sunday february 26th 2012 @ 3:46pm still not able to see m y website online three days so far i noticed. help!

 so today once again i went online and this is the third day that i have not been able to see my blog post on line.. i mean my entire website on line for my search for….. i think the blog posts are still showing… but not the website..and you  cant get to the website when you  log oonto o one of the  blog posts this seems   very  stinky… and  seems like something is really wrong…
Yesterday I contacted my web hosting service . I called the police  and emailed the FBI concerning the threat I had previously when that egg one then told me she would cancel my Comcast service. If I did not remove my website and blog from the Internet. Then she was unhappy with the content of my blog posts and my website is violation of Florida statutes, 815 and freedom of speech. Anyway, I can contacted the FBI concerning their Internet in Internet crimes Bureau division due to the threat and also that I have not been able to see my website online for three days and this website is what I use to contact my lawyer. The police Bacardi in anyone who actually has the authority to help me.if I vote if I remember correctly, when I was entering. All blog posts on February 21, 2012, I was able to see my website online, because I entered the posts and then went to go view it from a the Internet. If I remember incorrectly, but I was looking at the home page. The laws and all the various, the five pages that consist of my search for on the website through my hosting service, but I really think I remember seeing being able to type in search for and being able to actually see my website.  I  remember seeing iton line feb 21st when i  being able to view my website. My search for online. For three days now. I haven’t been able to see my website when I called Go Daddy at about 11:00 PM, I spoke with a gentleman who told me to give it an hour and it should be back online. This is the third day, it’s not showing up online. He also told me if I paid for more service than I’d be able to actually see my website. The website consists of five pages the same as my gingerbread my gingerbread It’s the he can see that online, but you can see my search for online. I was also told that it was probably my Comcast service so-called Comcast. They told me since I was able to see Google and other websites. My Internet service was fine and it was the actual hosting company Go Daddy. That was the issue. I contacted officer Hurley  on Saturday morning when I could not go online and view my cameras, and he was able to come by my house to make sure no one was in my house, but nothing was being damaged, stolen or broken while I was out of my house. I also mentioned to him. When I called from my house that I can view my search for embed this website is how I actually notify the police and other authorities about the problems that it happened with criminals being in my life. They are not welcome in my life, but they seem to still be here. I also mentioned officer Hurley, the police report concerning the router change and concerning the time I was not able to actually access my DVR box, which was or is the box that controls the TV cameras sent to the cameras.

I am hoping this matters to resolved as I also put in a e-mail request for assistance through the web hosting site. It doesn’t make any sense why my gingerbread, which is also a website consisting of five pages would be visible when the my search for would not be visible. I contacted old roommate who helped me set up the Internet modem and router to see if he had any suggestions on what might be possible cause or solution for this problem. I’m hoping it’s not the same girls/boys who have not taken upon themselves to manipulating control various aspects of my life, including website content because that violates the Florida statutes 815, which entails computer-related crimes, 815.06 offenses against computer users one. Whoever willfully, knowingly and without authorization, a.accesses or causes to be accessed any computer, computer system, or computer networks be disrupts or denies or causes the denial of computer systems services to an authorized user of such computer systems, services, which in part or in whole or part, is owned by under contract to or operated for on behalf of warring conjunction with another seat destroys takes injures her damages, equipment or supplies used or intended to be used in a computer, computer system, or computer network, D destroys injures her damages any computer, computer system, or computer network E introduces any computer contaminant into any computer, computer system or computer network commits an offense against computer users to a. Except as provided in paragraph B and C, whoever violates subsection 1 commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082, section 775.083, where section 775.0 84B whoever violates scepters, section 1 and one damages a computer computer quit man computer supplies a computer system or computer network, and the monetary damage were loss incurred as a result of the violation is a 5000 or greater dollar to commit the offense for the purpose of devising or executing any scheme or otter physis to defraud or obtain property, Paris interrupts or impairs a governmental operation or public communication, transportation or supply of water, gas or other public services commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082 section 775.08. Three were section 775.0 84C whoever violates subsection 1, and the violation endangers human life commits a felony of the firwere section  degree, punishable as provided in section 775.082 section 775.083

Whoever willingly, knowingly and without authorization modifies equipment or supplies usually intended to be used in a computer, computer system, were computer network commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in section 775.82 or section 775.0834 a addition to any civil remedy available, the owner or less, Lee C of the computer, computer system, or computer network computer program, computer equipment, Peter supplies were computer data may bring a civil action against any person convicted under this section for competitive compounds compensatory damages.

In any sect, and any action brought under this subsection, the court may award reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing party. Five. Any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, or computer data owned by defendant, which is used during the commission of any violation of this section or any computer owned by the defendant. which is used as a repository for the storage of software or data obtained in violation of this section is subject to fortitude as provided under 932. 701 – 932. 704. Six

Six. Number six parentheses quote this section does not apply to any person who as acts accessed excesses accessed his or her employer’s computer system computer network computer program or computer data when acting within the scope of his or her lawful employment. Seven

SSeven. For purpose of bringing a civil or criminal action under this section, a person who causes, by any means, the access to a computer, computer system, or computer network. In one jurisdiction from another jurisdiction is deemed to have personally access the computer, computer system, or computer network in both jurisdictions

Not only would accessing them, preventing my website from being seen on the Internet be a violation of the Florida statutes 815 and be listed as a computer crime or computer related crime. In doing so violates my freedom of speech liberties and American freedoms and most of all, it’s against the law and should not ever happen. Especially when the website is trying to detail and prevent criminal activity from occurring in the future, and prevents criminals from being able to
get away with their crimes by knowledge and who is responsible by detailing times, dates and methods of their criminal activity so that in the future the criminal activity will stop and no one will be heard, ever again by these same criminals that have damaged my life for the last 12 years this blog post was dictated through a new device I purchased called Dragon. I must admit I love it!!! I am still learning how to use such a device, but hopefully it will eliminate many typing and spelling errors from my past posts, and will help me to read type and correct posts that of Artie been online. I’m also hoping that whoever or whatever is preventing my blog post from being viewed is not the same group who are interested in harming myself. My condo in my future. As many of the posts recently, detail important information that needs to be recognized by the court system.

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