January 11th 2011@11:14pm ( report to police facebook account compromised and telephone calls with no caller id)

So that didn’t take long.. I ‘m guess the cyber criminal Jonathan and his girlfriend the one in the navy and white shirt on the golf course today must have been a bit miffed.. by this evening my facebook account has been compromised and wouldn’t let me log into my account and i have received 3 calls with out caller id information. all three of them from a bully.  

calls t a new magic jack number ( but don’t believe it to be the new magic jack i signed up for … so may not be the correct telephone number or the actually  correct telephone number since my original money belt had been taken ..when the  hard drive for my original laptop was compromised…. see blog entry concerning the thefts….

 so tonight i got to report to the police the phone calls without caller id:
@ 3:44pm  pm  call to my number 561-283-7505 no caller id: blank caller id 
3:43:01 pm  call to my number 561-283-7505 no caller id: blank caller id
@3:40:57   pm call to my number 561-287-7505 no caller id:  blank caller id

*so this is what i got to report to the police: @ 10:51pm
“I have been having criminals in my home mostly while i have been babysitting
(website:  www.mysearchforjustice.com)  but today i am writing because of a problem with a cyber crime… my facebook account has been compromised.  I don’t know if this has to do the with most recent incident noted in my blog. ( blog from : www.mysearchforjustice .com ) the stolen credit cards by orchard bank ( two cards that were in envelopes that had not been signed in fact one of the envelopes had not even been opened.  two envelopes from  a home building wining contest and today I recently found a purple jacket that was in a locked suitcase not in the locked suitcase… I believe it is the same girls and cyber criminals from  years ago.. one boy named Jonathan and a girl who either  works at la Playa or is  Jonathan’s  girlfriend.  This form of identity theft has been occurring since 2003… read my website and blog for all the details. I will include this email as well and document  your response.  thank you for your kind attention in this matter sincerely mary jean ziska 


just want to mention that cyber criminals are still criminals and according to the congressmen who also made it a crime to falsify the caller id.. caller id act ( also see additional blogs…  including if someone alters the websites/ blogs i paid for and created… that is a violation of my  1st amendment right for freedom of speech these criminals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.