Thursday October 27th 2011 @ 1:12pm ( This idenity theif… must still be all coregraphed.. right… manipulating me. to do this or that at certain times…why????…)

 I’m terrified that all this manipulation… the changing of appointments.. the waking me up to take a bully call ( that was today….)… the harm to my car.. or to my life in sooo many ways…trying to say or make it look like i speak spanish… or that i didn’t  have a great family.. or everything these criminals have done ….  why???? hwo much does this imposter actually get by ruinin gmy life and posing  as me…. the  fmaily who helps me…  is it worth my christmas presents.. or my  birthday presents???? scaring me  or scarring me… who woudl actually do such a thing… is it to make sure they have a guy???? or all my wishes…  and how many  people are really in  on the criminal activity… its not something that is done alone…  it takes more than oen person to pull off such an elaborate and  criminal con for sooo long… how  much have they stolen from my family… from my freinds.. from everyone????? and why ddint anyone stop it???????????? 

when myh aunt i spoke with lst nigh ttold me that i didnt need to worry anymore… tha teverything will  be alright… i actuallythought thatperhaps she was the hero i was looking for.. the savior who would  make sure that nothing else bad happens to me…    but then this mornign … the bully on the phone.. and then under her breath… telling  me that  she was ready to go… that her perting gilft was to make me cry….  was seh some girl impersonating me… my  mother.. or who??? what idenity did this thief steal… for at least a month… enogh tie to steal soe of my real friends…. or people who coudl really help…. who could protect me from criminals… … this person fred who was visiting.. it was as if each and every time there was a great family or group of golfers that drove by…. he woudl  try to hug me… or kiss my hand… did these people thnk i was dating  him??? or that i was alright…adn had someone protecting me…  or worse yet…  that i wasnt even me???????? then what  if it wasnt me… tehn the girl stealing my life… she gets teh finanial help.. the new furniture.. the clothing… and even the mercedes fixed…. and i  am left to nto only still fix everything that was already broken.. but even more things that have been broken…like the garage door…( which i was told was goign to cost an additonal $120.00 Did it only take  two month sto ruin my life to make sur soem girl got hers made better… and if so then for that month was i surrounded by the poeple who wnat her life to be better????? when they said they were here to help me… did they mean it???? or when they said that they wanted me to be happy.. or to have my dreams.. or even to have evrything fixed… did they mean it… when they said they woudl help me  and save my home…  did they mean it.. or was it jsut wasting time  so they coudl  allow others to harm my life…  wehne this mornign after i had ried….. a lot… when fred said he knew i was the real mary jean …  did he even mean it????? adn by proving who i am  will that ever get me th life i was supposed to have back?????? 

Even Jewles… the guard at eh guard gate had one time told me that he saw my “twin”  coming into   the gate… I dont have twin… i have a sister born 4 yeaers after me who was born on my birthday.. but none at the  same time in the same hospital….   with my same DNA…… that person woud  be an idenity thief….  Imean does she haver the same mole on my cheek? or the one by my eye… or the birthmark on my uppr left arm???  will her blood /DNA be that of my real family?  

I acctually had this guy talkign under his breath…saying … OH yoru good… yoru really good… ( good at what impersonating … and lowering my standard of living… or  fo stealin g???? of tryng to con  scott..renshaw.. or anyone else in my family….  or someone  else that i dont even know.. that they are me?????    

Who is allowing all of this???? and how the hell do i  prove that these criminals are still up to their same old tricks??????….adn how do i Stop it!!!!  HELP!!!!!