Saturday April 09th 2011 ( blog comments only keeping real coments.. or possibel real comments)

so this afternoon i wasted about 30 minutes blocking ip addresses adn email addresses and coments that were definatley not associated with my website or my blog…. what a waste of my time.. i decided that i will only  save the coments that apprear to be real and havecontent that pertains to my actual blog or my website…. a few of the coments were almost  liek messages to someoen via my websie… a girl who was telling about graduating colege.. then also a post of her beign pregnant…. ugg tht only reasonable explanatin why one person whould be writng such personal and utterly nonsennse  tha thas nothting to do with my website or blog… oen of the boys criminals in hiding… or whoever needed to get a message to the new girl who ned s a new greenr card.. or just one of their “whore to door girls” that they used.

I realized another plausibel explanation why these scummy persons wouldactully break into another persons home and use it for their afairs… no paper trail… like i mentioned tha one guy  who came over form fort lauderdale while his wife was in chicago… showed up at 10 or 11 pm and stayed out til really late…. came over wih no chldrens supplies jsut children… and didint want me to contact or have his wife’s hone number or contct info for emergencies… 

anyway… if these criminals.. and since they are organized and socilly and morally corrupt… if they didnt want to be caught by thier actual spouces to not leave a paper trail they might need a condo or residence where  they do not  have any connection… since these scummy parasites found my place in 2003 ehn i met the scum gerard ahler… ( martucci ) and of course karen kahle who woudl constantly tresspass into my complex form carlton lakes.. by running in or walking her baby in past the guards and terefor not having ot have sighed in or have  a record of her criminal behavoir or  slimy  affairs.. or what ever she did that had to be illegal to not to want to be caught ….. breaking  the laws  anyway… i wonder how many other victims they have found to ruin lives and family by ther criminal and immpral behavior?…. if any one has any real thoughts… let me know.. otherwise all comments that are nonsense will be deleated! thanks!

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