July 27th 2012 @10:03am called police again.. somene calling from my mothers phone wants to sell my car… and her silverware…more like steal it

Please help, I have been contacting your sheriff and police department for ten years concerning  a criminal element that has been  that has been stealing  for my family and from myself.   Last weekend I got a fraudulent phone call from one of my mom’s renters Wess ( lives in the middle apartment and drives a gold Nissan I believe) who need the pass codes to  use my mother’s internet service. The call was at 11pm and woke me up.  This past week I have had horrid bully calls from my mother’s phone line listed as her caller id… of 239-598-1515 and 239-821-5515.  These bully girls are going  through my mom’s possessions and  telling me they are going to sell  her silver which my mom would  never do… and her rugs and her hand carved wood wood furniture… I think they are just stealing the possessions to  fill up some other residence…. .Please when you go to her home today ( I just called dispatch at 9:44am) that you don’t let them take out anything form my mom’s home.


I just got rid of a roommate who stole a thousand dollars from me.. and who’s probation office is audry  della the convicted felon is named Farzad Khosravi from Iran. ( he was convicted of drug dealing so so audry told me) and I’m worried his criminal friends  would be  trying to pull some type of scam like this.. they are criminal at the core of who they are…  or it could be gerard ahler… who also is a criminal from Brooklyn new York… I have been trying to protect myself and my family but these criminal groups are too well organized  and  steal lie and cheat everyone for anything…


Selling off the items she wanted for me and my sisters…  she would never do. ….. no matter what…. The person said I need money for my home  will before closed… but this is not how my mother or family  would go about  getting money….. This morning I got a call that this person  wanted information on my car to sell! The last email I received had Arabic writing on it about selling my Mercedes…  This  is something my mom not only doesn’t own but would not try to sell  or at least tak to me


Karen kahel and her bully friends from Ohio state have retaliated in the  past when II have told authorities of her bulling or trespassing … an of her  having sex with  some  guy who was not her husband . while I was babysitting her three month old son  and she lived in carlton lakes.


 This bulling actually started again  on my birthday when this person  who (  was supposed to be my mother) and didn’t know how to eat at the ritz… told me she/he wanted me to take over a section of my mom’s business… then  told me they wanted to basically do it illegally… not pay taxes… and got mad at me when I told her that my mom would nto run a business that way…   but something Gerard Ahler  ( who is this proclaimed mafia thug) wanted to do… Help… it has to be the same criminals  and the same  stealing criminal ways   I cannot stop this you are the only ones who can…. They have ruined my life.. my identity and my credit they have stolen from me… this is ridiculious…. And criminal and something needs to be done …..

 There  was an unmarked white unmarked van who was supposed to represent  a company from Venice who came to fix my garage and was taking pictures’ of my garage… possibly of my Mercedes this is completely wrong! HELP! Sincerely mary jean ziska         

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