Thursday February 17th 2011 @ 7:27pm Calls to fran bodnar, frank abagnale office and the apple store)

So I tried calling my aunt t Fran Bodnar in Cleveland Ohio this evening
( 6:11:10pm)  to inquire about a bully letter i received supposedly  from  her. It was written in purple pen all in capital letters, it was sent with a post mark of fort Myers  on Feb 3rd. and was in an old realty company letterhead envelope  that my cousin Greg used to own. 

The letter was seething in nature, demeaning and nothing like my aunt Fran would ever write.  Let alone send to her favorite niece.  It was more along the lines of the horrid and abusive bully mail  I had received with the Cleveland postmark.  Or the entire year of nasty emails sent to harass and bully me and ruin my reputation and to isolate me form anyone who may like or me or even love me….very damaging.. very  hurtful and horrid in nature.   

Of course, the only person I know who actually bullied me in person showing her face and making me cry  in my own complex who was from Ohio and went to Ohio state was Karen kahel (see photo of her also on this website) I have checked with my upstairs neighbors who said thy don’t recognize the penmanship of the letters or know who may have sent them.. and there are just one other car a gold infinity with Ohio state plates who lives in my complex that i still need to question to see if they have any idea who may  be responsible… or who may have  sent the horrible and damaging  bully mail  supposedly from  Cleveland… the post mark is of a girl’s profile with a pony tail 9 Does anyone know where  in Ohio that postmark may be from?… 

I don’t know who is continuing to do this… as it has some of the same characteristics but not enough to make it completely similar.. the other letters( approx 10 of them) however,  when I posted that on the internet approx. half of them disappeared.. guess someone might actually be afraid of getting caught..of owning up to being a bully.. or of criminal and civil charges…. they might be afraid they might get  caught… right?) 
Anyway, the letters I received were in script writing.. and looked like it would have been written by an elderly person where as this other letter was viciously executed… and thought out in calculating detail… for the entire aunt Frans visit…. including the entire  phone situation…. starting with the messing up of  plans and with people’s lives  done completely with the same type of manipulation as any of the crimes perpetrated against me or my family….and why?…. not for anything on my behalf… but to execute  some fraud or selfish or criminal gain on the part of the girls and boys who really belong in jail… 

I always think it is over.. that they are gone then this happens… and continues the abuse… and now it is still going on… I’m guessing it may have something to do with probably also had something to do with last nights little  girl leaving the strand in a maroon Mercedes with a black hoodie up over her hair… and basically hiding behind the wheel as I was driving into the strand…in addition to seeing this odd occurrence… I have three new and weird things that happened this past week but I will post them on another post.. this is supposed to be all about the phone……
when speaking with the fraudulent  Aunt Fran.. she couldn’t remember where we lived on the beach…( in a condo  that was next to hers! or what floor we lived on) same with the fake and fraudulent “mother i spoke to who couldn’t remember  the color of the carpet at boarding school  where she helped me decorate the room !This  fraudulent  aunt Fran . was busy stirring something for dinner…. and as in the letter…. made no mention of the nice visit we had.. of the croissants or scones i purchased  for her and my mother at the Ritz the morning  that the plans had gotten all messed up for dinner at the Ritz!…  and the hug and nice visit we had while she was getting ready for her own friend  coming over for dinner…. 

All the horrible phone situations that have occurred by the criminal people who have been manipulating  the phone … from the spoofing… to the actual people on the phone… this is not a game this is my life they have ruined.. these are the relationships I have had my entire life that you have ruined… I  want them caught I want  them in jail.. and I want compensation! 
I want every penny they own.. every condo or home thy own.. every future amount of income they own… I want them to have everything they ever loved taken away from them..with the same amount of mercy they showed me… NONE…..

the other calls i made  this evening… two calls to the apple store at waterside shops to speak with Andre.  I had talked with him concerning an app.. but supposedly he was not there… so Adriane  took the message… usually when this has happened in the past… there goes another potential person and everything gets all messed up but we will see what happens… anyway those calls to :
239-254-4243 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-254-4243      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
239-254-4240 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-254-4240      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Then i called twice to see if I could speak with Mr. Dee. the nice man i had met from  church… the funny thing about calling him.. he  hear me.. just  like when i had been trying to call my aunt Fran the day of making plans for dinner at  the Ritz or for the movie plans.  that is also when i had a caller call me without a caller id… and all the phones were messed up from that point on…. 

So then I tried to call and leave a message with Mr. Frank  Abagnale 
1-800 237-7443 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800 237-7443      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ( at 2/17/2011 6:58:26pm for length of ( 00:17)
 and again at 2/172011 6:59pm:10pm for length of  ( 3:41)

 Even though the office hours on the website said 8am-5pm a woman with a strong southern accent who said her name was Chris answered the phone  and took a message. I told her I was interested in finding out if he( Mr. Abagnale)  might have a clue as to how these criminals were manipulating and conning and stealing…I told her I planned on taking them to court.. I wanted damages.. and I wanted them in jail… she told  me that  he did most  of his work  with the FBI and that if I contact the FBI they would only help me if I had a certain dollar amount in mind…( worth of damages) I reminded her that the FBI actually would most likely follow the law and help people based on the laws that were broken…. right? anyway  will he ever get that message don’t think so…. it was a bit odd.. such a strong southern accent on a  woman answering the phone after hours… in Washington… 

wish i could have been able to write  this blog the entire time documenting all of these horrible occurrences…. and incidents… at be able to have times and dates posted… then i could actually add up all the hours that were wasted and ruined by these criminals… culpable people… would have to pay damages each and every one .. each and every time they broke a law or caused damage to my mine or anyone’s life…   

so this evening the time i will never get back… never        

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