November 27th 2010@2:54pm( recent credit report problems)

 So the most recent credit  report that i pulled was the free credit report you can do on line… ( 4/14/2010) I dint really look closely at it until today and i am totally shocked and totally baffled!
shocking and wrong information!

on this credit report  there are a few problems:
law offices of Mitchell N Kay PC
7 Penn PLZ
New York NY 10001
(888)  744-3431
for an account 456197794
address identification # 0523368486
original creditor”
T-mobil formerly voice stream

Date opened: 12/2009
reporting since 03/2010
credit amount of $728.00  ( recent balance as of 03/2010)

In 2009I  had metro PCS as my phone company and before that it was Sprint.
I put in a call to the law offices in hopes that on Monday i will be able to reach them and find out what this is all about.


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