way home… trying to think of another reasonable explanation for the keys and had stopped by st john’s church… to say my nightly novena… when i got so upset that I left and  immediately went  to my mom’s home to tell her someone had tampered with my keys. Of course she assured me it couldn’t have been the people i was sitting for since they were out at  dinner… but then who?? and when???  and Why???
(An option we hadn’t considered is that someone else may have had access to their condo.. maybe a cleaning lady who had keys.. or maintenance man who had keys .. who knows who had keys to other people’s condos.  

 (* i actually did all this before going home… …..going to my mother’s house after  St. john’s church….. as I was planning go  and say my St, Jude novena…-now one year and almost 6 months…  which actually seems like such a mute point .. God in his infinite power just can’t seem to stop these criminals… and protect me or my home
or my possessions from these treacherous imposter or con-artists… what ever you want to call them.. what happened to justice?? and laws?? and honest people????  

someone who tampers with another person’s things, to me, is a criminal and for me no matter how many times they ask GOD  for forgiveness or say their hail mary’s as penance…if catholic or whatever any other religion does for forgiveness…. they are  not forgiven …. because they have no remorse.. they have no concept of right or wrong.. and they continue to do the same criminal behavior over and over…and to me they should be in jail…or stopped permanently… because there actions will continue.. and will most probably excellate.. since they have no deterrent to stop them from continuing their  criminal behavior… 

after crying  from this point on.. i went to my bank .. to check the balance of my bank account and found their was a zero balance in my bank!!!!
This morning i went on line and even though according to my accounting their should be at least $135.44  even the online banking said there was still at least $40.00 but the deposit from  the Orrs check (240.00)from New Years Eve babysitting …. wasn’t even showing ????? 

It makes me cry even more when i think of the 14 thousand dollars i had at my home as petty cash for my business… of always maintaining the 5 thousand dollar balance in my bank of america accounts…so i wouldn’t have any  charges  for my banking account both personal and professional accounts… of my great credit score..above …. 700 credit score….  of life before meeting any of these scummy criminals…. my life has been ruined by these people… and is such a far cry from what it should  be…. and even what it was before i  met that disgusting criminal Girard Ahler and his scummy Martucci  family and of course Karen Kahel the bully from Ohio state… and even Carla from brazil…..she was one of many people i met who wanted a business… . or a home… or new furniture…  or even  a husband…. I know she even lied about her portfolio…( scott showed  me the actual artist on line where  she had stolen his material..and claimed it as her own…for he r own portfolio or  when i think back on al the liars… there was some other  karen kahel  white blond haired woman who lied about writing music at DJ Fairbanks home in Nantucket when i went there once for the pirates of pence road race in 2003.

and who knows who wasn’t some of the scummy parasites who not only took advantage of my life.. my family, my friends… but put me through absolute hell and made me pay the bills to boot!  I look back and think they are all con-artists .. criminals.. and definitely self serving horrible people to say the least..

I now am wondering about one of  last renters my mother had in one of her  apartments… ( RON) wasn’t he from virginia????… he vanished so quickly… and after christmas or new years he was trying to tell  me I should write children’ stories…in fact told me to write up an outline and he would look it over and we could all brainstorm the ideas and story line the following week…then poof he was gone…. was he just one of the con-artists freaks????

I now call them  all freaks and frauds.. and criminals… just  low- life self serving criminals… … who somehow in their twisted sense of justice think it is alright to manipulate people’s lives for their own selfish intensions.. and forget their are laws that govern the state of Florida or the United States for that matter and that these laws where put in place to govern and put criminals in jail… that is what I want ..

I want anyone who has selfishly manipulated any part of my life and harmed my life my family my reputation… my businesses.. to go to jail.. ( personally since they don’t seem to even think  jail is a deterrent.. maybe they should be shot or killed… not that i will do any such thing.. but capital punishment is such a nice thought at a time when your life and possessions and sense of security is violated and your life is once again turned upside down.. by  the selfish and criminal acts of scummm…    

4.  the  last of the evening… tampering with my car…. When i realized that people were able to get inside my car.. to prevent them from taking  my car or moving it in any way I started to put a combination lock around the steering wheel…. I originally had one of those big bulky locks for a steering wheel but some day when i want paying attention… not only did one of the keys to the lock “disappear” but the lock that i barely used.. ended up under my passenger seat all battered and cut up… so i knew that safety security method had been compromised… ( see how scummy and vile these criminals are?…. so instead the combination lock… that could be changed but not picked… seemed a better alternative… but wait.. last evening and actually a few times driving before that… i realized my entire steering mechanism… ( don’t know the proper terminology…but it now… was creaking… and the plastic part covering the steering part was loose and looked like it had been taken off… so had someone  wanted to take my car sooo badly that they had to remove the entire steering compartment because they didn’t know the combination i had created for each and every time i take out my car….was it that they needed to travel a far distance and didn’t want milage on their car.. or they had some of there whore to door girls /ie identity thieves who needed to actually be me and steal my car when i was babysitting???  and thinking back of all the expenses for the Mercedes… if this is the same group…  the $5000.00 for auto europa… the $5000 for Coastland auto… even the last trip to the Mercedes dealership where an entre head gasket was not put back into my car.. but put in my trunk???? what type of dealership really does that????but if it is the same criminal group.. that left me without any transportation… and with a car that should be worth at least the 5000.00 transmission we put into it… but left me with nothing i could even sell!!!! 

so not only are these ciminals versed in breaking and entering… ie picking locks…/getting into locked doors.. suitcases… into filing cabinates… they have computer skills …….. they also  have auto mechanical skills… and they have some girl who works with them who can fit into my clothing…UGGGGGGGGGGG>>>>> I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION…… ( suprising.. that same passion i used to have for a love of god, my family,and friends… is now just  as stong as  the hate I have for these people who have destroyed my life, my life style, and even tthe lifstyle i had wanted… had started to work toward… how the hell can i get any of this time.. back???????????….the relationships they destroyed back???? the lies…. dispelled???? I cant ….. I want financial damages…. to try to compensate for the torment……. these criminals and bullies and liars and theives have done to my life… and