October 10th 2012 @ 5:10pm police report about ink cartridges under criminal mishchief

General Information     

Incident Type    Criminal Mischief (Vandalism)

Person Type       Individual

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Reporting Person Information   modify   

Last Name           ziska

First Name          mary jean

Home Address  5632 whispewood Boulevard, 1601, naple, FL 34110, US

Home Phone     239-233-3465

Email     whatabtmary@yahoo.com

Employer Name                 self

Work Address  

Work Phone      

Race      White/

Sex         Female

DOB       07/07/1966

Driver License No             Licensing State  FL

Incident Information      modify

Incident Location             5632 whisperwood, 1601, NAPLES, FL 34110

Incident Time (start)       10/10/2012 03:50 PM

Incident Time (end)        10/10/2012 03:50 PM

Location Type    Apartment/condo

Graffiti Involved?             No

Incident Description       I tried to report this a few days ago and it was rejected… mail tampering is a federal offense and i reported this before and it was rejected because the package did arrive… but tampering with the mail is a federal offense. and punishable crime! i want this stopped… yes the ink cartridge did arrive but it arrived a day late(possibly tampering)since there was a delay… and both times when i ordered it from the online site: staples.com It arrived at my door without the seal that holds in the ink for the cartridge. That to me is theft of the ink since it was empty and tampering with mail since it was missing the seal… it may be a neighbor or if not i want to find out who it is who has been tampering with my mail… I spoke with Dan Fox who was really nice from the tarpon bay staples store and he has been replacing cartridges but it is too much of a coincidence for it to happen 4-5 times…(twice in the mail and two times from a personal delivery) and for the cartridges to be missing… concerning the missing seal I was told from Dave at the resolution department of staples that a missing a seal is not normal…and twice is really not normal so something is going on … I need to make sure that this crime is stopped and I need to have this reported in writing so that if this problem continues there is a marked history of events that will ensure prosecution success. thank you for your kind attention to this matter. If you need more details that i put in the other report please contact me via email

(whatabtmary@yahoo.com) and i will add supplementary information in an additional report. again thank you

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Property Information     modify

Property 1           modify   delete

Type      Computer/ Equipment

Brand    lexmark

Model   #70

Color     Black

Serial No             

How Many          2

Damaged Value ($)         80.00

Property Description      black number 70 ink cartridges for lexmark printer shipped from staples

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