Tuesday November 13th past emails concernign savign mom ‘s home and mine…

RE: hi everyone i wanted to pass along these ideas for
saving my mom’s home and for saving my home i think it can be all worked
out    Thursday, November 8, 2012 8:02
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“mary jean ziska” <whatabtmary@yahoo.com>, “mary
jean ziska me!” <whatabtmary@gmail.com>, maryjeanziska@mysearchforjustice.com  hey who wrote this reply to my email?   are you the sister i  grew up with? you sure don’t sound like it…
what happend to the nice Maura?… ha.. by the way did you get the Neiman
Marcus treats for Carolin’s birthday? for November 2nd? How was her tea
party?    I sent them and never heard if
they arrived… hope you got them.. i also sent an email in case there was a
problem so neiman marcus can send them again if you didn’t get them…. let me
know…. anyway….

the figures do add up… 
and  I’m sorry you are so mad at
life and at your family or something… you are lucky you never had to go
through anything bad…  . i thought this
was my loving, kind wonderful sister i have admired my whole life who was my
best friend in boarding school… and in kappa alpha theta.. and in college..
and who i grew up with…. in ras tanura… and who loved me and her family as
much as i love and miss my family every minute of every day…   what happened to that best friend?  when did life make you the person who emailed
this last email so cold and  hard?   I spent weeks defending in tears mind you
evil emails.. and phone calls about my family and  my sister Maura who i know… who i love who
is kind and generous.. is intelligent and wonderful… i tell people who
call  you names and try to divide my
family .. how  much i love her and  how great she is… and i will always defend
my sister.. and love my sister and  know
how amazing she is…  how smart she is
and how much i really love and know her… hey do you still like the chicken
soup books?  you have a sensitive
wonderful side.. and one day you will miss having me as your sister… and i
hope before then  you will allow yourself
to be that amazing and wonderful sister i knew and loved and still know and
love… have loved my entire life…. 
about the figures.. the figures do work… about david strn adn th
crooks who reated a mess of the mortgages…. your a real estate attorney…
well you know how corrupt some lawyer an be… did you know the original
mortgage was only 132,00? and should have been paid off by 2006…. that my dad
wanted me to have a 800 dollar mortgage 
and i have had rooks lying and stealing from me and my family sine i moved
in here…. like the fat disgusting Italian gerard ahler… and probably his
girl karen kahl… did you know that residential funding had a stripper by the
name of  kelly and a mathew kahel working
for david j stern… and signing fraudulent mortgages…  and that my identity was stolen in 2002?  … did you know i had a great credit score..
a paid off car and a business that ended up doing pretty will when  i moved into here . and the crooks involved
ruined everything?….   and that  one of the mortgages was assigned years later
in las vegas?.. froma brazilian company?…. did you know any of this before
you throw around  words to judge?  It must be great to be you…     me i had a great lif, and a great family
and a whole line of crooks who stole money off the mortgages..who sole , lied and
cheated from me… I miss the sister who stood up for me as much as i stood up
for her.. who wanted me to have a great life just as i have always wanted my
sisters marua ann ziska and madelon marie ziska to  have everything they  could ever wish for and  evry want… its not a contest… no winner (
unless you are bully karen kahel who bulliys until i cry and almost throw
up….  and then jumped up and down to
say she won she won…  but she is not my
friend nor my sister… and she  has no
morals… no ethics and is just plain evil…. and her children will grow up to
be just as evil… what  a shame… it
takes a hurting person to be a hurting person i guess…  anyway i know the sister  who i grew up with  would never have allowed any of the hurt to have
happened…she stood up for me and was my protector… and i loved her for
that…  and i miss her every minute of
every day…. Its . great to have a sister on the right side of the law… and
on my side wanting me to be happy and to have a great life…. thank you Marua
Ann Ziska for being my  sister! luv the
original mary jean  ziska… the real
mary jean ziska…  don’t you remember me
at all?… or  what a sister
hood/family  is about?….hummm  luv mary jean ziska

