I  think I am  now being  targeted for a scam and fraud….again… years ago I used to get double bills… when I moved into my home it was sprint and  then now I realized that I probably had bills for that fraudulent  capitol one account… or should I say accounts.. Since I only had one  but there were two accounts on my credit report….  And of course t-Mobil…. From 2006 accounts that we never mine.. I even had a recent $725 dollar bill that on my credit report   was supposed to be started or opened in 2011 …. When I was using magic jack….in 2011…. Not any t-mobil account… but I do remember karne kahel used a t-mobil phone in 2006…hummmm and asked for my social security number for tax s… which a lie…was probably. But   that is off point…

So this is the point… I got an email saying my auto insurance  was going to be cancelled… which is  very weird since I have paid regularly  each and every month….. so I paid it….. then today I got another email saying  my auto insurance  bill is ready to be viewed.. for this same month ….. feb… I only pay one payment for insurance  each month right?  This would be a payment made on the 14th of feb. and then another one due… before the end of the month…. I’ve had this same insurance for  years… and  never  had cancellation notices… then additional payment needed in the same month…..

I gave all my personal information  again  to Patrick weber my guardian  on the 24th of January….  and have been very vigilant   about not giving out any personal  information…  I am not going through this again…. Not paying double  accounts that have similar numbers…  like the capital one accounts basically had a few numbers off my  same number…. So I never bothered to go through all the numbers to verify if it was the same account when  the last 4 or 5 digits matched or were  pretty similar….in fact so similar  that I never noticed… but not again …. I am not being scammed by a bunch of identity thieves… again… or people who are basic criminals who use information… personal information and account information  to scam…  so now I get to once again try to  fix or get the police involved to see who  is doing all this again…. Ugg… will it never end?

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