5th 3rd bank letter sent in December 2015 and return of only SOME of the stolen funds from social security jan feb march of 2015

5th 3rd bank 2nd letter and part of money returned from stolen social security money stolen by marion gregory when she lied to open fraud bank account to both 5th 3rd bank and lied to social security that I was under 18 years old, that i was incompetent and incapacitated and that she was a full fledged guardian… in truth she manipulated and harmed my life to become a limited guardian who was no entitled to touch my finances… or to open bank accounts without even telling me, or to change the social security payee situation…. I have been to the social security office multiple times and in this video two more tickets for still trying to retrieve the money she stole….the weird thing is that she was nice to me before x-mas so i went to my sisters to spend x-mas with her and everyone… and i asked for an apology on Christmas eve… thinking , as a Christian it would be a nice time to forgive her for all the harm she and others have done for the past 2-3 years…. to my life, my credit and my finances….. but she didn’t think she needed to apologize….. and then when i was in Naples cleaning up the mold mildew situation that stated from an upstairs leak in the master bathroom… she trespassed onto my property 4 times…. once leaving a very mean and threatening letter…. and then once a nice note… Gota say…. these horrid experiences have been nothing like the GREAT mom I had when i was growing up in Ras Tanura….. i mean Marion Ziska …. decorated my dorm room in 1 day… she gave me a gold American express card to protect me while traveling to and from boarding school… she took me to mount everest when i was 13… on an African safari when i was 12… to India through Europe and really love me and blessed me…. being threatened harmed stolen from and my life and credit ruined is not LOVE…. an nothing like marion ziska… who raised me… maybe when she changed her name to marion gregory…. i dont know but these have been the worst years… i don’t know if the goal is to ruin my credit with her fraudulent bankruptcy so she can steal my condo… or just ruin my life… but i could use some serious prayers of protection is anyone sees this and protection from harm… like the police officers in courageous..looking for real men/women and children of honor and integrity… real friends…. and my GREAT LIFE BACK!

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