Thursday october 27th 2011 @ 3:34am( email to bill casey of the biomatric center of excellence)

 Email to the biometric center of excellence:  BIOMETRICCOE@LEO.GOV

To whom it may concern:                                                                                   October 27th 2011

Today I went to  your website to see the progress on  the  biometric voice  recognition program.    I am anxiously awaiting  your  progress on the technology needed to clearly identify a criminal who manipulates  their victim by the use of  the phone to commit fraud and  multiple crimes.   I would like to know if you  have created any device or computer program that will identify a person’s voice whether on a tape/voice mail or live and in person… that will clearly use specific identifiers  to establish  one person’s voice  from another even when the voices sound similar. 

I jsut recently found  out that I have been a victim of identity theft since 2002.   I  have had many  criminals  since then use my phone and internet to bully,  manipulate and to  commit crimes  which harmed  my life…   I have had hackers access my voice  mail to verify my whereabouts in order to    create opportunities  to break and enter my home.   

Multiple instances of crimes that have been commited during thes itme period