Tuesday January 11th 2011 @6:28pm ( stubbs and wooten shoes… gift form my youngest sister!)

 So this entry is about a pair of shoes that my youngest sister gave me … this lovely pair of Stubbs and Wooten shoes.. absolutely love them… she  gave “me them a while ago.. for a present maybe a birthday or Christmas gift can’t remember….  what a great friend  and sister….  she knew me soooo well… knew my conservative style… my taste and my personality… i absolutely love them… i loved them sooo much that i saved them to wear… i actually only just started wearing them a few months ago.. and low and behold.. a few days ago.. around the same time that my credit cards and everything disappeared… from  my closet  … well low and behold one shoe now has this pretty serious hole in the sole.. not both shoes.. just the one shoe.. you would think that shoes when worn should wear out at the same time right? At least they did whenI was walking tons in Cap D’ail…. (when  I went to school in France..) so its a bit weird that just one shoe…. anyway… since the little criminal elves have messed with my hard drive and computer laptop..( luckily… I think we put a lo jack in it so should be able to track it … ) so my suggestion to the little criminals …

 GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

As for the destruction of my personal property….  the shoes themselves cost approx. $349.00… I will have to contact them and see about repairs… since they create individual designs for shoes.. i”m hoping they can also fix what some idiot…. girl broke..

Again what a wanna be.. what a parasite…. “a leech”…..  to once again take a gift… one i received  given from  the love of a family member…. and ruin it …. almost as bad as stealing it… like my burberry umbrella given to me by my mom on my birthday that i had to rebuy….. Sheesh…..

 what  possible motivation… so Ï wouldn’t wear them? …. how selfish…. but i guess they haven’t changed since 2003…. “when i met that scummy criminal and of course bully girl  karen kahel… a bit later….