Tuesday October 25th 2011 @2:03pm ( wierd message about 5th 3rd bank)

Well get this.. remember i mentioned that karen kahle used to work at 5th 3rd bank… and i had an account there…actually i had not only a checking and saving account there ( the branch of 5th 3rd bank right by the strand…. )  ( I’ll look up the exact address…. and insert it later…)  here is the  address:  5636 Tavilla Circle Naples Florida 34110 telephone # 239-514-7575)  anyway… i had called up a woman Monica waleres… who i think works in their finance division… I called her to say hi and to see if she thought this business idea i had just come up with …  would be a great idea… anyway…. when i called her, we discussed that i had introduced her to his friend of mine fred who’s sister wanted to purchase property and who wanted to get a loan from  her and her bank( 5th /3rd bank…)

well… she mentioned in passing that her manager (I  will also get this person’s name to put in this blog post… ) that the  manager decided that he did not want  any of my business….so i couldn’t  try  to get a  loan or open an account there…. hummmm

 pretty  interesting development in  bank accounts since  my bank account was  closed  at that branch  immediately…. i mean immediately  after i emailed the head of 5th 3rd bank to get the  information regarding wanting information  when karne kahle worked there and when i had things missing from  my home… and missing from my safe deposit box…. 

 funny enough…  when i started working for her…  she was working at 5th 3rd bank… that is when i saw her  with some dark hared guy in her pool at carlton lakes… and when she gave me instructions on how to walk her child  ( not in her property…. )  and told me specifically  how to trespass… into….   the strand… which is what she was consistently doing in 2005…. and for years after until she got  her name on someones list…. in fact the exact  day she was trespassing and she  bullied me to tears.. at the main guard gate of eh strand….   and was jumping up and down  saying she won .. she won…. 

 anyway because of her trespassing practices…. and her association with the 5th 3rd bank… and since i had extra keys in the safe deposit box… and money.. and jewelery… and all important papers…hummmmm

Now that i have actual proof of identity theft from my credit reports that started  in 2002…. i think i have a right to find out who the criminals are.. and to make sure they are punished  to the full extent of the law… but instead of 5th 3rd bank cooperating… or giving me any information… instead of trying to protect their reputation…. it just felt that someone needed to protect their mistress… HUmmmmm…. anyway… even though  the person on the phone  may have been one of the bully girls and not Monica…  i still asked for the letter to be in writing.. so i can post it in my blog and let the  world know… the truth…  especially since i really want to make sure all the lies and manipulation… and harm stops…. 

my dad thought that  since she was screwing around when her son was 3 months old.. that maybe it was the father of her son…( the guy in the  pool….)  and when i told him  that after I had  sent a 4 paragraph email… requesting information  on  when she worked… to  either verify or exempt her from being  a suspect at the   times i had  items missing from my home… when i told him they closed down my bank account in retaliation of the email….   he  said that perhaps    the  man  who was  in the pool.. and trying to protect her… worked at 5th/ 3rd bank or was associated with  the bank.. hummm

 either  way.. i can use the  letter to strengthen the  defamation  law suit…and her bulling and harassment… and the fact that she  ruined my life.. and i want restitution…  and i want  both civil and criminal law suits… and charges made against her .. and anyone else who decided it would be fun to bully  me .. to steal from  me… and to harm my life in every way possible…  … she is not above the law.. the real laws of florida or even the united states of america for that matter!.. even though she thinks she can do anything she wants to anyone she wants..     I’m sure one day the truth will be revealed..  when it does she will have to be subject to all the  Florida state statues.. laws and penalities....