October 10th 2012 @ 2:12pm note sent to staples so dan fox does not get in trouble

Staples contact us:   
October 10th 2012 
1:23pm  contact us note  for staples 
I first left the police report information and  this not is the second note I left for
the  store people especially dan fox to
not get in trouble…


I  just wanted  to put in an additional note that everyone at
the tarpon bay store has been really great to me….and very helpful Dan Fox
the manager  of the store is the person
have been contacting about the cartridge mayhem…. and he was  worried that my comments will affect
their  bonus for Christmas…. please
don’t  harm the store …. about the
cartridges …. i don’t understand  what
is going wrong..and how  twice i could
get cartridges without seals.. and empty…or dried out… and how  to cartridges form th official store and have
the same  problem…. something is very
wrong and it has now crossed over the line to being  a criminal 
concern… and  we have to figure
out who or what is going wrong…. thank you for your kind attention to this
message I requested last contact that i have a signed  receipt 
for packages until we can cancel out any mail tampering…. i have
submitted a police report and  a mail
tampering report to the proper authorities just in case…. again  i just want to be able to order  products and 
have they delivered as normal… thank you! sincerely Mary Jean Ziska