Wednesday march 23rd 2011 @ 4:39pm ( biometric info. )

email sent to inquire about  information on biometric voice recognition :

To whom it may concern:   March 23rd 4:14pm

I am doing some research on the biometric identification process. In particular voice recognition and identification of individuals.  Could you please email me any information concerning the most recent technology that will enable an individual to recognize and identify a person by their voice.

I have been recently been made aware of a card that can change a person’s voice to sound like another individual and to even make a man sound like a woman.  In a Cspan session a few congressmen were able to introduce  “the phone act”. This act will outlaw the use of spoofing cards and i am hoping will also alleviate the problem created by the use of a card they mentioned that can alter a criminals voice.  

 I am interested in the capabilities of  authentication  and voice recognition for two reasons.  First , I am interested in  making sure that criminals are not able to commit crimes  and fraud by changing  their voice over the phone, and I am interested in utilizing the voice recognition feature for security devices.    

 Could you please email me any and all information, research materials or even the proper contact information concerning the voice recognition technology used by the FBI that could also be used for private use. 

I appreciate your kind attention to this email and anticipate your assistance in this matter to be most helpful!

Please reach me via email:      

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