Monday January 30th 2012@2:30pm ( comcast visit sunday 3pm )

 I had an apt for comcast to send a technician to come out to fix teh  internet an televison problem we were having…. it was wierd how when i was told that I could call on sunday morning to find the info for the tech.   the person i spoke with told me that i couldnt find out the information  until right  before  that actual tech  turned up at my door…  like  30 minutes before ….  anyway….  a person did show up… and the  silly thing is that   we had the  input and output for the splitter  mixed up… after he put in a new spliter… and rearranged the    wires… everything worked ….  

i called for a seperate line/box  to be designated for the  cable… to make sure that the alarm and everything cant be tampered with… so still waiting on that…

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