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Mary Jean Ziska  
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    From: Maura Ziska MZiska@floridawills.com      Subject: RE: hi everyone i wanted to pass
along these ideas for saving my mom’s home and for saving my home i think it
can be all worked out      To: “mary
jean ziska” <whatabtmary@yahoo.com>, “marion gragory”
<naplesmarion@aol.com>, “mattie ziska”
<mziska@mindspring.com>, mziska7@gmail.com, ejziska@gmail.com,
“scott” <lsrenshaw@yahoo.com>, “scott renshaw email as of
july 2011” <6scott7@gmail.com>   
Cc: “mary jean ziska me!” <whatabtmary@gmail.com>, maryjeanziska@mysearchforjustice.com      Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012, 7:12
PM      Mary Jean, the finances don’t
make sense, mom can’t afford her mortgage payments and has been struggling to
make her monthly payments for years. She is 75 years old and should not be
working as much as she has been, and she is working so hard to pay her bills.
The house is not worth the mortgage or only close to the mortgage. She will
never be able to pay it off and isn’t able to pay her monthly mortgage. It is
time for her to let it go and sell it or let the bank take it back after
hopefully living there for free for many months which will give her time to put
money she makes from babysitting into savings for a house to rent or
retirement. At 75 she should be retired and not working and have savings, she
has nothing because she is house poor, which means she can’t afford her home.
She hasn’t been able to afford her home for many years and the tenants come and
go and is also very stressful on her and never a sure thing. Even if she has
tenants, all of her money would go to a mortgage payment and leave her no
savings. No one stole Mattie’s condos or your condo or mom’s house. If you have
a mortgage you sign a promissory note that says you promise to pay the money
back that you borrowed and if you don’t, the bank has the right to take back
the property. This is what happed to Mattie, what is going to happen to mom and
what is going to happen to you if you can’t pay your HOA fees. There is no free
ride, if you don’t pay your bills, you lose your home. You should be thankful
you have lived in your condo for free for the last 7 years and start looking
for a place to rent when the HOA eventually gets a summary judgment and you
will be evicted. These are my thoughts coming from someone who works in the
real estate business, your plan for mom is not feasible. Love, Maura 

    Maura A. Ziska,
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of the contents of this information is prohibited. 


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Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 6:34 PM    To: marion gragory; mattie ziska;
mziska7@gmail.com; Maura Ziska; ejziska@gmail.com; scott; scott renshaw email
as of july 2011    Cc: mary jean ziska;
mary jean ziska me!; maryjeanziska@mysearchforjustice.com

    Subject: hi
everyone i wanted to pass along these ideas for saving my mom’s home and for
saving my home i think it can be all worked out

    Hi everyone                                                  
November 08th 2012 @ 6:33pm

     I wanted to put
in writing some ideas for saving mom’s home and for saving my home!  I think it an all work out… with everyone’s
help and support! remember all things are possible….

    So a few weeks ago
i tried helping mom with some marketing ideas for rentals…      I created a file with  some ideas and information… I was actually
really exited to tell her about the rental prices in Naples for season….      no one seems to listen…. but there is a
way… my mom who started a business taking tours all over the world in a
county where sh couldn’t even drive … who encouraged me to start my own
business  and do Faux painting… who
wanted me to have this beautiful condo.. and her and my dad helped me pick out
the best one here in the strand ( 5632 whisperwood blvd #1601 )      So here are the ideas and what mom  and i discussed…. as far as plans:      Marketing:  think strong eonomies in Europe… like
Switzerland and Germany…. i looked up a few websites…    www.myswitzerland.com     www.germantraveler

    I cannot call
internationally with my magic jack…. so i need some help finding out the
newspapers… the travel agencies and ways to have free advertising… and get
rentals for her home..  just don’t want
any third world  thieves…. you
know?  you want renters who can pay….  not steal… who will still take care of the
property… and with a strong  economy
who can pay… I have been trying to find beth serlin so i can contact others
in various countries who might be interested… not in buying.. but in renting
and saving  income property…  my mothers home… hell through  manipulated con artists  she lost the beach front condo but i was only
young … and not able to do anything…. not able to stop the lies…. now we
an make sure to not let it happen again…  
She is going to  need that money
coming in each month later…


    There were people
who wanted to sell it … but she would be practically giving away  a million dollar property… and income
property to boot…. it doesn’t make any sense…  and it is nothing i could ever imagine her

     o.k. enough of
the speaches…. more options…

    Naples real
estate  for rental options you guys know
how important income property was always to mom and dad (marion  jean 
gregory- ziska- gregory  and elwin
j. ziska)   so i went online and there
are lots of options… but it was great to see these:

rentals.com  email:   hilary@royalshell.com  telephone 
855-213-3311   I called them at
9:22am ( 10/27/2012)  spoke with
Kelly.  I 
got a call back  from one of the
agents and  she said they are almost
desperately looking for  rentals now for
season… thy take a commission of course but that can be built into the rental

    from a second
website:  www.tripadvisor.com

     they actually advertised
a 3 bedroom @ vandrbilt  fall specials as

    winter season (
December 1  2012 -January 31st 2013)

    per week =  ($1,900) per month ($6,800 )

    fall special(
October 6th- november 30, 2012 ) pr week $(1200) per month ($3,600)

