Appellant Mary Jean Ziska’s Reply Brief Received 7/7/2018 11:55PM, Clerk Second District Court of Appeal E-Filed # 77393925 E-Filed 09/04/2018 @ 02:44:PM

Well, July 7th 2018….. the day the reply brief was due…. my 52nd birthday….and I must add it was not my best birthday…. but I did submit the Reply Brief on time… I tried to amend this so that I could add an appendix with the proper page numbers for all the additional cases I wanted the judges to see…. but It was denied…. the 38 exhibits that I submitted to the 2DCA were deleted… the supplemental material I tried to add…. in two volumes…. with a total of 1720pages was also denied….

I was sooooo exhausted trying to get an appendix or supplement or exhibits into the record….with all the necessary materials for the court to see…. It just seemed so jaded…. no matter what I was doing to make everything right…to be fair as it was the appellant responsibility to make sure that all the material was submitted into the record for the judges to have for their decision…
but from the beginning …. Nicole Planell first lied about not having any knowledge of a guardianship….
So I wrote petition motion to review an order…..what I should have entitled it was probably some type of Notice of fraud….. I wrote 120 pages with 49 exhibits proving that not only did she know there was an alleged guardianship involved but she herself personally questioned the guardian in the August 5th 2016 hearing before Honorable Judge Hugh Hayes…. long story short…. her lies were what had the supplemental request denied.. All I was trying to do was to show the facts…. the fact that she did not want in the record…. the fact that would prove without a shadow of a doubt that the mortgage was void and that she had no legal right to ever have filed a foreclosure suit in the first place….

But she does belong to a large and powerful lawfirm who answers to a large and powerful bank that obtained the Option One mortgage after David J Stern lost his license and ability to practice law…. hummmm…. I guess they thought it was a slam dunk… take a mortgage that isn’t valid from a girl….behind her back without her involvement or knowledge…. and not follow any ethical or moral path just to try to obtain property that they have no legal right o possess….

I am constantly stunned at the actions and arguments and the rulings that don’t make any sense when placed against the letter of the law….

I have to thank God, the family and friends that are supportive and on my side … all the clerks at the collier court house both probate and civil… the law libraries for the government building, Ave Maria law school, Stetson Law School, Florida State Law School and all the people who have been supportive, kid nice and helpful in so many ways…. whether it was to wipe away the tears, to give encouragement and guidance…. and even to pray for me… Thank you It is still not over… the Oral Argument is scheduled on December 04, 2018… and I believe the Appellee’s answer brief was so lacking in substance because most lawyers believe their strength in in their ability to argue…. I personally do not like to argue and prefer peace… calm and so I continue to pray for miracles… please pray for me….

If you click on the link it will provide the Appellant’s Reply Brief that is a total of 20 pages


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