Fri. January 21st ( joel osteen dvd’s that never got to me)

 so in november i ordered a free with any donation dvd set called GRACE…. it was confirmed but i never received them….. and still have never received them….  i cant tell if this is a case of mail theft…  or of the phone fraud… or what/who  is responsible…. but the last time i tried  contacting someone on my phone to try to find out about  the “where  abouts” of the  order… the posts from my email address were canacelled….   sheesh…. 

i saw on the website:
joel steen will be in Corpus Christi tx on feb. 25th 2011 and Nashville  Tn on march 18th 2011

maybe since i know some friends in Texas… maybe they can go to one of his meeting then talk to someone in person…. HA! just kidding.. i’m sure it will be returned or everthing will be put right….  right?  

I know that dvd’s do come to myaddress… because i already have received:
Miracles Happen ( anythig is possible when you believe)
God wants to amaze you
Imagine ( life the way you want it to be)
Double for your trouble( God’s reward for staying in faith)
all of the above dvd’s reached my address without any complications and without a delay of 3 months…