Wednesday October 10th 2012@6:44pm tracking changed from staples orders to ups always and have trackign info so no delivery problems with products from staples conversation with dave and cheryl

I received a phone call from Dave n ( Kentucky call center ) the staples resolution department Center today October 10th 2012

( 877-878-2753)  He called to tell me that  the hammrville paper I ordered on line from Staples was having a problem getting in the gate and would be delivered tomorrow.   

Following my conversation  with Dave I called  back and couldn’t reach Dave but did  talk with Cheryl concerning a  few questions.   

Cheryl  has changed the delivery of all staples products   to be through  UPS which I am glad about since that way I will have tracking information to get to see each and every package and try to figure out if any of the tampering with my products is through the delivery service…. Or after it is delivered… or if the products are defective… or what the hell is going on…

I signed up to be informed via emails  to track all packages so at least I will be able to  know where  the packages are at all times and  there will be  no  chance for packages to be tampered with  during the delivery process.