Docket 209 (03/09/2017) Motion for Reconsideration Efiling #:53528212 Efiled 03/09/2017

By submitting to Judge Hayes a sustaining order instead of a vacate order…. Attorney Nicole P Plannel then filed a motion for reconsideration….

In Appellant’s Amended Brief, the initial points made were concerning the unsubstantiated granting of this reconsideration hearing…. as per the title of Appellee’s Motion she quotes “pursuant to Fla. Rule of Civil Procedure 1.540” which has specific requirements necessary for it to be granted… she did meet the requirements.

plain and simple something stinks….. when a vacate order can change to a sustaining order… when a reconsideration hearing can be granted without meeting any of the criteria… when this entire case is based on a void document… that had a previous foreclosure attempt by a lawyer who lost his law license because he was corrupt and was robo- signing to forge documents of ownership…. to attempt foreclosures… What the heck is going on here?….

Well needless to say , Attorney Nicole P Plannel was granted a reconsideration hearing and that is the hearing where Robson Powers lost the case which led to the filing of the “Notice of Appeal”.

click on the link to view Nicole P Plannel’s Motion, titled: “Plaintiffs Motion for Reconsideration and for relief from Order entered pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.540. ( 19 pages).

DOCKET 209 motion for reconsideration