Monday March 28th 2011 @ 2:12pm ( repost)

so yesterday after babysitting and feeling really lonely and wanting  to know why i got an email  cancelling  one babysitting job through her email address yet never got an email canceling the job through my email address…. and one was mentioned in the email.  when i went  by her home  there was just one car parked in the 2nd place the car was a black suv with a liscense plate number of:  446IWH 
since my mothers car was not there  she mayhave been on the other coast for the  weekend or out babysitting herself. If she was away and someone was fraudently sending emails( via her wireless internet connection )  again concerning the cancellation for babysititng jobs  thus stealing jobs for her self that would be considered a cyber crime and would be punishable by the florida statute #815  ( see other blog post ) and punishable with a fine and jail time.

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