Wednesday June 15th 2011@1:05pm ( computer harddrive…. gone)

Well yesterday and today have been horrid… on Monday night i didn’t pack away my computer and hard drive like i have been since 2005 when i had my one laptop stolen….. and low and behold….  i went on monday after doing some chores at home… and  my laptop wouldn[‘t log into windows…. nthing i tried made it  go into windows… and so today no difference… no use of my computer… no phone through the computer and no  way to email or   do anything… basically i am imvisible.. and no wonder a bunch of the “beautiful people have come over form allover.. i know my sister from palm beach…. is here… and i am to babysit  and stay out of the way… more or less the  same method of isolation  that karne kahel uses to manipulate lives… to isolate people for  any sort of life they ever wanted or could ever have….  i would say it is selfish.. but it is worse  than that.. it is manipulative and destructive and  just checking on the computer hard drive is going to cost me  $65.00 not that this group of whore to doors  actually  cares about anyone but themselves…. they are too busy lying cheating and stealing form everyone….  making everyone else  have a horrid life and messing up all their hopes an dreams.. let alone  allowing anyone to  have the life they worked for or drempt about… or anything that they ever wanted… 8 years  where some whore who is tall enough.. thin enough and worthy enough is allowed to steal anything.. including earrings.. clothing… and anything they ever wanted.. who are handed businesses.. and handed  a business..  and everything they want… an affair with a house… the name of a book at the orr house…  that  always makes me think of  the idiots who have not only trespassed… but been allowed to bully me and harm my life to where i had to go without everything i ever wanted……   So since this group of  condoning criminals.. is allowed to be here in Naples this very special weekend…. maybe the girl got knocked up or a new whore is introduced to the group…  or they are testing out  her criminal ability.. can she lie and cheat.. and steal… can she get awy with all the lies.. and say she runs a business.. well she has access to my hard drive so i guess it will help her ot prove she is able to  gain money  from all the hard work i have done… or allowed to  so anything to me… or say anything about me… i realized i don’t matter.. and i am not valuable and by Gerard ruining my reputation..  and my life… and karne kahel being able to  say anything mean  about me… or all the lies she   was able to get away with  saying… including  telling me i will never be hired.. that no one will believe me.. and being able to  harm my life over and over….  but all those people decide that i is is o.k. to isolate me….. to bully me….  and to never allow any of my own hopes and dreams come true…

and i was even told today that is it fruitless to peruse having any justice… that justice is in heaven and that i will gain rewards in heaven.. what a load of bullshit! that is what criminals say to allow injustice… .   and since the beautiful people are here today and until  end of the weekend or  whore to doors  satisfy  the boys…  wonder if anyof the whores will leave emblems in  my bed… or break a post of my bed.. this time…  God i hate them…. and pray that justice is done to them .. here and they go to hell as well…..   they are not forgiven.. i met with father len last week… and he tried to convince me that these criminals deserve  to be  forgiven… but i am cnfirmed in my belief.. i willnever forgive them… NEVER!

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