2/6/2016-post on selling 1990 mercedes 300e

video on selling the 1990 mercedes 300 E / a picture of the car in my garage / the receipt of last work done which was the transmission in 2010 at coastland auto and the dealings with auto Europa… and “marty” who went to Ohio state university same school as the girl who trespassed into my complex and bullied me…. the same last name as mathew kahel who worked for David j stern who tried to steal my condo in 2006-2007 same years my identity was stolen for the 2nd time…. now in 2015-2016…. the criminals and thieves really have covered all their bases when it comes to the scam and making sure there is no way ( other than miracles) for me to fix all the damage they have done.. the fraud bank accounts.. stealing money from social security… the fraud bankruptcy…. Please Pray for me… I really need some serious miracles thanks luv mary jean ziska

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