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January 06th 2011 @2:06pm ( called police for assistance Jan 2nd 2011 @11am)

 So its taken a few days to get to write this in this blog… and honestly I’m glad I had to wait a bit.. because i was very disappointed in the police man who came to my call for assistance. 

So the morning of Sunday January 2nd 2011 started off fairly normal.  it was after my shower when I was getting ready to go to church that I noticed items missing.  I  have been trying to keep track of paperwork and items that i consider valuable because I did not want more items to be stolen or ruined by the same criminals who have no respect for the law and for people’s personal possessions.  what scummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is another disgusting  experience I have never wanted to go through …..

After my shower I went to add something and noticed that the title to the car I was trying to sell was not in the plastic baggy where I had been keeping it (so it would not get ruined if it got wet.   I also later realized that i had two unused and brand new credit cards from a credit card company  that I had received in the mail.  They were gone along with  two  keys   from some contest where you can win a 50 thousand dollar make over also gone. An envelope  from a safe deposit key that had written on it the balanced from 2004 ….. $14000.00 and  its distribution …..

When I went to check my balance on my credit/debit  card latedr that next evening… the first thing that was odd was that the credit card machine asked what language i wanted to use????…. I have had the same card forever and  only one other time had it asked if i wanted to change my language…. ?????
And that was when i used it after i freaked out when i took off my money belt in the kitchen when i got home inbetween babysiting…. ( had to run to the restroom… came home locked the door behind me.. then took off the belt. put down my purse and ran…. to the rest room….. . 
I freaked out when i  went to put it back on and the hook was undone on the wrong side of the belt…..  the wrong side was undone!!!!! i only do take it off one way…. since i am right handed…. it woudl be akward to unhook it from the opposite side…….  also i noticed that the door was unlocked…. and i always lock it…. no matter what….  this time, with the money belt… i  noticed a change in my hard drive….  the start up menu was light… missing some items… 

It still must be the stinky people who want to steal my mom’s business../steal files… and obviously steal creidt adn idenities…. or what type of riminal rign is like this???? what scummy low life disgusting worhtless human beigns thing this type of life is ther norm????? what do they want or need to take all the hard work I did … all the long hours i wourked without pay …. to help crete success.. to assist in makeign my mom’s business and her legacy great…….. take it for them selves?????….. what selfish  and unorigional and worthless  human beings.. perhaps they are uneducated and can’t create anything  on their own.. or definately they are not creative and not successful to have to steal everthing from others…. what worthless human beings…. so back to ;the most recent infraction of the law…. the balance was missing $20.00 and the purchases didnt match up to what i had actually been using.  One more thing, i put back in my hard drive adn al my fiels are encrypted??? it was askign me when i tried to open a document whether i wanted to use a western encrpypion tool….. ???? i used to be able to just go to my documents and was able to double click on any documetn adn was able to open it up and read it.. nothing like this was ever on my harddrive or on my computer…. also the start up menu is  missing many of the items i had …..
( it was when I freaked out when i took off my money belt adn when i went to put it back on  the wrong side was undone…this also occurred recently when i was goign to run to the bathroon at my home when i was on a break tbetween workign in the mornign and working inthe afternnon /evening…. the saem tie when i noticed a cahnge in my hard drive…  

as for sunday Jnauary 2nds 2011….
I dont know if any of the money  I  made babysitting or lotery tickets or other papers were or are missing… i will probably remember more… Oh one more thing… also the envelope where i had an accounting of the 14,000. from  2004 that housed my safe deposit key… that is also missing…  my guess is that the criminal thought  i still had the 14,000.00 and was tryting to steal that along with  the car title… 

IT IS A MESS!!!!!!!!!!! gosh i hate criminals… 

This is the 2nd time  recently i had to call the police…in december…..  the other time  was when the locks to two locked closets wouldn’t open… i record all the new  codes when i change the locks…  and the dated december 22nd codes would not unlock the two locks… to add to proof that i jsut hadnt forgottoem the combination…. ther is a specific way that i block up the hole in teh lock… to prevent any locksmith who has the tsa keys form opening them….anyway…it was  not how i  kept or left the locks…. 

 Its Still  has to be someone who knows when i am babysitting…. this scummy group of parisites   is breaking and entrering… whether they have a lock smith doing it or not….( i did see one one lock smith  heading in the direction of my home one  morning when i was to babysit  at 8:30 am…… )  Is there any rule that someone should sow identification for beign able to get a lock smith to open a lock to a home or condo… I mean is this scummy group of parasites going about sayign that they can get into anywhere???? and if they can jsut call a lock smith… is yoru home safe form these parasites????????  Thin about it… if they are not stopped they may and probably will braeak into other homes.. steal an use other peoples lives… and willcontinue to do so unless they are dead… or in jail.. or soemd deterrent is stong enought to stop them and their deviaent ways…. all i can say is what criminal scummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Whoever does things like this.. they are not my friends( i had great freinds….)  they are not my family…( my family is honest andlovign and defiantely not criminal!) i never in my life ever knew anyone who would go to such lengths to  ruin a person’s life … their feeling of  security.. their  feeling of safety… and would be so horrible… and so selfish and so criminals… these people MUST BE STOPPED….

