october 10th 2012 @ 2:19pm statute of limitation on feeling violated?

October 8th 2012:

Conversation this evening…..   Questions this evening….

So if some one steals for you  or hurts your 
life…. Even if it was 10 years ago… when a group of people
systematically stole from you and ruined every part of your life…. Do you have
a right to want justice? To want to know who the hell was in  your home… was lying to you on the phone…..
who was manipulating your life and stealing form you and your  family…. When what they did 10-13 years ago
has affected your  life forever…. If  this same group stole from you… like a
travelers clan, like a gypsy  clan like
the grifter or disgusting thuggish mafia scum they  want to be….. 
when your life is nothing compared to what  it should 
have been….. because of their lies, their theft, their deceit…when the
bulling and trespassing and breaking and entering and stealing…. And  abusing 
of my life    the separating me from my  friends and my  family… stealing my identity.. stealing my
money off my mortgages…  what is the
statue of limitations on the hurt and destruction…

Tonight I  was
told  that that thefts the bulling
the  lying and cheating… some of it was
as old  as  old as 10-13 years old….   And I 
guess the belief  is I should be
over that harm by now….  What the