October 10th 2012 @ 2:57pm cartridge theory…. still problem

                     Police                  HELP!!!!!!!


 I want my real mom
and dad and sisters and family in my life…. For the past three days I have been
trying  to get print cartridges to print
out the paperwork for my home… and each and  every time the ink cartridge  has been empty not printing  at all… they feel light and  it is almost impossible the odds that it is
the ink cartridge itself…right?   it has to have human  involvement.. and my guess is the same
criminal and scummy human involvement that has been harming my life since
1999…. But most recently the bitch who opened a  bank account  in my name 
and  had had her scum on my phone   protecting her criminal ways…


This got to be the little dickless asshole who is a hacker…
a liar and a thief…. This manipulation is because I  started writing letters… and doing  research.. that would help me … and since
this scummy “mary” from either Bonita..or from 9th street …and the
person who has stolen money and  opened
bank accounts.. they need to continue the con..the crime… and to continue to
make sure that  I am not supposed to be
able to   what I need to do… like mailing
out letters .. to help me with   my home
ownership and my life…  this one lady on
the  phone asked me how many letters I
was going  to send out…  perhaps they will be sending letters form the
is fake “mary” …. God only knows what they are going  to say .. the girl  is as stupid as a rock.. I mean  she is  defiantly smart in her criminal pursuits..
this whole clan is.. but as far as 
college.. or anything productive they are as dumb as they come   they
have to steal  businesses because they
cannot create anything on their own….  plus
they are as evil as they come … which doesn’t help me…. At all… evil and mean
and bully and criminal. And low life scum… hummmm  travelers gypsies and grifters come to mind
or the  old asshole who claimed to ba a
part of the mafia… gerard alher and the martucci family form Brooklyn new York…
the scum…. Total criminal scum…..   fake
alex novack.. total criminal scum…. Farzad …. You know felony fred and  fake casey 
I call criminal casey….  I could go
on and on… the criminal nannies  who
stole identities… the girls from la play a that stole  babysitting jobs… criminal .take your pick I cant
think of any group that has been purely 
great and good….. and that is sad to see more bad people than good….

Here is a theory:  I
think they are emptying  the ink
cartridges and giving me empty cartridges… and doing it on purpose… why else would
the cartridges belight… and the  plastic
seal be gone?

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