I am very sad to say that  on sunday January 2nd 2011… I barely made it to church and received communion before having to go home to meet the police.  In fact I had the police officer who patrolls the traffic at St John’s catholic church call and have a police  officer meet me at my home….   I am even more sasddened to report  that a horrible police officer  with a badge name tag of : M. Goss  badge #  was the police officer who showed up to my home…. 

(The wierd thing is this man was pretty young… was blond with blue eyes… and thoough his face was very thin it seemed that he had paddign or something to make his bottom half very large…. what was e
ven more puzzling was that  M. Goss  had been called to my house one other time… when items were missing,  then he showed up with a blond  haired  woman, I could  have sworn that he was taller… that he had dark hair and was generally a very plump guy all over…..&nbsp
the personality was still very mean and as a public servant who takes an oath to protect and serve…. he did a horrible job and neither proptected me or was serving the public… he would not write up a police report…. would not even look to see if the title of my car had changed… or even take any notes concerning any other missing items…. instead… and you are goign to be utterly shocked and dismayed at his behavior… this is what he did……

after i had been crying.. telling him somene had been in my home ( I honestly thought that  it must have happened that morning….  while i was in the shower…  it was about  the only time i had left these items unattended  adn in  my closet…. while i was showering…. about 10am-10:30am…….

It is the most disgusting feeling… to think that while you are takign a shower… that a stranger had not only invaded your home.. but had stolen right under your nose… it  made me feel  horrible….  like my home had been  invaded and i had been personally violatd….   by some perpurtrator who was obvioulsy disgusting….and  it made me feel unsafe in my own home… just thinking that this scummy criminal was close while i was still in my home… the boldness of this parasite.. to steal  from me perhaps even while i was taking a shower…UCK>>>> while i was takeing a shower…. is makes you feel so violated… i just  can’t explain… but when items you possess… are changed or stolen…  adn that it is allowed to hppen again and again…  knowing that this scum was in your house… it is just  the most unnerviing sensation…. it changes everything  you know about  safety.. about being protected

but that is not the worst of it…. after gettign upset at items missing…this M.
Goss  he told me that no the items were  missing… ( he didnt look ot see if anything was missing didnt even ask what i thought was missing… just told me flat out that he didnt believe me….  he went on to accuse me of something being wrong with me…. that  i neded to be put on medication..(??????). can you believe the arragance.???? .. the unethical and  absolute abuse of power this man thought he had.. he even  went on to tell me that he was going to baker act me …
If there was ever a ploice officer who was not good this man definatley was that person!!! I cant wait to tell gloira Fletcher… and make sure to email the police chief… about his behavior… I called him for help and this is how he reacts??? what a corrupt and horrible person…..

He didnt’t even know the law…. He had no grounds to  baker act  anyoen let alone a person who had called to report a crime and to file a report… and i told him so…  i  also told him i called him (the  representative of the police department) for his help… and he was not helpful….  that he was abusing his power and  i wanted to report him… and would  definately put his name and his actions in my blog…  What a horrible  man… if I could  i would  have him fired… can you imagine? when a person is distraught over beiing robbed.. over being a victim… of a crime…  this representative of the police department… a man who neither knows the laws… or how to uphold the laws…  does everthing wrong…. 

I went on line to look up:
1.   policy procedures for calling the police for assistance/
2.  police code of conduct
3.  filing displinary actions acgainst bad police oficers 
4.  corupt acts by police officers 
5.  blue code of silence
6.  question of ethics in police work 

M. Goss is defiantely not someone  i want to uphold the constitution.. our laws… or to enforce the laws… his threats and  abuse of power… power given by being a civil serveant to uphold our laws not to condone breaking  of the laws. or for abusing power.. is horrible…. unethical ,imoral and should not be tolereated… 

It made me regret writing a christmas card to the sherrifs office and thanking them for ther assistance and protection against the vile criminals and corupt people  who think they  can get away with any criinal activity…. the police are supposed to be on our side… supposed to want to help… to catch criminals… to stop thieves… not to harm or scare innocent victims… the ones who have already been through  enough at the hands of these deceitful and horrible people….   it made me regret saying my novena to st jude for one year aodn 5 months…  a prayer for blessing  and protection for the police  /sheffifs department for ther families and for the police/sheriff  officers themselves….. to make sure they are protected from  all harm… and that they are appreciated and blessed for the hard and thankless job they do protecting  our community…. 

 WOW…. really makes you see people as individuals.. and hope there are not any more men like M. Goss on our police /sheriffs office   I mean if he didn’t  want to help.. don’t  answer the call for help.. if he was not capable of writing a report so more of my idenity or persoanl information is not stolen….or .. my life is destroyed.. then have someone who can write a report come out to fill out the necessary paperwork so that justice can be achieved and criminals can be caught… if he doest like his job.. then get another one…  anyway i hope i never have to see that man again…

as you can tell…. sunday was a horrible day…