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Re: hi larry still haven’t heard from you… what is going
on about the 1pm court hearing with judge murphy?Friday, December 21, 2012
10:36 AM

From: “Larry Pivacek”
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To: “mary jean ziska”

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Dear Mary Jean


Please find attached the letter that I HAND DELIVERED to
Judge Murphy’s Office, and E-Mailed to all the involved attorneys regarding
today’s hearing.


I also E-Mailed this letter to you some days ago.


The letter indicates your objections to the hearing being
held today and any appointment of an attorney ad litem for you on the basis
that you are attempting to obtain a guardian of your own choosing in the
guardianship case.


I have also conversed with Attorney Cavanaugh who is working
with me so that we can expedite the appointment process to get Scott appointed
as your guardian now that the guardian application has been filed.


Mary Jean, I do not wish to further upset you so but as I
have told you previously and on many occasions, I do not represent you in the
foreclosure matter, I have never appeared for you in that matter and I am
precluded from appearing for you.  As I
indicate in my letter to the Judge, you and all counsel I will not be present
at the hearing today.


I have made efforts no your behalf and expressed them to
other attorneys indicating that the appointment of an attorney ad litem for you
in the foreclosure case is unnecessary due to the progress that has been made
in the guardianship case.


Hopefully this will be enough to cancel the hearing.


I look forward to talking with you as matters progress in
the Guardianship case.




Larry Pivacek




On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:20 AM, mary jean ziska
<whatabtmary@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Larry,

I still haven’t heard from you… what is going on with
the  1pm hearing with judge
Murphy?….  since Scott’s paperwork is
filed at the court house?  .. it should
be settled right? The fact that he was going to bully me into having  some stranger as my guardian…. when he is
only supposed to be dealing  the HOA and
the settlement or what ever needs to happen with paying the old fees… i
really  have no respect for his knowledge
of  the law and conflict of interest..but
is it over with for now?… or will  will
the last few days before Christmas be also filled with high anxiety…. this is
definitely the worst Christmas i have ever had… EVER…. 


You said you were going to be in court today to protect my
interests.. please let me know  what happens
so i can tell scott…

thanks Mary Jean ziska


A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory  
Director 239-598-1515


Mary Jean Ziska  
Assistant Director




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