video and notes with christmas cookies december 17th 2015

Well i thought this morning was going to be great….. all ready to pack and ship cookies i had worked on… carefully putting love and attention into my gifts…. but when i awoke… the lids were off the two bins of sugar cookies.. i am hoping they don’t get dried out ad stale… I asked my dad and he said he didn’t take off the lids.. and i know i didn’t when i went to bed early i actually made sure the lids wee on tight…. but then also i had this one pink polo shirt that “mysteriously” switched from an extra large to an extra small…. even said extra small on the tag…. i haven’t worn an extra small in …. well it feels like forever…. and so i was sent real extra large replacements… i washed them a few days ago… and somehow today they shrunk or were switched out again.. they are about 5 inches too short!…. This is ridiculous… i understand identity thieves the con-artist scum probably stole sorority date function pictures… and letters and diamond earrings to continue to set up their scam… and it is horrid that i have still after 15 years never had any of my real possessions given back to me… but these shirts were just plain regular polo and Lilly Pulitzer shirts…. i mean are they fat and need the extra large for them selves? or just mean and selfish and greedy and jealous? …. I dont get thieves at all… i hate criminals!!!! I may be missing a pair of $400.00 boots.. I have had since the 1990’s…. used to wear them with long flowing dresses…. . i’m pretty sure i packed them when i went to Tampa to try to remove the fraudulent bankruptcy…. which also seems like ages ago.. and still not a single person to help to fix all the damage all these crooks have done… so my question is… is it just in Florida that these con-artist and criminals reside or visit to steal from women children elderly and the disables?,,,,or am just still the victim of the same con-artist scum… that started stealing my life and possessions when i moved into my condo in 1999…. they have ruined my life…So I prayed with the 700 club today and went around the house binding evil… i bind their evil mouths shut/ stopping their lies their deception and manipulation…. their evil hands tied stopping their theft con-artist schemes and scams… and their feet from running away so they will be caught and punished….by the laws of GOD ( hint: thou shalt not steal not a suggestion but a commandment!) rendering them unable to do their theft their manipulation and their schemes and scams… manipulation and deception… Please pray for me..and pray god stops evil…..