Friday December 17th 2010@8:03pm ( emails sent to congessman stearns, engel, murphy,boucher,barton,

 (Nicholas and Congressman Timothy Murphy,Engel,Stearns,Boucher,Barton)                     December 17th 2010 @ 7:11pm
name is Mary Jean Ziska and I live in Naples Floria.  I am writing to
you today after viewing the House Session of December 15th 2010 during
which you were discussing the Truth in Caller ID Act. 

I started
watching the C-span program when congressman Stearns was discussing the
truth in caller id act.  My sister interned with Congressman Stearns in
Washington many years ago.  Primarily my interest was with the Truth in
caller Id act which makes it illegal to cause fraud /harm when
falsifying a caller Id and changing a person’s voice over the phone. 
am in the process of trying to rectify the damage that has occurred in
my life due to many criminals and criminal instances since 2003.  I
would like to prosecute these criminals for ruining my business, my
reputation, many relationships, for the bulling and harassment and for
damaging 7 years of my life! 

(  only put in the email to congressman murphy  (I am also interested in
finding out your progress and more information on The Truth in caller Id
Act, and on the original bill you introduced in 2006 ( H.R. 5304 known
as the phone act or preventing harassment through outbound enforcement

I started a website: and a blog: to document all the criminal activity and people involved since 2003. 

you could assist me in anyway possible to find ways to catch, stop and
prosecute these criminals I would be most appreciative!  If you need any
other evidence of how damaging and detrimental changing a caller id or a
person’s voice over the phone can be to not only one person but to an
entire family , to their friends, and to a business, I have many
examples and instances you may use!
Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,
Sincerely, Mary Jean Ziska

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