Tuesday November 13th 2012@ 2:03am emails to and from larry about court case date of the nov. 15th

Larry Pivacek,        
November 12th 2012  at 5:43pm


 no i cannot
attend….the court case on the 15th of December 2012…. I do not want to be
in a court room with patrick weber who threatened me ever again!  Plus that is only a few days from
now….  I have not left my home in
months….my anxiety level is extremely high when people harm me and my home
ownership….   I can be present via
skype if that is what the judge wants.. that way we can video tape it  and have it for  evidence 
if needed later for other cases…. but really?….What  the hell is going on?   I thought we had to have someone in place to
be the guardian when we request he (Patrick Weber)  be removed?  
and i told you i haven’t been able to reach scott renshaw…. He is
located in Texas…. right now living with his parents… but other wise fits
the criteria… I will still try to reach him maybe he can come here for a few
months or just a month when i can have a real 
evaluation by qualified persons to give me back all my rights….



(is this the court hearing that my mother mother was
speaking about concerning the HOA? 
)  ( i wrote this line before
speaking with you…. and knowing it was concerning the guardianship  case…. )


 I want you to  ask for a continuance…except for
removing  Patrick Weber…. for
everything especially  if it is….   and to still have him removed…do i need to
send information to the judge…. did you send the paperwork in the  mail? 
Aren’t  I   supposed to be made aware of these
things  things way in advance?.. you told
me the next date for the court to be available l would  be after Christmas.. remember i told you
while in tears the last time we spoke… that this would be the worst Christmas
ever? ….


Is there another letter to bring  up my anxiety lever and start me crying /
throwing up?  … another letter to make
me throw up? definitely don’t need  all
this hardship for trying to remove a guardian that does not do his job.. ( from
the beginning he never even did a plan of action report and i can site tons of
infractions and neglect and misconduct charges that he has doesn’t  throughout this past year while he has been
my guardian… )   i cant believe that
the judge have me keep a guardian that 
made me  so upset that i was
shaking… and ready to throw up at the court house…..



I just  finished  speaking with you concerning this whole
ordeal…. I am hoping that you really are 
on my side in this court case…   my wishes are to not have Patrick Weber as my
guardian especially since he has harmed my life… and my home ownership… why
would i think he would actually do anything to represent me  and help me when he has not done anything so
far…. .  I do not want him representing
me anymore since his actions have directly affected my life and my home
ownership….  in a negative light….


 What type of judge
would make me have an abusive guardian?  
I  was supposed to have
someone  who i could count on who helped
me not hurt me… 


I am also requesting the court records… reporting….
right?   i think you said they were in
the form of CD’s of the court proceedings I 
was not able to attend… how much are they?


As per the  bank
account  i thought i emailed you…about
that….. i know i  filed a police
report… someone opened a bank account using my name and my social security
number…. in late October..at Patrick favorite bank… regions bank… where
he had my mo go to try to get a loan for me…. i still have not been told
where the $5,000.00 is that my mother put aside for me…. to use for this
mess….   also i was told that a woman
went into the social security office and asked to have my medical disability
sent to her bank account… when i asked my mom she said it wasn’t her it must
have been Patrick Weber who was trying to get my money… these are the
situation i have had to deal with  while
patrick weber has been my guardian …. along with  his threats… at the court house and  his 
sick amusement at  causing me to
get upset….  His unprofessional
behavior with the HOA paralegal…. when i guess he tried to waive the statute
of limitations…  flirt with the  HOA paralegal / lawyer….His conduct
disgusts me… and already i get upset just thinking of how horrid it is that
someone who was entrusted by the courts… 
to help me… has damaged my life 
in such a short  amount of time…..  Its worse than tragic….  It is unforgivable…. I needed his help
legally …. and his negligence and misconduct and abuse have left me with even
worse anxiety… and time limits  on a
horrible situation that i told you anything that happens to me is on his
head…. he is  directly responsible….
whatever happens…   i hold him and his
abuse, neglect and misconduct completely responsible!


i can definitely 
say… He is no hero….  


sincerely mary jean ziska 



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