September 07th 2011@3:17pm ( email to my attorney motion filed from hoa lawyers)

Dear John,                                                                             September 07th 2011 @ 12: 43pm

I received documentation a few days ago concerning   a motion for appointment of a guardian ad litem for me Mary Jean Ziska by the HOA lawyers for Cypress Cove.  I was shocked and dismayed to see that within the document they referred to many disputable points concerning my ability to rectify the HOA Fees that were blatantly untrue. I am going to go through the point #7 and all the lies that were in the motion that need to be addressed.  

  1. ( no employment lie: )  I am still the assistant director of A Tender Loving Care Service and when season starts again I have many clients with whom I normally sit for on a regular basis.     As for finances I have a friend who moved in yesterday and will be helping with expenses.  He will be providing $600.00 that will pay for current and upcoming HOA fees and we will be splitting the electric and any other financial expenses we share.   I have been working these past few weeks to rectify an identity theft that happened in 2002 and seriously affected my credit report. I just recently found out all the particulars and have been contacting the credit companies of the problem and have already increased my credit score.   I have applied for the medical disability insurance and my friend may even have additional leads for promising additional job if needed.    

  1. (Uncooperative with prior guardian lie I only met with pat weber once when he came to my home and we sat at my kitchen table and he introduced himself to me.   I was never contacted by him again concerning any of the annual reports, the responsibilities or the criteria  that needed t be met by an appointed guardian set froth in the Florida Statutes  # 744.  I had only one person that I recall come by that identified herself as someone checking on my residence, and I was completely compliant with her requests.    She came into my clean and organized   home, saw my full refrigerator,    and asked about my employment and my personal care.  I answered her questions and she even took pictures of my residence.   I do not have anyone on list at my gate so if pat or anyone else needed to come by they would have to have me put them on the daily list but I never even got a request for a visit.  I have dealt with a ton of calls from bullies and have changed phone services and even numbers  but my mother has always had a phone number  and an email address or even  US Postal service, UPS or Fed EX  mail  are viable methods   be contacted for questions and  to contact me. 

  1. ( uncooperative with the  attorney lie: ) As per our last conversation in the courthouse with Judge Murphy I knew you were going on vacation and that we would be in contact concerning the case.  I emailed you when I had signed up for medical disability and requested a copy of al the information from the previous years and I received that in the mail.  I called and spoke with Sheri (your assistant) at one point when I had a bully harassing me and trying to cut off my cable and my website and blog for www. Mysearchforjustice but since then I have not been able to reach you (239- 774-2229- the phone number listed in under your membership number for the Florida Bar Association website.   Is there another number to reach you?   Perhaps a cell number or an alternative number?   Please let me know as I am not trying to be uncooperative at all, I have just not heard from you concerning anything.  I know you are just getting back today from your vacation  and I would really like to meet or discuss the  progress of this case  so that you are aware  of my wishes and so we can  take steps to  facilitate the outcome I desire for my life and for my condo.   I have been living in this same condo since 1999 and have made my life her in Naples and plan on staying here and owning this property for a long time.   What has been done to me and my life is really unforgivable in so many respects and I am trying to put solve each and every problem as they arise.   The HOA handled everything completely wrong in this matter and they are still not handling this matter in the proper fashion or by the rules and regulations and ethical behavior of the Florida Bar Association.  What a travesty!   

  1. (Not medical compliant lie  To be perfectly honest, I do not need any medication for being suicidal due to bullies, harassment and people harming my life.  But according to the patients bill of rights a patient can refuse medication due to many reasons even religion.  Also according to the Florida guidelines stating the requirement s for a guardian, three separate evaluations must be completed that will determine the guardianship status and will determine the type of guardianship required in each case.   Since no evaluations have been done in years, we should ask for a continuance until such tests and the experts have done their evaluation.    

  1.  (applying for  medical disability lie: )  I actually applied and emailed you once I had applied for medical disability benefits.  I was told they take a few months to process.  I even emailed you and wrote in my blog ( the reason for the disability is listed as #12 /anxiety disorder.  

Their conclusion that I have no reasonable expectation of being able to satisfy the debt at issue is absolutely false as well.   The HOA handled every part of the foreclosure and auction process unjustly and improperly even unlawfully!  First, they are not allowed to serve papers to an incompetent person.  They knew that I had a guardian because the letters/envelopes were addressed in care of Patrick Webber so as lawyers they must have known the laws pertaining to guardian ship and foreclosures!  They must have known that a guardian must sign the papers and that there are certain criteria that must be followed when even choosing a guardian! Especially to handle legal and financial matters!  

As we have not spoken since the day I saw you at court I am uncertain why the HOA lawyers are assuming that they can name you as my guardian.   The matter of even needing a guardian had not been settled let alone the appointment of a guardian who meets all the criteria necessary for this case and for fulfilling the requirements in the Florida Statutes.   


What the heck Is going on?… this is my life! .. MY REAL LIFE! These have been the worst years of my life and I have been through more harm  than anyone who should ever have to go through! …This is concerning no tony my life but my real home where  I have lived since 1999!

I really need to reach you and cannot reach you via my magic jack. I have been calling the telephone number listed under your member number of 649457.   Your membership address in the Florida Bar Website  ( 239-774-2229) is this still the correct telephone number?  Is there another number you would  prefer I call?   (Please contact me( 561-283-7505-phone)  , email(

( /  or even if you want to meet in person! But I would really like to go over everything  before going  in  front of the  judge on  Sept 12th @2:00pm. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter  and to this email! Sincerely Mary Jean  Ziska    

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