Saturday March 26th 2011@6:41pm ( does anyone know the penalty for stealing over the internet?)

I used to have problems with slimy girls who really were so petty and uneducated… and such low life scummm  that they had to steal babysitting  jobs over the phone …. remember i mentioned that they would do this by  accessing my messages then trying to tell me the jobs were canceled…. they are trying to do this again via emails.. so my question is and i guess i can look this up .. and even contact the police and the fbi again… to have the emails monitored… and hopefully have real and honest men and women who work for the police department and the fbi be able to track the  funds they have been stealing via a business that is not their own!

its asst so sad that these uneducated girls adn boys cant create anything on their own… but have the need to steal others creation, and work and business ideas and clients.   But honestly i hope they are all put in jail and allowed to think about their  crimes and pay for their crimes. and I hope they go to jail soon!

I guess i will look up the Florida statutes again and any other information that pertains to fraudently gaining  funds via the internet and  other cyber crimes that pertain.

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