    High Season (
February 1st 2013  -March 31st 2013)  per week($2,100) per month ($7000)

     then she has the
three rental units under that are at the least ($1000) per month… and could
definitely go for more in season… there is no reason that her home  should be sacrificed ….. that is an income
at best of 10,000.00 a month…

    We talked about
her moving in here so that the issues with the HOA can be resolved and  she can go swimming, and biking and
walking… and not have to actually live in the rental areas… we discussed
moving out all the valuables  from her
home ( 9202 Vanderbilt beach rd 34108) 
so that there are no more instances like renter Holly who i was told
stole some art work from her unit… plus with the extra income…  she can put some money away for her
retirement… can hire the proper people to so the landscaping and cleaning and
everyone  budget for upgrades  or 
curb appeal that will bring in additional income…  Then we can work together to try to get back
the babysitting business for additional income for her or she can relax… to
me sine there is no mortgage on my condo… there is just the HOA payments to
make… I am still working on fixing everything Patrick Weber was supposed to
do this past year… and didn’t do…  that way i can get the identity theft finally
cleared… and raise my credit score… get the title cleared of all the
fraud.. and  get an equity line of
credit… to pay off the past fees… then 
work on just getting back the 13 years that have been ruined and stolen
from me…. 


    This is all
possible… i have two free bedrooms right now( well one official bedroom and
one den and while Mattie is here in town… and if we can do the move in to
save her home  soon… we can all  be here..

     I know she will
only be here for a short while for the temp job… and was thinking of renting
a place  closer to her work… but it
would be cheaper and she could save more money if we were all here…  then when johnny comes.. they could even  stay at the Ritz with all the money saved on
renting some place during season….ha.. its just an option…

    an option that
will save income property… and my condo 
at the same time…

    if there are extra
stuff we can get a storage unit…  and i
have no furniture now .. so it will be nice to finally have some decent
furniture… here… and  after  season and when things  are fixed if mom wanted to move back to her
house…. or stay here we can figure that out then… but it can work… mom
was agreeable to it … and i am… it will be nice to  have her here… it would be a blast to have
both mom and mattie…      so also i
have tried to get in touch with  with
Kathy young… as a realtor she may  know
some other people  looking for seasonal
rental … I want to contact Claues  in
Sweden… what person would mind getting out of cold Sweden for a seasonal
rental… ( he is a realtor there now) and 
i am trying every resource i can think 
of…    I know the foreclosure
should take a while…. and with the proper lawyers help all things can be
rectified…. we have to all work together to make sure that someone doesn’t
steal  mom’s house like they did mattie’s
condos….  and lik they have tried
to  steal mom’s business.. and my
condo… along with my identity… my life and everything i ever loved… 

    i was in tears all
yesterday thinking of how alone in all this mess i feel… and how this will be
the worst thanksgiving/ Christmas ever… 
i know there is a way to make sure nothing bad happens anymore to any of

    I hope this email
gets to the right addresses… I love and miss my friends and my family every
minute of every day…     pray we get
some great lawyers… some great renters for mom’s house… and that all the
crooks and con artists will be stopped forever… luv  mary jean ziska…. the real and regular
person….I’m  nothing special….
without your love, support and friendship…

    ps if you have any
additional contacts please help!

    Oh i forgot to
mention… some contests to enter on mom’s behalf…

    1.  pay off yoru mortgage with Mars snackonomics

www.examiner.com/race-to-win-mortgage-payments- for- a- year

    3.  win one year of free payments from wells


    4.  nbc4contest offer hlp pay mortgage for rent
for a year      www.nbclosangeles.com

    5. Free mortgage
for a year  think it is called;  skip a year sweepstakes mortgage payment and
debt info…        www.quickenloans.com

    A Tender Loving
Care Service    Marion Gregory   Director 
239-598-1515  naplesmarion@aol.com

    Mary Jean
Ziska   Assistant Director   239-234-4065 / whatabtmary@yahoo.com

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