Sat. December 17th 2011 @ 10:20pm ( i found out who might be my idenity thief… or atleast someoen whotampers with my mail.. they have my GPS device… can pinpoint exact location…)

I found where the  identity thief lives in my complex! …. She lives at :    5669 Herron lane Florida 34110 In fact t she just stole the tracking  device that I just bought…that was supposed to be delivered today… and I get two packages from  fed ex… a boy with  long sholder length dark hair and  olive skin. With dark sun glasses… and I believe he had a gotee  or some facial hair… he was probably about five foot nine  inches tall…

So when I get  email about  the package… it mentions that a sim card witll be included.. and that  it will have a tracking device.. and the case and  just received the tracking device… so that the criminals won’t be able to steal my car .. and I received two packages… one without the red security tape on it .. taped in clear tape.. with the tracking device and the case in an unsealed plastic  bag.. and athe package   

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