Tuesday February 21st 2012 @ 1:15pm ( questionable car issues )

Questionable car  issues…..
So I wrote about taking my car in to be serviced at the devoe Cadillac dealership….  For an ail change… I forgot to mention the fact that when I got my  car keys back  it had this yellow tag that had the license number of As55with a vin of 834994 on Feb. 03rd 2012…. Weird since my license plate number is :          and vin number is:  also the day I went to go and take my car in .. the lights on the car were off… so I almost thought of not going in to the Cadillac dealership.. Especially since I had someone  want to  know where I was going … and  was basically monitoring my car and my movements…. Weird right?  But  what was also weird… is that the guy toney though ti had 6 thousand miles on my car… which of course I never drive anywhere r… and do not have anywhere near that amount of  miles on my car… also  I mentioned the changes in the  paint that was  off my passenger car door… and now mysteriously.. I have this  rust or pulled area on my passenger door….. and  I personally detailed my car when my Gps was locating my location at a different home than my  own…  a completely different  location.. and my car battery mysteriously didn’t work…
 So  now… February 14th 15th…. I went into the back of the car when I noticed that  the driver’s door had this vandalism  it looks like someone actually preyed off the door…. Or at least tried… to get inside by  scraping the door in the space that is right where the door closes…..   There is a  a line of chipped paint… that wasn’t there two weeks ago.. and to top it off..i had asked  tony at the Cadillac dealership…  to see if they could check why my steering wheel squeaks…. It started when I wen t to go babysitting at a condo  in Bonita springs… right off Bonita springs road… the day when I had an email giving me one location and  on the phone another person on giving me another location for the  family to babysit…. 
My thought was that  since the plastic cover for the steering wheel  was a bit off when i got into the car that evening  and the   steering wheel was all squeaky….. when I turn the wheel… and since I added an extra lock  to try to prevent  the same criminals from ther joy rides that basically ruined my Mercedes and cost me and my family a ton of money to repair when I wouuel en upwith crs with allsorts of  rpoblems that one day  the car was fine…  aftrer a conartist criminal would switch my cars… I would end up with a car problem…. Preventing me form  going anywhere.. or just ruining my car… my life and of cours as all con-artist..costing the scam artist nothing.. but costing me a otn of money…. To try to fix….
So after my meeting  with  Patrick weber  at his office way  off  41 ….. the location I went to…. My siter Mattie was in my car when it started to hae allsorts of problmes again… 
That wern tthere when I went  to the Cadillac dealership…. And  shodl be on  myreal car that I never drive….  Also this last week…. Blond dog hairs back in the trunk….. and of course  I still don’t own a dog…. 
Who what the  hell???? Again… this entire criminals scam happened with the  Mercedes until  it was soo broken after putting $5000dollar in for a  new transmission…. It was towed to my house… and has been in  my garage ever since….  When I first had the Durango… did they do this as well… it was a leased car… and  I never really noticed anything… but that doesn’t mean  it wasn’t happening as far back as 2002-2003….. when meeting a bunch of criminals ruined my life….  And way back then I drove all ore .. gogin back and forth to palm beach to  visit my sisters… and now that I come to think of it… the controlling and criminsl freak who wanted to make sure I had my cell phon eon whenever I was in my car so he could know wher ei was a t alltimes… ( of cours I stupidly thought it was because he wanted to make sur e he could call me… not keep track of me.. but maybe it wasn’t about me… at all… who knows if this scummm was susing my car… for what criminal activities… I kwn I had a flat trire … andnot just normal  car problmes….  And even this guy ali wheo wanted to plug sotehing into  the fron t of my car  to check everythgn on the computer…. Or something…. aieen  peole wnatign to plug into ufiffrea fit.. well as … these people  steal cars… tehn jumk them  and take good parts.. or what?      

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