Wednesday October 12th 2011 @ 2:37pm ( horrible day with horrible people on teh phone…. )

  So a horrible day with a horrible fake mom on the phone…
When i told her i woudl write everything on my blog.. ( my search for guess what? my computer service was mysteriouslly not working.. at 2:36pm

Of course if was workin gwhen i used it to callteh ste attorneys offi and leave amessage concerning getting the idenity theft plice report and it was working whe i called to speak with Scott renshaw.. and it was working when i called to get directions on how to  remove and replace the guest bedroom /bathroom fan….  

but most importantly it was working when i had the bully/ fake mom from hell on the phone.. 

The freak  actually knew tht i spoke with a gentleman for 39 minutes ….. hwoteh hell woudl they know th exact amount of time  i was speking with anyone????? Its teh same criminals /bullies/Thugs…. girsl or boys… who not only get a kick outof breaking me an my life.. but get a thrill form stealing businesses… from impersonating people….. and for lying cheating and stealing form me….  saem people who have been manipulating my lifie…  adn not allowed meth efreedomm to acctully be a real authentic perosn who doenswt fit into ther freak show… or int osome little box… sho actully has many talents and many dreams.. who can actully do a lotof things well ….. and honestly had som e amazing freinds… and a really  nice loving family….. who wasn’t  poor…or stupid… or any of the things these freaks want me to be….  
honestly i cant waitto be dead so i can actully not ever be bullied agian.. not ever hve anyone screw up my life… andi will get to see my genuine freinds.. and family who really  know me.. and love me….   now dont go and freak out hnking i am going to kilmy self.. i am not… i am jsut wishing that i had never  ever met any criinals… or idiots who have manipulated y life.. who picked me and my family as a mark to use and abuse…. to steal from and  if i could go back.. i dotn think i woudl have ever come bak to naples … i woudl have stayed in france when i was 19…..  i was safe form criminals.. had genuine friends… or wait i had a safe and fun time  in college… and even  many  years after …..  its all the fault of a group of really horrid criminals.. who  deserve to be in jail forever!!!!!!!!